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    1. Dream where me and my sister got stuck in granddads car in a rainstorm at the shopping center

      by , 08-02-2022 at 02:26 AM
      I had another dream last night where me and my sister were stuck in Granddads old car in a rainstorm.

      When this dream started, I was with my mom and younger sister at a party supply store we used to go to when I was a teen. We were in the store to get decorations for a 4th of July Cookout we were going to be having at our house. We were getting all sorts of red while and blue themed decorations to use to decorate for the cookout and also got fun things like sparklers and party poppers. When we got to an aisle where there were costumes, mom saw an Uncle Sam costume that was on sale and decided to get it so our dad could dress up in it. Me and my sister both tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted on getting it since it didn't cost much and figured someone else would be willing to wear it if dad wasn't willing to. As we were walking towards the checkout lanes, mom noticed that red while and blue balloons were on sale and got several bundles of them as she though it would be fun to use them.

      Once mom had paid for everything, we walked out of the store to the parking lot where granddads old tan reliant was parked a few rows away. When we got to the car, mom opened the trunk and filled it up with as much of the stuff that she had bought at the party store as she could. Once she had the trunk full, mom unlocked the front passenger side door and told me and my sister we would both need to ride up front with her. I stood off to the side for my sister to get in first, but she reminded me it was her day to choose her seat and I was sitting in the middle. I reluctantly sat down on the tan vinyl bench seat which was really hot and scooted over to the middle seat and then fastened the tan lap belt around my waist. My sister than plopped down in the passenger seat to my right and then fastened her shoulder belt and then closed the passenger side door. Since it was hot in the car, I rolled down the driver side window while my sister rolled down the passenger side window.

      Once mom had everything loaded in the back seat, she took the shopping cart back to the party store and then rather than joining us in the car, walked to the supermarket that was a few stores away. Me and my sister had to wait in the car for a while until I finally saw mom walking out of the supermarket walking towards the reliant pushing a shopping cart. When she got to the car, she unloaded the shopping cart into the back seat and then went to take the cart back. After returning the cart, rather than coming back to the reliant where me and my sister were waiting, she went to the liquor store that was a few shops away from the supermarket.

      Almost as soon as mom went into the liquor store, it started to thunder really loud and then pour down rain. Me and my sister had to hurry to roll up the windows as the rain started coming down even harder and harder until we couldn't even see the liquor store that mom was in. While me and my sister waited for the rain to stop and mom to get in the car, something started to really stink in the car but me and my sister couldn't figure out what it was. The rain kept coming down really hard and there was nothing that we could do but sit and wait in the car and try to deal with smelling the horrible smell.

      Eventually, the rain let up enough that mom was able to leave the liquor store and make it to the car and sit down in the driver seat to my left. As she was putting the key in the ignition, she noticed the smell and asked us about it. After a few times turning the key, but not being able to get the car started, she asked if me and my sister may have stepped in dog poo because it really stunk in the car and smelled like poo. My sister quickly checked her sandals and told mom there was nothing on them. Before I could inspect my shoe, mom noticed I stepped in something and then my sister let me out to clean it. I woke up from the dream while I was trying to get the dog poop off my shoe and mom was trying to get the car started.