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    5th night in a row of the recurring car dream

    by , 02-01-2020 at 05:42 PM (806 Views)
    I had the same dream again last night where I am in granddads old reliant with my mom and sister. This was the 5th night in a row I have had this dream.

    In last night's dream, my sister kept trying to talk to me during our time waiting in the car for mom and I kept trying to ignore her because I didn't want to smell her breath and wanted her to stop talking. I tuned out what she was trying to say in hopes that she would get the hint I did not want to talk, but she kept invading my space to try to get my attention and I kept smelling her breath. She put her head on my shoulder a few times trying to get my attention. I eventually had to turn my head and look at the empty tan vinyl drivers seat so I didn't have to smell her breath.

    When mom got in and started trying to get the car started, I could feel my sister was sitting beside me even though I was focusing on mom trying to get the car started. After mom had spent a few minutes trying to start the car, my sister told her she had forgotten her purse and mom took the keys out of the ignition and went back into the house to get it. I asked her if I could go in and get it or try to start the are while she was out but she said needed the keys to get into the house and I needed to stay buckled in my seat. I woke up while she was in the house.

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    1. Mikey5555's Avatar
      How did you feel when your mom told you that you need to stay buckled in your seat?
    2. woffordwv's Avatar
      The two words that probably best describe my feeling when mom tells me to stay buckled in the middle seat are "Trapped" and "Uncomfortable".

      I feel trapped in the car anyway since my mom and sister are sitting between me and the doors so I can't just open a door and get out. The seatbelt makes me feel even more trapped because it is physically keeping me in the middle seat and preventing me from moving further away from my sister.

      I feel uncomfortable since there is not much room in the middle seat and I have my sister and mom(when she in in the car) invading my personal space. The lap belt which is snug around my hips is uncomfortable (and unnecessary) since the car is just sitting in the driveway. It is also uncomfortable because mom is using her parental control to make me keep my seatbelt on. She never fastens her seatbelt in the dream, but I expect that if the car ever starts she will fasten hers before putting the car in gear.

      Upon waking-up from the dream, my primary feeling was "Frustration" because if mom had allowed me to take off my seatbelt and get out of the car, then maybe the dream will finally stop recurring.