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    Lord of the Rings/ Nick & Judy

    by , 06-13-2016 at 02:10 PM (307 Views)
    Dream 1 - I'm Frodo or a hobbit, running across a field with Frodo, Sam and others wearing fellowship hood. At some point I fly over very dense yellowish-white tree forest and land somewhere with the team. We walk with that elf lady (I forgot her name, but she gave Frodo that crystal light bottle in the movie) among the white trees. Then Aragorn joins, for some reason he's bare feet and his toe pinches my foot and I yelp 'ow'.

    Aragorn descrbes the magical existence behind the white trees, but I barely remember what he says as I focus on the people walking in the distance like the picture above. Except that it's during the day and the trees are white, more dense. The elf lady says something about them. All I can think is, wow this feels so enchanting.

    Then I become more of a spectator. On a wide, giant grass field, there are myriad Orks and monsters running in troops and this 'prince' looking person, with dark armors and costume, head covered with shiny helmet, befriend these Orks. At first I was scared, but I feel relieved that all of us are in the same team. Then the prince hops on a dark horse. Suddenly everything goes in slow-motion like how typical LOTR motion picture is made. I hear heavy drum music that makes this so dramatic. His dark cape flowing in slow motion gave me the impression "wooooooooooow this is soooooo cool" all the time.

    The troops are moving to the east. I see huge gorilla with very long limbs, as tall as maybe a 10-floor building, and people on his back are riding him.

    And then I just fly over the horizon really fast. Now the whole theme has become modern, families and kids are having fun at this huge shallow ocean but very clear with beautiful green blue color. I fly on its surface, sliding and making splashes.

    So as I'm semi-LD, I morph into Judy the rabbit and play Zootopia cops with Nick. We're at some kind of school building. I see a criminal running away through the hall. I chase him with a gun. I leap into the air and jump on him, then hand-cuff him from behind. Case over. Nick gives me that con-artist smile and I hug and kiss him. And then I see an otter or weasel running away at another hall. I chase him, but he's turned into a skunk. The more I chase him faster, he somehow gets smaller, and then smaller he's just a black dot and disappeared. I was like 'oh'.

    I go for a mountain hike with Nick. I try to climb up this really sloppy ground and Nick is trying to race me. He wins me over.
    At the top of the mountain, we take a rest and cook a pot with onions and carrots. Some people are trying to go through a narrow passage where we're at. We didn't realize we were blocking it. But this lady helps us so that people can go through.

    I fly away to the horizon again and see my hometown. I wake up.
    Fall asleep, have another dream about telling my mom about this whole dream.

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