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    Disturbing new dream involving my mom, sister, and granddads old car

    by , 09-28-2022 at 03:13 AM (314 Views)
    I had a new dream last night involving my mom, sister, and granddads old reliant which is by far the most disturbing one I have ever had. This dream was set in the time when granddad was living at the nursing home in the final months of his life.

    When this dream started, me and mom were in granddads old reliant. Mom was driving and I was in the front passenger seat. We were on our way to pick my sister up from practice for a play she was going to be in.

    Soon we were pulling up to the community theater where my sister's play was going to be and where she was having the practice. Mom pulled into a spot in the parking lot and then told me to sit tight as she turned off the reliant and then got out to go and get my sister.

    After I had been waiting in the car by myself for a few minutes, my sister was walking up to the passenger side of the reliant and then opening the front passenger side door and then telling me to scoot over to the middle seat. I looked behind me and saw that the back seat was full of granddads stuff and there was nowhere to sit back there and then pulled my feet up on the passenger seat to give my sister room to get past me and sit in the middle but she reminded me it was her day to choose where to sit and she wanted the window and I needed to scoot. I reluctantly unfastened the tan shoulder belt and then scooted across the tan vinyl bench seat to the middle and then fastened the tan lap belt around my waist as my sister plopped onto the passenger seat and then closed her door and fastened her shoulder belt. We had to spend a little while waiting in the reliant together because mom was talking to some other parents out in the parking lot.

    Eventually mom was walking towards the reliant and then sitting down in the driver seat to my right. She started up the car and we pulled out of the parking lot and were heading towards home.

    Mom was then pulling into the parking lot of the nursing home where granddad was staying. She told us she needed to stop by and check on granddad as she pulled into a parking space and turned off the reliant and told us to sit tight and stay buckled. I told her I wanted to see granddad and she told me she needed to see how he was doing and that if he was feeling up to it she would come back and get us. She then closed us into the car and disappeared into the nursing home.

    Not long after she went into the nursing home, she was walking out of it and back towards the reliant. I was hoping that grandad was doing well and then we could go and see him, but as she was fumbling through her purse for the keys and then unlocking the driver side door I noticed she was shaking and looked really upset. She sat down int the driver seat, closed her door, and then told us granddad had been taken to the emergency room and she needed to go to the hospital and check on him. She told us she needed us to be quiet and then started up the reliant and drove it to the hospital.

    When we go to the hospital, she pulled into a parking space in the parking lot and told us to stay buckled-up and then cut off the reliant and got out and walked towards the emergency room entrance.

    Me and my sister then had to wait in the reliant for what felt like an eternity pressed up against each other in the front seat which was really uncomfortable. I was really worried about granddad and what was going to happen to him. I really didn't want to talk about it, but my sister did and kept asking me things like if granddad was going to die which made me really upset. She kept wanting for us to talk about granddad and I kept trying to change the subject because I did not want to share my feelings with my sister. The longer we had to wait in the car. the more worried I was getting that something was seriously wrong with granddad and that maybe he would not make it out of the hospital.

    Eventually I heard my sister say "mommy is coming" and then I saw mom slowly walking through the parking lot towards the reliant where we were waiting.

    I woke up from the dream before mom got in the car and had no idea how granddad was doing or if he was dead or alive. It took me a while to fall back asleep after waking up from this dream.

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