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    Exam with dinking, killing and cloth drying

    by , 01-20-2014 at 03:22 PM (278 Views)
    I was back to school. I had to take an exam where the tasks were at both sides of the paper. But tasks were really weird. I had to be a girl on the train. ANd i had to pretend i was innocent, not harmfull. And i had to take pictures of myself, beeign bonded and torchured. But in real i had to destroy the world.. Then i haid to record a music track and enter a competition. I did, i made a metal song then send it to the reviewboard.. and they answered congratulations, you have won the competition even though that people who dont like this genre of music did not vote at all. There was a question, what did euroasian people eat in medieval ages 1437? I wrote cabbage, beans, corn.. which i later deleted because i remembered that Columbus didn't came back from america yet. And some food i made out. Next question was "this is the year of the moon! moon equals a letter I. what is I?" This question was something about meditation, and i didn't know how to answer it. But the strange thing about this exam was the numbering of the questions, they didnt follow as they should, it was like 22,23.. and then no questions and later 28. And then i went to a bar. I overheard two guys talking about metal music scene in my town. One said that here are many metal pubs. And in reallife there is none, so I asked him where were they before? and he answered that a discoclub jungla.. was renovated into a metalbar. I said thanks, im trying to finnish my beer, and a friend from ireland passed me by.. he was drunk already, he went straight into beveragestorage.. and another friend said, well he is wasted.. and i said well that's his problem, he will be even more.. and he brought a beer which i have never seen before. It was our local beer Lasko, but the label was totaly out of order. On the left there were people and ice.. in between there were broken glasses, and on the right there was an elephant in a desert. And usually it is a mountaingoat on greed surface. Then we went into a car, we picked up 2 girls.. but we had a feeling that they are going to kill us. So i stopped the car, we went to take a leak, and we grabed shotguns and sneaked around my car, and bang bang.. shot them trough the carglass.. And then i found 4 thirts. 2white and 2 black, they were all wet. I was trying to get them dry. I found those poles and rope, which are ment for making clothes dry, clothdryers. And i tried to hang those shirts on the rope. I just couldnt. I took the first clothpeg and it was too small to hold the shirt. And then i took the bigger one in a crocodile shape, still to small. And then i saw that there are some blueprints on the shirts. The blueprints were for Davinci's flying machine. Well i have to get them dry i said to myself. I walked to a tree which i was climbing a lot in my childhood. And it was huge. I climbed to the first branch, and i start to hang those shirts on the branch. I hanged 2 out of 4..

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