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    Attack on Titan: 3D Maneuver Gear

    by , 04-30-2013 at 04:17 PM (2837 Views)

    I was Mikasa in the first start of the dream and my(her) father was crying sitting in front of me, for some reasons. I think he cried because of fear of titans.
    I was reading a letter but I don't remember what it was about... I stood up, and decided to join the military!

    Scene changed to a modern urban town and I was wearing the military uniform with 3D maneuver gear. I held out the operating devices, feeling the 2 sheaths on my thighs and 3D maneuver gear on my back, and then pressed the hand grips and pssh! the iron wires shot out into the air so high and my boy leaped with the following wire. The hook on the wire grabbed the black wires on the electrical fences so I kept shooting the hooks on to the wires flying like Spiderman.

    Every time I shot the hooks the roaring gas pressure released with sudden pop on my back. It was so awesome... I clicked the hand grips and the double swords came out from them! I practiced using swords in the air. It was just...full of epic!

    When my body was flying towards the ground I was afraid I was gonna bump my butts on it. But the iron wires pulled my body back up into the air. I ran on the ground if I needed to.

    Today in LD I played with 3D maneuver gear for 15 min

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