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    Non Lucid - " Nutella Theft" - 11/06/2013

    by , 06-11-2013 at 01:57 PM (252 Views)

    I'm talking to a man i know in real life who owns a grocery store and in the dream i'm indeed in a grocery store but is not his . I'm talking to him about merging two businesses, while i talk to him is a guy right in front of me sitting on a chair , he is holding something in his left hand.

    I look closer, is like a yoco yogurt container like those you have to squeeze to get th yogurt out, i know that is not yogurt... i know ( for some reason) is nutella. This guy in the chair is asleep so i take the nutella from him and i casually go away... I'm now walking through a corridor , i enter in the second door to my right, their is my family .

    I walk through the kitchen until i'm in the balcony ( this is not my house), i make a funny face to my holder brother ( i really should become lucid heir , this is not my house and my older brother is in France and my brother is one of my dream signs... i don't know what is wrong with me XD) he understands i have something so he comes near me. After i could show him the nutella he starts to scare off cats from the balcony.

    Then i woke up .

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