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    Non Lucid - " Weird Bar "- 13/06/2013

    by , 06-13-2013 at 09:54 PM (254 Views)

    I'm coming from some place with a friend of mine, i remember thinking about what i said about not going out that night but here i am in front of a bar getting ready to go in. I'm stressing out because i have no money with me, i sit with my friend in some kind of " mini roller coaster" ... is the way of getting inside the bar... suddenly arrives a group of people , they start greeting us and a girl of this group says:
    -" Hi Joel... are you going to do that crazy dance again tonight? XD"

    In that moment a fake memory appears in my head and i remember that moment of the crazy dance ...

    After this i'm sitting in the " mini roller coaster" with a guy from that group that just arrived... he stars jumping, he is really annoying ... we fall of and some green smelly thing gets on me ... i get up embarrassed and do to the bathroom to clean myself .

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