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    1. My first Lucid dream entry in a while and first new journal entry

      by , 07-31-2010 at 04:24 PM
      I had my first lucid dream in a while last night. I can't remember too much about the preceding and proceding dream content anymore (it was a late party night and a restless sleep with an early morning). What I do remember is I somehow became lucid and tried to think of what I should do. I remembered the dream task about creating a clone and decided to do that. I was in a local shop similar to the one across the road from my house though it was slightly bigger and had various other changes. I ran across the shop floor to an open space and put my hand up to obscure the view, then thought hard about making a clone appear there. I moved my hand down and it hadn't worked, but then I turned to my left and I was greeted by a clone of myself. For some reason, the clone was half eastern/middle-eastern so was quite striking and surprising. I tried talking to my clone but instead of replying he just spat in my face! Gross. I started becoming un-lucid as the other eastern people who owned the shop (as they do in real life) showed me their food, which was made entirely from condiments for some reason, which I found funny. The rest is a blur.
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