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    Strange Dream where I was chased by a Mob of Vegan Socilists

    by , 02-06-2020 at 02:20 AM (145 Views)
    Last night I had a really strange dream, which thankfully gave me a break from the car dream I had the 8 nights prior.

    Last night I watched the State Of The Union Address and then turned on the TV in my bedroom and watched news coverage of the speech and the Iowa Caucus results once I got in my bed. I think watching this is what fueled the dream.

    This dream occurred in the present time. When it started I was pulling up to the butcher shop where I always buy my steaks and other good cuts of meat. I parked where I normally do in the parking lot and then started walking towards the store.

    Before I could get to the store, a few PETA Protestors stepped in front of me and tried to explain to me all the reasons why I should not be buying or eating meat and that instead I should switch to a plant based diet because it would save animals and more poor people could be fed. I tried to politely explain to them that in my opinion these animals are raised for the sole purpose of providing food for humans. I also explained that I like a good steak and would rather spend more money on that than less on a crappy plant based diet.

    As I tried to get away from them, one noticed my new Jaguar SUV and then they started telling me that I must be one of "Those People" and that doesn't care about the environment or helping those less fortunate. They asked me my feelings towards Socialism, and I tried to explain to them how awful it is. When I tried to tell them what I had seen when I visited China, it just made them turn against me even more.

    I tried to get away from them and go into the butcher shop, but more of them where now there and they were blocking my path. I decided then to just go back to my SUV and see if I could get the shop to deliver some steaks to my home.

    When I turned around, there were now a bunch of them standing between me and my SUV. I decided that the best option at this point was to just turn and run toward the road away from them since there was no point in arguing with a bunch of people I could not talk sense with.

    I started running as fast as I could and they kept running behind me. I kept turning my head and they were always a few hundred feed behind me.

    I kept running for several blocks and they were always the same distance behind me. No closer and no further away.

    Just as I was starting to get tired, I saw a Waffle House ahead. I sprinted in there as fast as I could and then took a seat at the bar.

    The mob stayed in the parking lot and did not try to come into the Waffle House.

    I ordered a waffle, double order of hash browns, and lots of bacon and sausage. I woke up from the dream while I was watching them cook my hash browns, bacon, and sausage.

    When I woke-up I was starving in my making life and had to go and fix a glass of water.
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