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    some LDs

    by , 05-23-2016 at 11:28 PM (214 Views)
    1 - I WILD but I'm extremely exhausted. So I dream of sleeping, but I'm my character Yeh-rin ...and somehow my other characters from PPM as well, are sleeping in some kind of capsule like Avatar beds. We are put to sleep for some reason from Secret Space Program. Someone gives me a code by touching my finger. It seems SSP has initiated. Wait... Soo Yeon betrayed us and trapped us in SSP. I can't believe it. I try to wake up really hard but I'm so tired. But somehow back of my mind says she had her own fair reason to do this.

    2 - WILD. I hear cool dubstep song in my ears. I amplify them and I can feel the vibration of the beats.

    I crawl out of my bed. I go to the window and see myself in the mirror right near me. Wait, I look so much the same from RL. Is this really a dream? Everything's so detailed. So I block my nose and breathe. I can breathe. I still can't believe this is dream. I test if my finger can go through the palm. It did. lol Then I push the window out and fly to the sky.

    It's raining slightly and I enjoy the rain drops falling on my skin. Then I land and just chill, walking in the town. The rock blocks on the road are aligned nicely. I go under a small pretty bridge and walk up some stairs. I wanna play a rock show so I try to summon an electric guitar. But it's acoustic. I threw it out, and find a theater nearby. This is great! Then I find a cool dark colored electric guitar. When I go inside the theater, it has decent size but there are only chairs. There are some people trying to gather to see the show. I set up the mic and realize how the stage is so narrow. I use my finger to stretch them out.

    I yell in the mic 'everybody's having a fucking good time?!' and people cheer, clapping.
    "We gotta adjust the crowd stand folks, can you help me make some big space in that area?" And they use their own dream control, then the space stretches out. I thank them.

    My doubt tells me that I might wake up after playing a song. I try to stop it with mind control.
    I play the intro of Breathing. I could feel the striking on my pick. Then when the melody crashes, I try to jump but I can't seem to match the beat. It feels like I'm jumping on the moon. It's cool though. Right after this I wake up.

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