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    1. Continuation of the Music Festival dream from night before last

      by , 08-27-2020 at 04:23 AM
      I had a couple different dream fragments last night that were a continuation of the dream I had the night before where I was volunteering at the music festival with Kim and Tiffany.

      The first dream started with me and Tiffany loading sandbags into the back of the old white half ton truck while Kim was pacing around talking on her phone. As we continued to grab sandbags and load them in the back of the truck, Kim got off a phone call and made a beeline to the back of the truck. She took a look and told us that we had loaded too many and needed to take about 20 back to the warehouse.

      I tried to explain to Kim that I didn’t see anything wrong with having some extras incase we needed them, but she was adamant that she didn’t want to have to deal with unloading anymore than were necessary when they brought them back after the festival.

      Me and Tiffany took 5 trips bringing sandbags from the truck back to the warehouse while Kim watched. After we were had taken the 20 extra sand bags back, Kim decided we were short 12. While we were bringing them back out to the truck to the warehouse, Kim got another call but paced around near the truck. When she felt like we had the right number in the truck, she told us we were good and to get back in the truck.

      When we got back to the passenger side of the truck, I opened the passenger side door an stepped back and pointed to the brown vinyl bench seat. Tiffany blushed and worked up the courage to meekly ask me if I minded sitting in the middle again. I climb in and scoot over to the middle seat where I am straddling the stick shift. Tiffany then gets into the passenger seat and them immediately rolls up the window after closing her door. She then leans in closer to me and blushes again as she thanks me and tells me that she if kind of freaked-out by Kim. She explains that she rolled-up her window because she didn’t want Kim to hear us if we were talking about her.

      As Kim continues to pace around the parking lot while talking on her phone, Tiffany asks me if I have ever worked with Kim before. When I tell her no, she starts asking about other events I volunteer at and I tell her all about the Fall Street Festival. She asks some questions about it and says she will try to get some friends to come an help volunteer there with her next year.

      While I am telling Tiffany more about the festival and other volunteer opportunities she should consider, I hear her groan and then see Kim if off her phone and walking towards the driver side door. She climbs in and sits down in the empty driver seat to my left. Thankfully this is a really big old truck that could probably hold another person or two in the cab so I have plenty of room even though Kim is a large woman and Tiffany could stand to lose 5-10 pounds. Kim is telling us everyone want to talk with her as she puts the truck key in the ignition. Before she turns it, I hear her say damnit and then tell us she forget to close the warehouse. She takes the keys out of the ignition and goes to lock it up.

      Me and Tiffany just look at each other and shake our heads after Kim gets back out. We both cannot believe we got coaxed into working with this crazy lady. While we are waiting for Kim to get back in, I hear my phone ding and check it to see a text from my girlfriend asking “R U OK”. I text her back to let her know that I have gone with a crazy lady to get sandbags and hope to be back in time to stop by to check on her before I start my shift checking id’s.

      Tiffany then asks who I am texting and I tell her it’s my girlfriend who is also volunteering. She rolls her eyes and says “oh” as she moves closer towards the window away from me. I ask her is she has is dating anyone. She blushes again and twists her dark blonde hair for several seconds. She then starts to get a little emotional and tells me that her boyfriend broke-up with her a few weeks ago. She tells me she though he was the one and has been taking it really hard. She said that she thought volunteering today would be a good way to meet new people and get her mind off of this. I tell her I am sorry to hear she is going though this and I know she will find the right one when the time is right.

      Things are starting to get a little awkward with Tiffany now that she knows I have a girlfriend and that she has told me she just went through a break-up. I turn my head away from her and see Kim getting off a phone call and then walking toward the truck. When Tiffany sees her, she shakes her head and says “here comes crazy”.

      Kim opens the driver side door again and climbs back into the drivers seat. As she is putting the key back in the ignition, she tells me and Tiffany that we are going to need to make a detour. That she just got a call and we need to go to the airport to pick ups some trunks that just got in for a band playing later today. As she says this, I have a bad feeling that it could be a scary ride to the airport since we will be going on the interstate and Kim was scary driving on city roads.

      I turn to look at Tiffany, and she is rolling her eyes and shaking her head. We communicate non-verbally though facial expressions while Kim gets ready to start the truck and we let each other know we are terrified about riding to the airport with Kim. I am tying out a not on my phone to show Tiffany asking if we should try to get Kim to take us back to the festival when I hear Kim shout “damnit” and then “why in the hell won’t this stupid truck start”. Both me and Tiffany and I turn to see Kim pumping the accelerator and turning the key and getting nothing but a buzzing sound. As both of us are watching Kim get frustrated and pound the dash and shout “damnit” each time the truck doesn’t start, I remember one time I had the same problem at the Fall Festival because the truck was out of gear. I after another failed crank, I ask Kim if she has the truck in neutral. She looks at the stick shift between my legs and then shakes her head in disbelief. She then puts it in neutral and the truck starts right up.

      As Kim is pulling out of the parking lot, Tiffany elbows me in the ribs. When I turn to look at her, she is shaking her head and giving me a why did you just do that look. I wanted to tell her because I didn’t know how much longer I could deal with Kim shouting damnit in my ear. Tiffany just shook her head and rolled her eyes. When I turned away from Tiffany, I saw we were at a light getting ready to turn onto the interstate.

      Things got really scary quickly. First Kim started yelling and screaming because an 18 wheeler did not move over a lane to give her more room to merge in. Once she got onto the interstate, she had terrible road rage and merged to the left as soon as she could to try to pass the truck. She did not have a prayer at getting the old truck up to enough speed to pass that truck, but stayed in the left lane for what seemed like forever when cars were passing us from the right side. She was honking and screaming at them. While still in the left lane going less than 55mph, her phone rang and she grabbed it to take the call. She almost hit the concrete barrier in the middle and then overcorrected and almost hit an 18 wheeler passing us on our right. I woke up from this dream in a panic as she overcorrected again and was heading strait for the barrier in the median.

      The second dream I had was much shorter and ended early because my alarm went off. When this dream started, I was still in the middle seat of the truck with Kim to my left driving and Tiffany to my right in the passenger seat. We were off of the interstate and waiting at a traffic light near the airport.

      As we got closer to the air cargo pick-up area, I noticed Kim was in the wrong lane and suggested she move over to the right lane. She told me she had been here many times and knew where she was going. When we go to the air-cargo sign, there was a car in the right lane blocking us from making the turn. Kim blared on her horn and started screaming and getting spit on me. She was not able to turn in, so we had to make a loop around the airport and then try again.

      When Kim got to the parking lot of the air cargo building, she parked the truck in a parking spot and cut it off. She told me and Tiffany to sit tight when I asked if she needed us to help load the truck. She then left us to go into the air cargo building.

      Now that Kim was out of the truck, me and Tiffany were taking about how crazy the ride to the airport was and how bad of a driver Kim was. Tiffany moved closer to me and put her arm around me and said she had to hug me since we survived the ride with Kim to the airport. She said she had never been so scared riding with someone.

      As Tiffany continued invade my space and talk about the ride we had just been on, I heard my phone ding again and saw it was a text from my girlfriend asking “Where R U”. I replied that I was at the airport waiting in the truck for crazy lady. She texted me back “WTF”. When Tiffany saw me texting she meekly asked if it was my girlfriend again. When I told her yes, she leaned into me and said she would like to meet her and asked if I would take her by to meet her when we got back. I heard my phone ding again while Tiffany was talking and saw a text asking “Anyone else with you all”.

      As Tiffany continued to talk about wanting to meet my girlfriend and talking about the ride we had just been on, I was trying to think of the best way to tell her that a college student was waiting in the truck with me. I knew that if I told my girlfriend I was with Tiffany I should definitely bring her by to meet her so she could see that while Tiffany was kind of cute she wasn’t my type and not a threat.

      As I was picking-up my phone to text her that I was with a college student that I would bring by to meet her, my phone started vibrating a making a buzzing sound. I looked at caller id and saw it was her calling. As Tiffany was asking if it was my girlfriend calling me, I woke-up from the dream to discover the buzzing sound my phone was making was actually my alarm clock waking me up for the day.
    2. 3 odd dreams volunteering at a festival with a socially awkward teen girl

      by , 08-25-2020 at 04:34 AM
      I had a series of three really strange dreams last night where I volunteering at my city’s fall street festival where I have been in charge of the beer tents the past few years, and was dealing with a really socially awkward and annoying teenage girl who wanted to volunteer with me. I did not know the girl or her parents in my waking life, but they all looked like an odd family that was sitting a table away from me and my girlfriend when we went out to dinner on Friday. The dream takes place in a time where COVID is a not problem. In real life, we made the difficult decision to cancel this years festival last week and I spent a lot of time this weekend e-mailing all of our vendors to let them know the festival isn’t happening.

      When the first dream started, I was walking into the downtown hotel where we have our headquarters for the festival every year. I walk through the revolving door into the lobby and saw one of my friends who handles volunteer manpower talking to a couple and their teenage daughter who was in a volunteer shirt. I could see her pointing towards me and then quickly walked towards me followed by the couple and their daughter. When she got to me, she introduced me to the couple and their daughter Jenny. The couple told me they go to church with one of my co-workers. I had remembered my co-worker had told me to be on the lookout for a girl from her church who was planning on volunteering at the festival and relayed that to them and thanked her for volunteering. While they were telling me how much they like my co-worker, my friend walked away to go back to her post in the lobby.

      As I continued to talk with them, I got a pretty strong feeling that something was off with Jenny. She was awkwardly tall and thin and had really long dark blonde hair that was pulled into a pony tail and tried to hide behind her parents while they talked to me. She really didn’t say much, while her parents did all of the talking and told me this was her first time volunteering and they were so glad they found me and were glad I could keep an eye on her. I asked if they were volunteering too and they told me they had other plans and only Jenny was volunteering today. They thanked me again and told Jenny to find me if she needed any help and then both shook my hand before turning and walking out the door.

      With her parents gone, Jenny suddenly started to open-up although it was painful trying to talk with her. She kept wanting to talk about my co-worked and asked me all sorts of questions about her. It was like she was stuck in a loop and that was all she knew to talk about. I tried to change the subject by asking where she wanted to help today so I could take her to the right person, and she said she wanted to help me which I knew wasn’t a good idea since I was running beer sales and she was a minor.

      I walked towards the ballroom to get a cup of coffee and to try to find someone to hand Jenny off to and she was right on my heels the entire time. Whenever I would talk to someone, I would feel her standing behind me and breathing on my neck. I tried to find someone who could use her help, but everyone seemed to have plenty of help.

      Eventually I told Jenny I had to go get my golf cart out of the garage and make my rounds. I suggested she get something to eat or drink and meet some other volunteers and then I would check in on her later. She didn’t say anything or try to argue, but as I walked out of the ball room and towards the lobby, I felt a presence following me and turned around to see her following a few feet behind me. When I got to the parking garage and pushed the button for the elevator, I turned around and she was standing right behind me. I decided to take the high road since she and her parents were friends with my co-worker and asked if she wanted to go with me. She then had a really big smile and nodded yes.

      After a few more minutes of waiting for an elevator and repeatedly pushing the button, Jenny tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards to door to the stairs and meekly asked if we should take the stairs instead. I told her the golf cars were on the 6th floor and she said she would be fine with that. She then opened a door and she and I walked through it.

      Instead of the normal staircase at that parking deck, there as a spiral staircase. As we got to the second floor, I saw the other staircase off to the side, but there were no way to get off. We kept climbing up the spiral staircase and when we got to the 6th floor, I could see the golf carts parked but there was no way to access the floor from the spiral staircase. I know the parking garage only had 8 levels, so we kept climbing. When we got to the 8th floor, there was nowhere to get off the staircase and when I looked-up it just kept going. I asked Jenny if she would see how many more floors until there was a way out and she said sure and seemed happy to be able to help with something.

      I waited on the 8th floor and looked-up and saw Jenny disappearing out of view. Eventually, I heard her yell down and tell me that she was at floor 25 and still hadn’t found a way off the staircase. I shouted up that we should go back down to the first floor and I started walking down as I heard her meekly say ok. When I was at the second floor, I heard her catching-up to me. When we got to the first floor, I discovered there was no way off the spiral staircase even though that is where we had entered. Jenny offered to go down a few floors to try to find a way out and I told her that would be great. I stayed on the first floor while she started descending the staircase looking for an exit. I can remember looking both up and down and the staircase went as far as I could see in either direction. I would up form this dream in a panic as Jenny was yelling up to me that she still hadn’t found a way out. Right before walking up, I remember thinking I was going to loose my balance and fall down the bottomless staircase.

      When I fell back asleep, I had my second dream. In this dream, I was driving my cargo cart checking on how set-up was going at all of the beer tents and Jenny was riding with me. She seemed to be soaking-in all of the surrounding as I drove and kept telling me how much fun she was having riding around with me. She kept asking me about what other things I volunteer with and asking if there were things she could do to help. She mentioned that her parents were now going to let her volunteer some. I was not happy that I hadn’t been able to pawn her off on someone yet and was ready for a break. She was about to drive me crazy.

      I tried to get her interested in helping somewhere else by driving by other parts of the festival set-up where I thought she may be able to help and may enjoy but she didn’t seem to have any interest helping anywhere else or getting off of my cargo cart. A few times when I stopped at a beer tent, I would tell her she had to stay in the cargo cart and then would spend some extra time talking with the volunteers hoping she would get bored. I also gave some people rides on my cart hoping she would be uncomfortable being squished between me and someone else and decide she wanted to do something else but it didn’t work. She would just try to have really awkward conversations with the other passenger which were really painful for me to have to hear.

      After a while, Jenny asked me if she could try out driving the cargo cart. I asked her how old she was and she said 16. I figured she had some experience driving in the past, so when we were in an area without a lot of traffic I told her she could try out driving the car. It was a horrible mistake. She was a terrible driver and it was terrifying riding with her. She kept driving on and off of the sidewalk, making really sharp turns where I was afraid I was going to fall-out, and going down hills way to fast.

      I asked her if she had taken drivers ed, and she told me this was the first time she had ever driven anything. She told me that her parents wouldn’t let her drive or even take drivers ed because they did not think it was necessary.

      I woke-up from this dream when she was barreling down a steep hill heading towards a retaining wall. I was yelling for her to stop and when I woke-up I was reaching over and grabbing the wheel trying to steer us away from the retaining wall so we didn’t fall down and get hurt, I woke-up in a panic thinking she was about to drive us over the wall.

      After falling back asleep, I had my 3rd and final dream about her and the festival. When this dream started, I was in the bathroom at the hotel and was enjoying some time away from Jenny. As I walked out of the bathroom and towards the ballroom to get another cup of coffee, I looked out the windows and saw her sitting all by herself in the cab of a really old half ton GMC Truck with our city’s logo on the doors. I knew that truck would be going to the city maintenance yard to get sandbags and figured she had been recruited for that and I would get a nice long break from her.

      As I was walking back to my golf cart parked out front, my friend that had first introduced me to Jenny and her parents stopped me and said thank you. I asked for what and she said that Jenny had told her that I would be happy to go to the maintenance yard to help load-up the sandbags. I tried to tell her that I was happy to let her have Jenny help with that but that I had stuff I needed to do. She then told me that Jenny really looked-up to me and didn’t think she would be comfortable if I didn’t go with her. She told me the guy from the city was running late and suggested I go ahead and wait in the truck with Jenny so we would be ready to go when he got here.

      I talked with her for a few more minutes about things I would need help with at the beer tents as I finished my cup of coffee. I then went to re-fill my cup and talked with some people as I slowly walked towards the old truck parked in front of the hotel.

      When I got in the truck, I sat down in the passenger seat next to Jenny who was in the middle straddling the stick shift. She told me she had never gotten to ride in a big truck before and was looking forward to it. As we waited for the guy from the city, she was taking in all of the surroundings of the truck cab and talking about how exciting it would be to ride in it. I couldn’t understand why a 16 year old girl was so excited about riding in a crappy of half ton tuck.

      As we continued to wait for the driver, Jenny started to warm-up more and started telling me more about herself and her family. I learned that she was an only child and has always been homeschooled by her mom; that her parents don’t let he get out much and do stuff with other teens; and that they are going to let her volunteer some now that she is 16. As she told me more about herself, I had a better understanding of why she was acting the way she was but was also not sure how much longer I could deal with her. I also knew I needed to deal with things at the beer tents and hoped the driver would get here soon.

      While we were still waiting for the driver, Jenny asked me how late I was working tonight. I told her the beer tents would have last call at 10 and then hopefully I could leave by 11. She got a really big smile on her face when I said that and then asked if she could borrow my phone to call her parents. I guess she saw I had a puzzled look on my face because she then told me her parents wouldn’t let her have her own phone. I then handed my phone to her. She quickly called her dad and told him I needed her to stay and help until 10 and asked if she could. I then heard her say that was no problem if they would be at a movie, that I could drive her home when I got done.

      I woke-up from this dream as the driver was walking towards to truck knowing that I was not going to get a break from her the rest of the day. I felt really trapped and hampered knowing that I would have to keeping an eye on her and not able to have any fun.

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    3. Another strange dream about the Reliant set in the present

      by , 08-21-2020 at 03:46 AM
      I had another strange dream involving my mom, sister, and the Reliant last night. Like the dream the night before, this dream was a mix of past and present.

      The dream started in the baggage claim of the local airport where I live. It was late at night and my mom, sister, and me were waiting for our baggage after arriving from somewhere. I am pretty sure the dream took place in the present time as my mom and sister were both like they do now and we were all wearing face coverings along with the few other people we saw in the terminal.

      After waiting a little while longer, we started seeing our bags come over on the conveyer belt. I am not sure where we were arriving from, but I pulled a lot of stuff off of the belt. All 3 of us had large black rolling suitcases and my sister and I each had our set of golf clubs. My mom and sister each also had a tote bag an purse, and I had a laptop bag.

      Once we had everything, I got a luggage cart to help us get everything out to the car since mom said she had parked in the long term parking lot and it was a bit of a walk. I loaded everything I could onto the luggage cart and then pushed it out of the terminal following my mom and sister. As we were walking out, mom noticed a sign saying all parking tickets must be validated at the kiosk in the terminal and griped that she had left the ticket in the car and would have to go back into pay.

      We walked past the parking deck and eventually got to the long term lot where mom had parked. When we got there, I noticed granddad's old Tan Reliant at the far end facing us. As we walked towards it, I asked mom why she had driven it rather than her Tahoe and she explained she would rather leave the Reliant parked in the lot for several days exposed to the elements.

      When we got to the Reliant, mom unlocked and opened the passenger side door and then walked around to the back to unlock and open the trunk. As I walked around to the trunk, I noticed some changes to the Reliant from earlier dreams which included the back seat being clean and usable and bumper stickers on the rear bumper I had added when I drove the car in high school. It seemed like a later memory of the Reliant in this dream than the one I had in all the other dreams when I was 15.

      While I worked on trying to figure out the best way to load all of our stuff in the trunk, mom unlocked the driver side door and got the parking ticket off the dash. She expressed being relieved that it was right where she though she left it. She then grabbed her purse from the luggage cart and headed back to the terminal to pay the parking fees.

      After several tries at re-arranging things, I was finally able to get the 3 suitcases and all of our carry-on items into the trunk. I felt like I had really accomplished something as I closed the trunk until I looked down at the luggage cart and saw that our two golf bags were still on it. I then had a sinking feeling knowing the only way I could get everything to fit in the car would be to put the golf clubs in the back seat and have all 3 of us ride up front. My sister was distracted in the front seat looking at her phone and never noticed me putting the golf clubs in the back seat.

      Once I had them in, I went to return the luggage cart to the appropriate place in the lot and then slowly walked back to the Reliant. When I got back, my sister was still sitting in the passenger seat looking at her phone and was zoned-out. I opened the door and asked her to scoot over. At first it didn't register what I was asking and then she gave me a strange look and something about she thought I was riding in the back seat. Once I explained about the golf clubs, she rolled her eyes and let out a loud groan and then unbuckled her seat belt and moved over to the middle seat. This was the first time in any of the car dreams I have had where I am riding by the window in the Reliant and my sister is riding in the middle.

      While we waited for mom to come out, my sister was griping about how stupid it was for mom to have driven the Reliant when her Tahoe would have had a lot more room for all of our luggage. I tried to sit as close to the window as possible so my sister could have her space, but there wasn't a lot of room. As I was getting ready to look at my phone, I looked through the windshield and saw mom walking through the parking lot towards us.

      When mom opened the driver side door, she told us that she had to go back to the terminal because she discovered she did not have her credit cards and remember she had put them in my sisters purse before going through security. She also asked why we were both up front and my sister snapped that the golf clubs wouldn't fit in the trunk and had to go in the back seat. Mom asked where my sisters purse was and I told her it was in the bottom of the trunk under the suitcases. Mom them closed the driver side door and walked around the the back and opened the trunk.

      While mom was still looking in the trunk, my sister unbuckled and then moved over towards the driver seat and said she needed to show mom where she had hidden the credit cards. She opened the driver side door, got out, and then closed it behind her. I was looking at my phone when I heard mom close the trunk and then saw my sister walking around the front of the car from the driver side to the passenger side. She then flung the passenger side door open and told me to scoot over to the middle. I woke-up from this dream as she was getting in the car, so I have no idea what happened after she got in. This was the first ever Reliant dream that ended before mom got back in the car and tried to start it up.

      Not sure if I am finally starting to figure out how to have control over these dreams or if I just moved out of that sleep cycle before it could go any further.