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    10/8 - Shared Dream!!

    by , 10-08-2011 at 02:18 PM (838 Views)
    did mantra but was hard to fall sleep....

    FA - I was in the kitchen trying to make breakfast myself.

    semi LD - I was reading Narm's webcomic. she had a problem with boyfriend...huh.
    and then she undergone a severe depression, worrying if she can still draw webcomics..
    scene jumped.
    I was awesome gundam robot myself!!!!!! I had a huge sniper gun that works like a shot gun. I had my sidekick Black Bear robot? or something.
    now I remember that I even had a male voice
    we were in front of huge white office building. the buiding was covered with big windows, which I could see all people in the building.
    my mission was to eliminate punks and gang people. when I raised my sniper, I saw people getting scared and running away from my gun point lol!
    there were gothic-emo kids(whom I know of from school O_o) and some bald gangs. so I pulled the trigger, but the bullet seemed to be shot very slow..
    I pulled it, then the bullet goes after 3-5 seconds -.- so I shot several times, crushing the window. then I noticed that when I pull trigger for long time
    it shoots like a laser! like a GBE from BLAME!. my sidekick said, there you go you silly!
    scene jumped
    the bear and I were at some kind of grass field and the cozy house. I think we were facing the boss stage..
    I saw this huge golden Buddha as the boss. I used my shotgun to kill him but I was really frustrated that the gun worked slow.
    my sidekick helped me a little but he gave up later, saying he's kinda tired or something...
    so when I jumped high, I kinda flew, and when I used a gun now, it works better. but I felt using playstation 2 controller when I used the gun..
    I think the Buddha died, but then revived again. I used my sniper-laser gun but he keeps surviving.
    I was getting scared bit by bit. and the Buddha suddenly transformed into this huge, giant muscular African-American male, shouting

    "hahaha!!! you cant even fly?? dude, show me your goddamn abilities more!!"

    and I'm like (pressing the jump button on the controller) try to fly high in the air. but I wasnt like a jet so I kept jumping in the air.
    but then he tried to catch my feet....
    woke up.

    Katsuno's Dream
    - I dreamed of being inside a huge office building. I was looking through a big window when I suddenly saw a big robot standing in front of the building. For some reason I felt like it was dangerous so I ran away. Suddenly there was a bang. I looked back and the window was completely shattered. I ran downstairs and heard another bang. It felt like the whole building was being destroyed. I saw the exit and ran towards it. As I got outside I loose my memory of the dream...

    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuno
    Wow you know what? Your drawing looks really similar to the one I saw :O
    The head is completely the same! I don't remember if there were other people but I guess so...
    This is really awesome

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