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    1. Non Lucid - " Conspiracy " - 17/06/2013

      by , 06-17-2013 at 07:47 PM
      I'm in a college class room , i look around and i see all of my college mates , i'm going up the stairs to get out using the back door. I'm stopped , one of my colleagues is standing in front of the door and immediately
      understand what's going on .

      Every time i try to get out my friend push's me ... i start getting really angry so i use all my force and i get him out of the way, he jumps to the floor and starts pretending he's hurt then he starts screaming :
      -" Help ! Help! Joel just punched me in the stomach!"
      He was waiting for my reaction , every body starts putting the blame on me and two guys grab me by my arms and pull me to the lower level of the room where i can see the all class.

      Every one is condemning me , like i was in medieval court and they wanted me to die by hanging , suddenly a friend of mine stands up from his sit and says :
      -" It was not him !" just this, he has such an authority that every body shuts up and the guys let me go.

      After everything calms down i start thinking i was caught in a trap , so i want revenge , i turn over to the plotter of the conspiracy and i say :
      -" I will have my revenge but unlike you i will not fail" , i'm really nervous for confronting him , after this i wake up.
    2. Non Lucid - "Baby Cat" - 08/06/2013

      by , 06-10-2013 at 09:23 PM

      I'm in Pousa ( is my village) near Celeste's bakery, it's late and i'm alone, i'm waiting for my friends and i know is a day of the week in wich i go out so it must be arround 10 pm.

      Is taking them too long to arrive do i decide to go to the village elementary school, for some reason i think that will be happening something interesting their, when i'm almost their ( i'm in the opposite side of the road) from de other side of the road i hear someone calling me... It's the garbage lady and she ask me to pick up a cat that is on the floor , i look to my right side and really is a cat on the floor , is a baby cat and is all dirty and wet .

      I pick up the cat by the neck , i look back and i see that the garbage lady already crossed the road and she takes the cat from me. She seems fascinated with the way i was holding the cat ( by the neck ) , she puts him on a dumpster, she looks at me and she sees i'm worried about the well being of the cat so she says :
      -" Don't worry... i will say to tomorrow's garbage man to be careful so he doesn't hurts the cat."
      She walks away and i'm looking to the dumpster... suddenly the cat is no longer a cat, is a human baby and the lid of the dumpster is about to to crush him . I run and i stop the lid , i pick up the baby and hold him in my arms, the garbage lady watchs from the distance...she seems relieved.

      I know that this baby can not stay there so i took him with me to a friends house, i don't remember getting to her house.
      I'm in my friends house , I'm lying in bed with the baby and my friend is sitting next to me. I'm trying to convinces her to look after the baby for some days but she can't, she as to make a trip in the next day.

      Beneath the blankets I'm moving a wad of bills with my hands, my friend asks me about what i'm doing so i show her a wad of 210 euros bills (WTF ??) ...suddenly her parents arrive...they tell her something but i couldn't understand so i ask her about what they said. She tells me that they have to visit her father's water mine that is beneath his house.

      In that moment i understand that i need to keep the baby ... i look at him and he has the most cute face in the world
    3. Time travel

      by , 06-02-2013 at 02:20 AM
      After leaving the cage i realize that i have traveled through time, i see two men both in their 30s, and i notice that one of them is one of my professors at the University but younger, I ask them what year is it and they respond 1986 , i am at the entrance to a mansion but not the front door ... seemed a balcony and i came through the window. They hesitate but finally let me in, we walk silently through the corridors because the mansion belongs to an old lady who can not see me.
      They tell me to go down a staircase alone, i do it and after that i am in a transitional floor where i stand on a platform in front of me and are stairs that lead to the lower floor.
      I notice that the lady of the manor is downstairs and she noticed my presence so she comes up the stairs ... I panic and try to hide myself in a lot of toys but does not work and I got caught, I woke up after that.


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