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    A Cute Kingdom Hearts Dream.

    by , 01-10-2020 at 07:49 AM (47 Views)
    Had a very cute dream about Kingdom Hearts 3. The guardians of light had just defeated Xehanort powered up with the X-blade. We all get absorbed into Kingdom Hearts the actual place; not the game, and land in this open desert area completely illuminated by another moon. I am the first to come to and gaze up at the moon which is a small triangle instead of a giant heart now, but still bright as ever. I look around and spot the X-blade and immediately run over to wield it.

    Vanitas gets to it before I do and picks it up. Shortly after, Ventus grabs the hilt of the blade. The two fight over it. Cutest thing ever. I want Ventus to have the X-blade. I kick Vanitas away and Ventus holds up the blade triumphantly. Vanitas gets up, wrestles the X-blade from Ventus and attacks me instead. I stop the attack by catching the sharp end with my bare hand. Vanitas tries to wrestle the sword away from me but I am just in awe. Old man Xehanort gets up and finally wrestles the keyblade from Vanitas. I am like, who cares? We are in Kingdom Hearts. Other people transported wake up and we all start looking around. The scene transforms to something like inside of a mall. I know I saw a lot of vending machines. All I am worried about are, "Where can I find Oathkeeper and Oblivion."

    We race through the mall.

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