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    Inception and Karen at club

    by , 04-25-2016 at 11:03 PM (349 Views)
    I'm watching Inception 2 and slowly I fade into it.

    Leo says he's going back to the dream again to do another inception. That's why there's a sequel. Then he's doing some kind of speech on my neighbor's front yard. I don't remember what he was saying, but he said stupid stuff like 'I'm going back to the dream to save Rose' what??? LOL doesn't make any sense. So I realize it's dream and see how there are beautiful flower bed that Leo is standing on with pink, white and yellow colors.

    I bloom more flower beds on other lawns. Pretty cool.

    There's my house and right near, incompleted house that's still in construction, but still a family of a young son and father are living in. I want to explore my house but I turn my way to the boy in his room, fixing something for the house. His impression isn't that good, but I ask him what he wants. He says, "I want some grape". So I bring a cup of grape berries in it and give it to him.

    I get a little boring, so I ignore this stuff and then I morph into my character Karen(negative entity, but in unity) to experience her life. I'm wearing sleeveless dark silk dress, heading into a house. Someone leads me into the basement, having convinced that people made secret dance club here like Fight Club. The basement is small for lots of people crowded in here, but I can feel the hype in the air.

    I see other rooms with people sitting doing shady stuff. I realize they are doing mad drugs, so that's why they built this club at personal house.

    Anyway, I see people trying to turn on huge subwoofers and music player on the wall. In the crowd I see my character 'dubstep robot' vOx. I don't see his detail of clothing and speakers attached onto his body, but it's cool to see him dancing.
    The music starts. I don't know what song exactly is, but sounds like Begin Again by Knife Party with more dark tone to it.

    Suddenly older Greyson Chance approaches me and we start doing sexy dance. I can feel he's drawn into Karen(not me...lol) and as we get closer, we start making out. Then he pushes my gently and I fall on a cushion or sofa, hugging me saying 'I wanna be with you'. I subconsciously feel a little awkward so it immediately transition into different scene to go to bigger club. I think I'm on a guy's neck, cheering into the air. The club isn't vivid because it was too dark. All I see is beams of blue and green light from the ceiling moving. Then the scene shifts to another.

    I'm now sleeping with Karen's husband. Wait, she has a husband?? lemme see his face. Wtf, a middle eastern man with intimidating beard? (sorry I'm not racist) He's naked, half asleep in white silk sheet. She's married and cheating on him with bunch of guys, I'm a little worried that her story might be hackneyed. It feels like he's a rich guy from Saudi so that's why Karen is taking advantage of him by marrying.

    He whispers something along with a line 'Karen I missed you...' so I snuggle with him saying 'don't worry I'm here'. Then I wake up.

    Hehe I made out with Greyson


    My HIs are getting crazier. I could see cool gears of vOx on his body with colorful glowing speakers.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol That ending where you realize she's married. XD Its also crazy how this dream reminded me of the old movie "freaky friday". But that was because you were experiencing the life of your character by being in her body.
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