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    Dreaming while awaken

    by , 08-02-2016 at 03:32 AM (314 Views)
    I sit up right to meditate

    I tap the midbrain so i quickly fall into deep alpha. (My head kept knocking down so the dream wasn't that consistent.)

    But the dream is 80% immersed. At first I hear my friend calling me and saying something to right, so I turn my head to the right -
    I move my real head so I wake up.

    Although I'm aware that I'm stting upright my dreams are non-lucid.
    I see a DC running so fast and exploding light of supernova fom his body. I get amazed how this dream control is this quick.

    I wanna simulate my light body activation. So I try to be aware of my body. I first look at my hands and legs, and then do something that makes me falls into non-lucid again.

    I wake up again, and then tell my subconscious to remind me to do light body activation.

    I dream again and become non-lucid again. I'm watching this green-field. Then this girl with weird hairstyle, that made up of some mossy vines slowly stands up from the bottom, and tells me 'hey activate your light body now'

    I wake up cuz I got surprised the sc actually reminded me to do it.

    I somehow have been underestimating the power of sc lately... I wanna work with sc again. This time I'm giving it a candy so the deal is made.

    I read this quote today from spiritual forum: "every moment has to be significant and slow. If you felt time just flew by without doing anything, doesn't that mean you weren't really 'conscious'?"

    That seems true now. I was lazy with lucidity...

    this is LD from last night

    I look up the sky and there are 2 suns. I wonder myself, wut?, what does this mean? lol

    I try to morph into vOx. I shake my hands and suddenly I have cool lightning speakers in my palms. I dance a little.

    I fly and now I see 7-8 suns in the sky. What! What is this now lol

    I wake up...

    Found out later that this meant lots of divine enlightenment coming into my life. Yep true.

    I feel intense tingling in my crown chakra right now.

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