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    3rd visit to Sacred Heart Space

    by , 04-29-2016 at 03:55 PM (492 Views)

    Even though I was half asleep and feeling physical reality at the same time, this was quite emotional.

    So I hit SP and tried to transition into the dream, but I can't because the outside is noisy. I can hear what's going on in the reality, but the vision and feeling are immersed in the dream.

    I float in the dark and swim to find a way to the Sacred Heart Space. Then I see contours of my body sleeping in front of me - I'm actually APing. I go inside my heart and I can see a light is about to come. But I feel the old fear again and it blocks me out. I calm myself down and try again once more. I ask the heart 'can I see something?' and then I see open door with bright light coming out of it in the dark. I enter the room.

    I see myself as a baby, probably a year old, wearing white shirt and blue pants and tiny hairband with white lace on. She's crawling on white sheet spread, playing with some toys.
    At this moment I suddenly cry. I get the message of it. I realize I've been too harsh on myself for a long time all this time. I already learned this lesson few days ago, but I guess my heart had to do a catharsis on me. Seeing a simple baby of me has made me think how everyone in the universe is pure being, and criticizing other is like scolding an infant. Well, anything too much is not good.
    At the same time a beautiful piano is playing. Just before I wake up, it ends nicely with deep note. What a nice ambiance to it.

    I wake up because I cry, but I can go back again as I calm down.
    Then I see and feel myself playing my favorite childhood game Sonic. I cry more lol. Because I really get it, life is just all simple, and just be happy that's all. Why be serious about it?
    I finally wake up and cry more. It's very intense in the heart that just seeing an image can invoke strong emotions. This time, it wasn't about forgiving others, but myself.
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