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    New dream with my mother, sister, and granddads car

    by , 07-07-2022 at 03:07 AM (215 Views)
    I had a new dream last night involving my mom, sister, and my granddads old Plymouth Reliant. This is the first time I have had one of these dreams in several months and this one was different from any of the others I have had.

    When this dream started, me and my sister were at the pool we used to spend a lot of time at when we were pre-teens and teens. I was playing with some friends when we heard thunder and then the lifeguards ordered everyone out of the pool and the off of the pool deck.

    Soon my mom showed-up to give me and my sister a ride home. We got our bikes which we had rode there and the followed her out to the parking lot where granddads Tan Plymouth Reliant was parked. The exterior of the car looked like it always did when he was alive & healthy. It looked like it had just been washed and waxed.

    When we got to the passenger side, my mom unlocked the front passenger side door and then told me and my sister to sit down on the front seat. I stood aside for my sister to get in but mom pointed to the middle of the tan vinyl bench seat and told me I was sitting there. I reluctantly got in; scooted over; and fastened the tan lap belt around my waist and then my sister sat down in the passenger seat on my right and fastened her tan shoulder belt.

    Mom then reached behind us to unlock the back passenger side door and then closed us in and then put out bikes in the back seat. When she had then in, she went over and talked to anther mom picking up some kids while me and my siter waited in the car for her. While we were waiting, I noticed the interior of the Reliant was also super clean like my granddad always kept it when he drove the car.

    A few minutes later, my mom was unlocking the driver side door and then sitting down in the driver seat on my left side. My put the key in the ignition and gave it a turn and the reliant started right-up. This is the first time I can ever remember the reliant starting up in any of the dreams where I was riding between my sister and mom in it. She pulled out of the parking lot heading towards our house.

    As we were driving towards our house, mom told us she need to run by the grocery to pick up a few things for dinner and then right after that we were in the parking lot of the grocery we used to shop at. As she was parking and then cutting off the car, she told us it would only take her a few minutes and for us to stay buckled in the car since we were in our pool close. She then rolled down the driver side window before getting out of the car and the closing us in. I saw her walking towards the grocery and then disappearing inside.

    Not long after my mom went into the store, there was a really loud clap of thunder and then the bottom fell out and it started to pour down rain. I quickly reached over and rolled up the driver side window while my sister rolled-up the passenger side window.

    It then kept raining harder and harder while me and my sister were stuck waiting in the car for mom to get done in the store and come back. The rain was so hard that we couldn't see the grocery store and sometimes was coming down hard enough that we couldn't even see the car parked on either side of use. Sometimes the right would start to ease-up and I would hope mom could make it out to the car but then it would start raining heavier again. There was nothing me and my sister could do but stay buckled in our seats in the car and wait for the rain to ease up.

    As me and my sister continued to wait, the car started to become more and more stuffy and we both noticed something really stunk but couldn't figure out what was causing the odor. Since there was really heavy and mom had the keys with her, there was nothing we could do to get fresh air in the car.

    After a few more times of thinking the rain was about to stop only to have it get heavy again, it finally died down enough for mom to make a run from the grocery to the car with her grocery bags in hand. As she was walking in front of the car, I reached over and opened the driver side door and she quickly thew her grocery bags in the back seat and then sat down in the driver seat next to me and slammed the driver side door shut. As she was putting the key in the ignition, she also noticed the odor and told us that something really stunk. She turn turned the key to start the car, but the engine would only turn over and not fire-up. She kept turning the key trying to start the car but could not get it to start. While she was trying to start the car, she told us she thought that one of us had stepped in poo and then looked down and noticed there was dog poop on my shoe. I woke up from this dream about the time she said this before she went back to trying to start the car.

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