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    yellowcard breakup?!/ im batman

    by , 05-13-2016 at 02:58 PM (159 Views)
    1 - I'm playing Awakening with Yellowcard on stage. At first I think it's Illuminate so I rock my head really hard but it's Awakening lol. Suddenly they stop playing and I can feel Sean being a little betrayal. They don't say anything directly but I notice that they are actually breaking up. It makes sense to me why Lift a Sail felt like it was gonna be the last album to them. I'm really disappointed.

    But somehow I'm sent back into the past when I was around 9-10 years old. I'm at weird unfamiliar place. I meet young Ryan Key. He has some weird things on his face, like burning marks. But he tries to hang out with me. So we chill out for some time, and then he shows me this picture of himself in high school. I instantly know that I'd known him before I even heard about Yellowcard. I feel intimate connection with him.

    I'm at somewhere, I can't really describe what it is. There's a man, and bunch of kids. He shows us something by opening a door on the floor. It's a little narrow to get in. He says we should go in there but it doesn't feel right. There are actually monsters that resemble Kanebari from recent anime. But Key goes in so I follow him too. I don't know what happens after, but at the end it almost turns into nightmare. I didn't feel anything bad or disturbed but when I woke up I realized what a strange dream I've ever had..

    2 - I'm flying. Somehow I'm batman carrying Catwoman safely carrying her to somewhere above huge ocean. We land on some building that's like a sea fort. I go inside and become normal me. I eat nice house-food with bunch of people - rice and side dish. I can taste their vivid scent and warm temperature in my mouth and down to throat. I say 'hahaha we're eating food in dream'

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