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    Tiny Space of Heart attempt 2?

    by , 07-22-2016 at 09:12 PM (264 Views)
    At first I'm wilding and wondering if I can see my astral body in HIs again.

    I see a little bit of phantom contour of my hands moving but it doesnt really show like before...oh whatever.

    I'm at some kind of dance practice club, and there's huge mirror in front of me. I try to morph into my character vOx. At first I'm wearing huge white t shirt, and my face was still the same. After 2-3 attempts I morph into vOx completely, except I was wearing another t shirt.

    I rip it apart and I see my cool vOx silver armors. I have his cool headphone on helmet. I turn my head a little so I see every angles of the helmet and headphone. The headphone had overlapped shapes of squares and cirlces but it looked really cool. I dance around and test bunch of my speakers.
    I go outside the room and venture the building. I fly and I can feel some kind of third type of electricity, pushing underneath my feet. I can go backwards by simple intent and the electricity pulls me in.

    There's a man in the hall in front of me. I try to attack him with my horns on the helmet, but this girl suddenly appears and blocks him which I kinda have expected, so I dodge her and stab the man.

    I push a bar of emergency door and get out of the building. I try to imagine huge sci-fi buildings so the dream atmosphere settles. I fly upwards and see some nice buildings in the distance.

    Since I got out of the building, there was this ambient music playing in the background and the sun was up in the sky all along.

    I eventually notice the sun, and it reminds me of Tiny Space of Heart. 'oh that's the place I want to go, it's the same place in my heart as well'

    So I activate wheels on my belt and grab, turn them so I can rocket through the sky. At first it's slow but the speed accelerates.

    As I get closer to the sun, the music gets louder and louder, which sounds like grand tone to it but at the same time it's beautiful.

    I can hear and feel the sun rumbling with the heat, but as I'm about to fuse with the sun, suddenly it said through telepathy(it's like voice in my mind, but almost sounds like 'it' talks to me)

    "You are not ready."

    I stop my momentum once I hear it and surprisingly, I completely agree with it.

    I then intuitively know that I didn't do something in the Sacred Space first.

    So I go there and when the vision gets blurred as usual, I ask 'can I hear something gradually....can I see something?' but somehow the scene slowly fades into it. I realize I don't even need to ask for it, the imagination is the crucial part for entering it.

    I'm in some kind of round wagon like the one that Cinderella rode it, made of glass. The wall is painted with deep red and yellow. I open the door and there's stairs leading down, which is not steep, but it's raining outside. The raindrops hinder my vision. I think there's some grass field and narrow river in the distance, but I wake up because I slept too much at this point.

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