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    OBE realms list

    by , 02-02-2018 at 12:17 AM (229 Views)
    just writing notes on the realms I visited so far:

    VR-like game worlds
    - mostly at first you go into this 'waiting room' and customize your character - looks, clothings, weapons ect. Then when ur finished, ur consciousness shifts to the game world. Lots of players join in and the rules of the game are set. If you die you go to the spawn room. Interesting thing I saw from a zombie survival realm was the spawn room was in the Void, but it felt like a specific room just set up for that world. Most of the game worlds were zombie theme. Others were asian fantasy, simple puzzles and adventure. I assume it depends on my interest.

    Others' private inner worlds
    - they dont like me criticizing their worlds and seem to kick me out immediately lol

    Abandoned worlds
    - this happened only twice at the same place, but I visited a world where the people's 'creator' abandoned and stopped caring for them. they begged me to teach super powers and creative abilities so they can 'get out' and create things on their own. The rules of the world seem to persist, so apparently they were 'trapped'. I guess if you dont take care of your creations this is what happens?

    Crystal world
    - crystal beings taught me great lessons. learning how to create crystals of all 7 colors and making crystal-megastructures. The most important lesson was 'the meaning of mastering something is not only to learn it, but to re-create it by yourself and share it with the world'.

    The Great White Brotherhood
    - very very light world and u get powerful healings here. Great resting place for the souls.

    Home of Heaven
    - everything glows with golden light.

    Fountain of Life
    - VERY dense place. I did experience this world with my inner senses, but when I had full OBE to there it felt like my body was gonna explode. But it was only because I was still holding density that time. The forest there is beautiful and refreshing tho.

    Cherry Blossom world
    - i forgot the name of this world, but this is my friend's teacher's place. World of joy and bliss.

    The Elders
    - The elders are the protectors of the earth grid(from what I feel). They wear traditional asian looking golden cloaks/ clothing. Interesting thing was I saw them sitting on a floor in grid pattern. like they didnt sit in random spots. They taught me great lessons of love.

    Flower Realm
    - everything is surrounded by flower petals. the flower beings seem to always high on orgasm. but they taught me another good lesson.

    Bright Future City
    - I am brought to this place without my intent for several times. I dont usually like cities but this one feels positive, bright and eco-friendly. They have cool arcade place and clubs.

    Planet Sirius
    - Sirius is verrrrryyyy chill, like feeling perfect love from a father. The dolphins and whales live there. They are quite intelligent. Lots of strange sea creatures including pretty glowing jellyfish. Few humans live(lived?) on the land with eco-friendly technologies. Feels like they came from the space. Actually there's a space station.
    I saw some forests and glacires but most of the lands are very flat. The color of the ocean is highly fluorecent with aqua.
    I dont know if this is in current time, but my intuition tells me it is: humans have destroyed Sirius oceans. they used huge machines to terraform the glaciers into something... I confirmed this with another friend of mine who had an OBE.

    Planet Antares
    - visited only once on 3rd density. it's light-green planet filled with hot liquid. I almost got burned. On the lighter density, it's the world that creates light. Everything was pure light and very light in terms of mess.

    Pleiades Star
    - I only saw lighter density of it but I dont feel close to this planet so its kinda hard to feel the connection.

    The Construct
    - my friend brought me to here. Very metal, some parts with gold, big geometric structures float in the space. There's a throne with a clock above. I dont feel that much of good vibes here, personally. So when I transformed it with honey-milk consciousness, it actually turns into diamond constructs in white light space!

    Heart realm
    - very emotional and very dense... very beautiful too. I'd want to visit again but it speeds up time irl.. the world is very personal so wont write the down details.

    - the super gateway for every realms... squiggly energy dots float around. usually you dont have body, just consciousness floating. but your consciousness quite clear. make sure that you use wisdom to travel to the realms.
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