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    TotY Part 3 - Antartica

    by , 02-04-2013 at 12:22 AM (797 Views)
    This WILD occured at about 8:50 on Saturday 2nd February 2013

    I started off in the FAYZ, a zone in the 'Gone' series of books that is cut off from the rest of civilisation and has no adults. The FAYZ is in the state it is described as at the start of 'Hunger'. I'm walking around with Astrid and Edilio and we're all looking for Sam. After this the storyline differs because I get a phone call from my boyfriend and then drift off to go meet him. After I've spent a while with him he mysteriously disappears. I don't get too worried because I know it's just a WILD. At this point I remembered I'd intended to do a part of the TotY and apparated to the south pole. As I watched some penguins walking about I smiled to myself, hugged a penguin and then pointed my wand at a spot of snow/ice. I had no idea what I was doing so I just waved my wand and 'reducio'ed the ground. About 20m cleared so I walked into that little tunnel and kept clearing. As I got closer to the centre of the Earth it got warmer, but not unbearably hot as Science dictates, and changed to more molten colours (yellows, oranges. ect.) When I reacched the core of the Earth I found myself on a rock ledge with like a pit of lava in the centre. I looked out from my little tunnel and saw all these really strange looking little people skulking round the edge. They were really freaky and creeped me out so I didn't get a good look at their appearance because I didn't want to look at them ( honestly Katie.) But I'm fairly sure they looked slightly like Gollum from LotR.


    Something weird happened when one of these little people passed my tunnel, looked at me and snarled, snapping it's jaws shut at where my wrist was before I jerked it out of the way, making my weird little yelpy, Nyargh, noise. At this I started to carve another path, bringing me out at the same rock ledge before starting to skirt very quickly around to the other side of the ledge. In my haste I am fairly sure I managed to push a little creepy person into the pit of lava () but I eventually made it to the other side and started digging frantically with my wand, quickly making my way to the surface of the Earth. When I reached the surface I came face to face with a polar bear, stuck my tongue out at it and apparated away to safety before waking up.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Seriously impressive work on TotY so far, and we're just barely into February!

      I love that the whole "apparate" thing comes so naturally for you. Have you been able to do that since you started lucid dreaming or was it something that you had to work up to for a while over time? Are you just imagining the new scene that you want to end up in and... poof?

      Four to go... good luck! (Seven to go for me, LOL...)
    2. Wishfulthinker's Avatar
      I've always been able to do it in my WILDs. I knew what I wanted to do and the first time I did it I just straight out teleported, closed my eyes, imagined where I wanted to be, the scenery melted away and was replaced with where I wanted to be. I wasn't a fan of seeing that so being a big literature fan I decided I wanted to apparate so, I did. And yep, just think of the scene, close my eyes and that's it.

      Thanks! You too! You've had some really interesting attempts from what I've read so far!
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      That's awesome. It really is all about belief. It's mind-boggling how much time you've saved by apparating when I was running around trying to find my way out of various buildings or getting blown around by wind when I tried to fly... I don't get any bonus points for doing it the hard way!

      And thank you! At this rate, hopefully I can stagger across the finish line by mid-December.
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    4. Wishfulthinker's Avatar
      Oh dear. :') I Have to admit, in the waking world I also make things extraordinarily difficult for myself. If I thought as much irl as I did in WILDs I would be amazingly smart and economic with my time. Instead.... well. We'll leave it at that. :L

      But at least you'll finish! :3
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