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    The Dream Adventures of [email protected]

    Leila/ Drunvalo

    by , 05-28-2016 at 03:40 PM (242 Views)
    1 - I'm Leila, my character. For some reason I'm attending sort of magical academic school. So in my original story, a doctor William explores her nightmare in order to heal her. I'm acting as Leila dreaming in her own dream not realizing she's dreaming. I'm lying on bed in a cozy house. Will is here, as Chester with blond hair, and he strokes my forehead to relieve my inner pain. And then he whispers 'do you realize what you were doing in reality?', flashing these her RL images and it's a bit shock to me. I see Leila being rude to her father and I'm like wow... she does need to get healed. She has darker hair wearing bluish dress.

    The next day, Leila does something bad in school so I get suspended. Probably had a physical fight with someone. Wait, worse.. I get arrested in the middle of the street. But the thing is, there's Will and he's the one who tells the police to arrest me. I'm really disappointed in him. Then the next scene I'm in 3rd person view but still in Leila's body, she's imprisoned with quite thick metal chains on her wrists. She looks down as if everything's doomed.

    Then the cell gate opens.... Will is there. I look up and am surprised. He says "it's all right, I had to arrest you on purpose so I can really give you freedom through escape. I'll be right back so I can get you out." He's gone, then behind, on the top of wall a small window, Victor the wolf is trying to break the iron bars. I think 'wait, this is actually better than the original plot I wrote' then I wake up.

    2 - I'm chilling on a field of somewhere. This is dream, so I should do whatever I want. I grab an orange and share it with a kid. It's very juicy and delicious.
    I fly and land in the backyard of my old house I lived in RL. There are some of my family and friends, having a barbecue lunch party. I morph into vOx by wearing leather gloves. I look myself in the window. I almost look like him, with shiny white plastic mask on my face except the mouth shape is a little weird. It's cool though. I play a dubstep on a laptop and jump and dance. I try to summon electricity but it doesn't work well. My speakers lights up different colors crazily though.

    I change the music to Knife Party and try to summon the electricity again but it doesn't work. My friend, laying on the grass in the distance, says "haha you suck" and I get pissed off, kick her in the stomach. I try to leave this place and practice electricity bending on my own. But I regret that I just kicked my friend. I shouldn't have done that. Well, I fly away and I just say to myself 'I'm sorry' lol

    I try to do the bending but it doesn't work again....why is the electricity bending the hardest thing to do in dream? Anyway, I see a big building in the distance, making me think I could do a dance show at a hall in underground. I fly and fuse myself into the deepest place. I end up being near the stage, it's not quite big but big enough that there are hundreds of people. There is some super psychic award ceremony going on. I can't really see, I'm blinded but some moments later the clarity suddenly comes back and everything is super vivid. There's this black guy right near me, and he gets on stage, getting an award for something(maybe telepathy) and a white lady host gives him a house electronic product as well. I find my seat, and he sits with his friends. I ask him, how did you get that thing? But he doesn't answer as he's busy talking to his friends -.-

    I get awarded too, for being a cool dancing machine vOx. I see my name on the TV screen and gets on stage, goes back to the stage.

    But then, I find Drunvalo and his wife right in front of my seat. Wait, what?! drunvalo is here?! Even though it's dream, the sight of meeting him makes me feel this is real. He grew some beard. I really wanted to ask him where he's been all this time. A lot of people are distracting him cuz he has a lot of fans, but I take the chance and ask him.

    "Drunvalo where have you been? What's going on in the world now?"
    "I can't tell you yet!"
    I make a bit surprised face, and a moment of silence later I say "...I knew it!" with smile.
    "I gotta do a class in Peru sooner and then everything will be set in the summer, so don't worry."

    And then I wake up. My memory slowly comes back.

    Wait........ I had actually found out that Drunvalo has a workshop in Peru around this time or June if I remember. Is he really gonna come back in the summer?
    My intuition of him coming back in May was actually him doing a workshop in Peru which is actually soon. Damn... if this turns out true then I'm surprised and not surprised.

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