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    by , 01-03-2017 at 06:53 PM (406 Views)
    Hi soul fam <3

    Last few weeks I learned quite HUGE lesson of my own and would like to share with you guys...

    Some of you might know well already, but through this lesson I integrated so much stuff.

    Basically, I got rid of so much misconceptions about energy/ spiritual training, and how to let go of attachments and thoughts in the most efficient way. So I hope this help you with anything that you're struggling with!

    1. Energy work becomes only easy when you LET GO and become ONE with nature.

    Because energy IS natural, you're not supposed to 'control' or 'move' the energy by physically working.
    It's best to do this when you sit for meditation, close your eyes and just breathe naturally.
    Don't even try to 'feel' the energy, just feel a bit of ends of each breath.
    Because that feeling itself is the movement of energy.
    Energy is not 'worked off', rather feeling, and combining the consciousness and feeling into one.

    I guess the best description is, just observing your body as a spectator. Then you might feel the vibration or tingling which means you felt the movement of energy. In this way, you become more sensitive to everything you might even feel the tiny circular movement of energy/blood in your face.

    Now being told just 'let go' doesn't really help. I know that well. We know we have to let go, but it's easier said than done.

    One thing I found that helped me was: know that if you attach onto something, there's nothing 'good' you'll earn.

    Another thing is 'gratitude'. Feeling gratitude for all those attachments that gave me lessons, made it easier to flow, like people passing by in the middle of city.

    So personally for me, the mindset of trying to 'achieve' something so hard fogged my consciousness, trying to 'control' energy from the ego, which what the hypnotherapist told me the exact thing...

    I'd do the hand exercise everyday at specific time, do the grounding and do soul expansion every moment consciously which burned me out eventually.

    Ironically when I truly 'let go' and became one with natural energy, before bed my hypnagogic imagery became MORE vivid and even the smell and taste became so strong. I also heard beautiful flute sound, and this time not flimsy 'inner sound' - I really 'heard' it physically! It took no effort at all!!!

    And now this is the BIGGEST part:

    2. INHALE more than usual.

    Oxygen is VERY important for the brain to function and release hormones for the body properly.

    Check now, if you are breathing equally:
    Are you exhaling longer than inhaling?
    Is the breath shorter than 5 seconds?

    If you exhale longer than inhaling, that means less oxygen is coming in, and more CO2 is being produced.

    Therefore there's more CO2 in your blood, causing rib cage to contract, which deactivates blood flow in lower abdomen aorta(the source of 'true energy'), which then the blood goes upward and concentrates in the brain.
    this is what also causes a lot other diseases like muscle pain, especially in shoulder, chest, stomach area, headache, and even diabetes.

    This causes more thoughts, attachments, ego, anxiety and annoyance, etc.
    The physical state truly affects the mind!

    More thoughts -> more energy consumption.

    So stilling mind makes higher vibration just like Michael says! (this is SOOO important)

    But trying to get rid of them doesn't help either because if you don't think of elephant, what do you get? You think of more elephants! lol

    Rather than resisting thoughts, 'dance' with thoughts they say. That's true, but before dancing, the breath work is FIRST imo. The more oxygen your brain receives, the thoughts go away naturally

    Inhale and exhale with equal amount of air, slowly, slowly, and naturally. That's all.

    Not necessarily inhaling 'more' - I meant that most of people today do exhale more because their 'heart' is closed because of attachment and stress in modern life, therefore rib cage contracts, so you do have to inhale more than usual

    The point is, don't 'force' to inhale more, otherwise it's counterproductive to the body. If you feel uncomfortable breathing, then that probably means you forced it.

    At first, it takes a little effort to inhale as much as exhaling because you're trying to expand contracted rib cage. But if you do this at least 30-40 minutes, then surprisingly you start unconsciously breathe 'normally' again, just as when you were infant!

    Even doing this for 3 minutes calms your mind drastically, being in alpha wave state.

    The more you do it, you will notice that all of your muscles starts relaxing and eventually feel the aorta at lower abdomen 'activating'. For me, I have a sedentary job so it was the first time I felt smooth blood flow in my legs.

    The next morning when I woke up I felt my entire body so light. Even for the sleep it was very deep and sound, feeling more energized

    So that's all I had to share, just for the breath part, the more natural and slower, the better.

    It's not that I'm entirely doing nothing, rather when I do soul expansion for example, I'd say I put a little bit of conscious effort but as a mustard seed, then let the nature do all the work.

    After I finally learned how to LET GO and breathe more, all of my blood rush in the head got instantly cured and felt more blood flow in the spine. I can feel the energy MORE now, and became MORE sensitive to everything which actually ACCELERATED all energy work (resting is also energy work!)

    So the easiest way to progress for energy lessons is to unlock yourself into freedom and just let it be!
    Do not care! lol

    Thank you for reading this long post, and I wish you guys TRY it out and EXPERIENCE how it will instantly get rid of any blockages you're facing now.... Well alive/true energy, or masculine/feminine energy - it's all BALANCE. Namaste <3
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    1. juroara's Avatar
      Windy!! I've missed you! Thanks for sharing this I've lacked the focus and dedication to do energy work and meditation, but I want to do more practices this year. I'll keep this mind
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    2. Windhover@'s Avatar
      oh wow I didnt know u were doing energy work! hope is going well with you Juroara flow and breathe!!