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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Kingdom of Heaven

      by , 08-21-2016 at 11:41 PM
      Because my brother decided to leave his radio on super-loud before leaving, my dream was influenced by this christian talk-show. I dreamed I saw a city in the sky which I thought was 'The Kingdom of God.' I also saw these sheep being slaughtered by these large, black monster looking things.

      I stood under the monster and it dropped and large axe on my left shoulder and through me to the side. I met this man who was babbling to me about consulting the FBI for direction on finding the place where Jesus died because it is a government cover-up or something bullshit like that. I saw blood trails.

      I also dreamed that I had my laptop in my bed I was trying to check Reddit for something important happening to day. I had trouble getting to the website and it is my own fault I was not skeptical enough of my reality. False awakening then?

      No lucidity.

      The bright side is that mindfulness meditation helps me fall asleep faster than normal and get these easy-to-remember dreams. Either way, I feel like I am on the right path to master lucid dreaming. The trade-off is that my non-lucid dreams are more 'adventurous' than my lucid-dreams which have mostly been featured in my own house.

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    2. Mission Accomplished!

      by , 07-24-2016 at 04:16 PM
      Do you know of a such thing called a lucid nightmare? I am having a dream where I am lost on my first day to high school. I am running around town asking if people know a place called....well I can't tell people the name because in the dream I had a terrible time remembering what the school name was. All I knew that it was a private school for smart children.

      Anyway, after many mishaps in the dream-scape I find myself sitting in a classroom of the wrong school. I look at this girl named Naomi and we both realize that have made a huge mistake. We leave the classroom and ask this man to take us to front desk and he does. I know something is going terribly wrong because as we are walking through the hallway I am getting this strong SILENT HILL vibe from the lighting.

      We make it to the front desk and after some conversation with the secretary, she gives Naomi and I a paper to sign. I throw it down on the ground because I don't want to sign anything, I just want to find out where the super-secret private school is! Gosh I know I am ranting now but I JUST WOKE UP from all this.

      The lady takes out peanuts and starts throwing it and Naomi and I. I throw some back and this is where the SILENT HILL vibe really took off. At this point, I knew I was dreaming because I realized that I am a 22 year old man who already graduated high school, got a bachelor's degree and is a working a full time job. So why the hell I am worried about trying to get to school again?

      The woman started vomit violently all over the place; her eyes started to turn red and she was screaming like a banshee. The entire office area was getting dark and crazy and I knew it was time to get out of there even though I was lucid. I wasn't confident enough to fight some crazy monster in my dream yet.

      I ran away....the dream ended.

      But it was a false awakening. I was in my kitchen walking toward the stove but everything wasn't feeling alright so I did a nose-pinch reality check and determined that I was still dreaming. I went out my side-kitchen-door and climbed over the fence found myself on the street in front of my house.

      I was fully lucid at this time and I wanted to accomplish something that I had set out to do the night before.

      I jogged down my neighborhood street as fast as I could while STAYING TO PRESENT TO THE MOMENT TO ANCHOR MYSELF. I got the end of the street and made a left to get to the park entrance by my home! I continued down the park path until I came across some branches that were getting the way. I used my lucid-powers to move the branches and keep pushing on and on till I could get to the center of the park field.

      Once I got to the center of the field, it was morning time there. I looked up into the sky and screamed because this signaled the turning point in my lucid dream ability. I had done exactly what I had planned to do the night before so the possibilities are limitless.

      I woke up of course from the screaming.

      This was all achieved using SSILD during a morning WBTB/nap.
      So I was still pretty tired and in the REM cycle.

      Forgive me for any grammatical errors. The excitement/drowsiness is the reason!
    3. Eureka Perhaps?

      by , 07-05-2016 at 03:20 PM
      Following my previous blog entry, I formulated a guess about how my lucid dreams have been induced all this time, strangely enough. This morning I had another lucid dream with a unique twist.

      It was a another DILD following a WBTB wherein I recognized I was dreaming but as usual, didn’t hold the dream for more than 10-20 seconds. I woke up shortly afterwards with my eyelids still lit up with vivid hypnagogic imagery such as a playing cards twisting and spinning and even the word “RSAtouble” was seen. I believe I was reading the word as “Roundtable” - just poorly misspelled.

      I wasted no time in trying to gain entry into the dream world again and tried to do the FILD method while waiting for the opportune time to move my limbs again, do a reality check, and explore the dream world. I was certain I was dreaming but I was still in my place of rest so I got up, did a nose-pinch reality check but could not breathe so I lied back down and tried once again to get back into the dream scene using the FILD technique.

      The thing is, in retrospect, that reality check should have failed because that entire FILD sequence was a dream, I now realize. But because I thought I was fully I awake, I expected the reality check to succeed and thus it did.

      Expectations are huge in the dream world. I am not talking about these forced expectations that are induced via mantras. I am talking about expectations as natural as you expecting a light to come on when you flip a switch or when you turn a doorknob. They are not consciously thought about, you just passive anticipate the usual result after countless repetition. A routine essentially. Anyway, back on track.

      It wasn’t till after I had woken up one last time to get ready for work that I realized what had happened, I had some inception-style lucid dream.

      I noticed a pattern in when my lucid dreams have occurred:

      1. I sleep for 4-6 hours then wake up for 45-60 minutes.

      2. I go back to sleep with awareness of the time and the intention to awaken at a later time. Why? Because it would be absolutely dreadful to be late for work trying to lucid dream.

      3. I expect to have a lucid dream but I don’t try to force anything. My priority is to get as much sleep as possible within the 2 hour time frame I’m allowed.

      If the second item is the reason for my lucid dreams, then I may be on the cusp of mastering the induction of lucid dreams. After that, it is only a matter of training stability and control.