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    1. Another car dream set when Granddad was dying

      by , 10-03-2022 at 12:29 AM
      I had another dream where I was riding between my mom and sister in granddads old reliant that was set when he was dying.

      In this dream, me and my sister were out of school and mom was going to drive us to the mall. Me and my sister were both ready to go and mom told us to go ahead and get in the car.

      My sister grabbed the keys and then I followed her outside where granddads old tan reliant was parked in our driveway. My sister then unlocked the passenger side door and told me to scoot over to the middle since it was her day to choose where to sit. I the sat down on the tan vinyl bench seat and moved over to the middle seat. Once I fastened the tan lap belt around my waist after my sister told me to, she closed the passenger side door and took the keys back in the house to mom.

      Soon she was opening the passenger side door and then sitting down in the passenger seat and then closing the door and fastening her shoulder belt. We then spent a while waiting in the car together until mom was finally locking up the house and then walking to the reliant and opening the driver side door and then sitting down in the driver seat next to me. She then started up the reliant and we drove towards the mall. I felt squished between my mom and sister and we kept passing cars with people I knew in them and it felt like they were all staring at us because I was riding in the middle and my younger shorter sister was by the window.

      We were then driving by the nursing home where grandad was living and then mom was turning into the parking lot and then parking the car in a parking space. As the turned off the car, she told us she needed to stop by and check on granddad because they had called and told her he wasn't feeling well and may have to go to the hospital. She told us to wait in the car and then left us there to go and check on granddad.

      Me and my sister than had to wait in the car and I had to deal with my sister wanting to talk about granddad and me trying to ger her to talk about other things because I didn't want to think about granddad not being around much longer. I woke up from this dream while we were still in the parking lot waiting from mom and having to keep listening to my sister talk about granddad and trying to get me to share my feelings.