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    my dreams are directly telling me more stuff.

    by , 05-20-2016 at 11:18 PM (232 Views)
    1 - I'm riding a wolf and end up at a school where graduation is taking place. People are cheering and I say to myself 'what does this do anymore nowadays? it's meaningless.' Then Victor(wolf) says, turning his head to look at me 'does your life fundamentally change when you measure your life?'. Wow.

    Then immediately this song plays called 'A Beautiful Lie'. I remember how that song is much old now, I can't believe it. But why suddenly this random song? The whole message that my angel has given me is 'Everything is all a lie, you have to remember that this is just a game.'

    When I wake up I immediately get the message. I'm like, what the fuckiddy fuck? I actually have forgotten my own advice, and the dream totally reminded me again. It's very accurate. And I didn't even know what that song was saying, but now I get it. Very clever Leto...

    2 - I'm at my friend's house. For some reason long time ago I gave his grandma something to make into candy that she requested. She gives me some and it tastes just sweet.

    I'm at a hallway and I see this guy morphing into different people. "what? how did you just morph? What is happening?" And then I realize it's dream, and the DC is me. I just laugh and try to pay attention to the detail of dream.

    Somehow my friend becomes a baby. I want to go outside with him, so I carry him in my arms. There's huge ocean on the left. I keep walking, and in the distance there's a hill. I get amazed how this dream is so vivid. Some people in weird kimono fashion walk pass me. I keep walking up the hills, and at the end it's too sloppy I try to give up. But I think again and actually try to climb up to see the destination. The sloppy road on the hill has tiled texture as if it's made in a game engine. It has deep cracks.

    'I can do this,' I put my friend on my back with tight belts, and I start climbing. Weird, my real life eyes open slightly and I see my painting on the wall. I close again, I'm still in the same dream. But as I climb up I'm at my own bed which is the destination of this 'whole thing'. It feels very cozy and warm, 'home' of my mind. I completely get its message.

    Then I get emotional because I remember similar LD to this, which I tried to go into the sacred space of heart but ended up being in unfamiliar house of my own, trying to look for my parents but cried because they weren't there. So I call out my parents here too, and for some reason I cry. It's a mix of emotion that I can't explain. This always happens when I'm deep into the heart dream, but at the same time it's an instant grasp of the message. I think I cry because I know there is actually no 'parents'. In this universe everything is about 'I AM' and we are all one. There's no other, so it didn't make sense to find my own parents in the place where 'true self' is at.

    I wake up with tears and for some minutes I try to relax. Then my angel tells me,
    'stop looking for your earthly parents, there is none of them, just like how 'there is no spoon'. You're not a baby. Just keep looking for your 'true self'!'

    It's amazing how I intuitively understand the message quicker and quicker without any words.

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