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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Fickle

      by , 11-16-2020 at 06:37 PM
      Lucid dreaming can be fickle, y'know. All I do is a WBTB, I just focus on going back to sleep because I had work to get up for. I wasn't even trying to lucid dream. Some time passes and I sort of "load" into the dream like a game or turning up the brightness on a monitor. I mean one moment, I am visualizing myself looking into the mirror, I get the feeling that I can focus on it more, then the dream fully loads around me. I am not going to wonder what technique that was.

      BUT the BIG BIG thing here for the first time in a loooong time - maybe ever, I stabilized the dream past 30 seconds. What I did this time around was focus on the details on the back of my hands. The feeling of walking on the ground. The feeling of the clothes on my body. Sounds. Anything. I tried very hardest not to do any thinking inside the dream. I went searching around for a dream guide. I knock on a door. No answer. I knock on a window and I guess a woman who was the mother told me they were at school. So I spend the rest of the dream wandering around my neighborhood for about 10 minutes.
      memorable , lucid
    2. College

      by , 01-04-2020 at 07:21 PM
      I had a dream where I was in college again wandering around in search of the arcade. I saw a Guitar Hero machine but I really wanted the boxing machine. I had a premonition about a mass shooting on my college campus. I started panicking. I knew I had to inform people and get them to safety but who would believe the premonition of some college kid? I sheepishly start yelling at people whilst running for the nearest safety exit.

      My priority is to get home. However, once I am outside the building, I am surrounded by more buildings; no streets that lead to where my car is. I run along side the building in frantic search of maybe a security guard who can call the police.

      It is too late though, the gun shots start and screams reverberate throughout the building. I think that maybe I took a wrong exit and wgo back inside the building and duck behind cover. Maybe I need to go THROUGH the building just to find the proper exit. Dream-time passes and now it is night time. I am stuck inside the building with other students who aren't shot to death yet. We are huddled in one of the arcade rooms on the lookout. There are no police or SWAT teams, it is only us on the lookout for the mass shooters - yes plural - who are still at large looking to hunt down and kill each and every one of us.

      All of us are scared. Then things got freaky as dreams usually do.

      The shooters find us and we all make a break for another area to set up a sort of fort. I notice that I, and others, have superpowers. The shooters also set up a little fort at the opposite end of the hallway between us. I peek around a corner and see who is hunting us:

      The Avengers. Yes, Marvel Comics' The Avengers are the mass shooters. Specifically, I see Captain America as he is portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Black Widow as she is played by Scarlett Johansson.

      The survivors and I make up a plan that we need to act fast because along with them having Captain America and Black Widow on their team, they have a young boy who is apparently a world class sniper a la Floyd Lawton from the DC comic-verse. One of us peeks into the hallway and instantly gets murdered by the sniper.

      But guess what, I too have a sniper in my hands and also the power of invisibility. I figure this is the part where the dream more or less starts to become lucid. So, I turn invisible and go out into the hallway with my sniper. Gunfire erupts in front and behind me as a distraction. I put the sniper scope to my face and aim for Captain America's head. I shoot him. He falls over.

      I see Black Widow too in my sights and shoot her as well. Unfortunately, much to my horror, the rest of the assailants have bum rushed our fort and start slaughtering everyone up close and personal. There is this one man with a katana in his hand which I catch and throw away

      A fatter man who is among the survivors chastises me for making a stupid and bold move which gets everyone killed because The Avengers are way too strong. I notice I screwed up, drop my sniper and hold out my hands. As the man continues to yell at me I will that time would reverse. It does.

      Those slain rise from the dead; the blood pooling back into their bodies. The debris resets itself but I keep going, I keep turning back time until it is several days prior to the entire ordeal. I turn to a man beside me who is elated at what I just did. I noticed he doesn't have any powers. So I reach out so him and give him some of mine. His body is covered in a black skin and he gains the power of invisibility as well. He asks me who I am.

      I tell him I am Spawn.

      Some time passes in the dream and this time around we have Captain America inside of a glass prison he can not break out of.

      The dream ends.
    3. End Vibes. Lucid Later.

      by , 12-21-2019 at 01:30 PM
      I dreamed I was back in school. I had to be around 11 at this time. It was the end of the school-year; a school-year in which afterwards I might not see my friends again. I could feel it in the air and in my body. It was the mood of the entire dream. So I spent most of the dream thinking about saying goodbye to my friends one last time before they get on their bus or in their parent's car never to be seen again. I remember walking past empty lockers and trying to read the scribble on them. I remember standing in the hallway with some of my friends and embracing them. We talked about how it was the end and how we had finally made it. No more school afterwards.

      The dream fast-forwards to be waiting in one of the classrooms with other students in anticipation of The Final Bell of the day - of the year - to dismiss us. I leave the classroom before the bell rings and wait in the parking lot. I didn't want to get lost in the crowd of people in a hurry to go home and end up missing saying goodbye to my friends one last time. Suddenly, three police vehicles arrive at the school and men armed with assault rifles hurry out of them and towards the school entrance. There is a loud noise coming from inside. I run behind them until we are all standing at the entrance sealed tight by two large metal doors. I am lucid at this time because for some reason, I have my adult body back and I immediately gesture the police officers to step aside. I use my dream telekinesis to tear the doors open before they can send a hail a bullets through it. I dash inside to see what all the ruckus is about.

      There is a young boy also with telekinesis throwing a kind of tantrum and tearing up the entire interior. I use my powers to bring the flying debris to a stand-still and motion on-looking people to please hurry to where they were going. The boy and I have some brief conversation and I mention to him that he should sedated.

      The dreams ends.

      One thing I regret is that one of my friends in the dream told me their name. I don't remember what it was.
    4. A Note

      by , 06-07-2018 at 09:18 PM
      As I fell asleep during an afternoon nap, I said the mantra:

      "I can see [Dream Character]"

      ...with as much conviction as I could muster in my head while letting myself fall asleep. After I woke up, I felt it was a failure until I spent a little bit of time trying to recall my dreams. The truth of the matter is that I did see the dream character. She was tugging me by the hand as I pleaded that we needed to get out of where ever we were at the time. We both began to levitate since I warned her that he only way to escape was to fly over the fence surrounding the parameter.

      There was a third person trying to stop us from escaping. It was like this third person could sense our intentions. We managed to fly high enough and far away enough to get atop this overpass. My partner and I hugged each other; not only to celebrate, but to initiate a teleportation farther away.

      Nothing was lucid.

      Biggest takeaways are that:

      Affirmations should be in present tense - as if the goal is happening Here & Now; not in the indefinite future tense.

      This was during a nap 12:30 in the afternoon. I was sleep deprived. The later your are in your sleep cycle, the better.

      More experiments to come along.
    5. Mindfulness

      by , 09-07-2017 at 04:27 PM
      Had a lucid dream this morning via mindfulness meditation during a WBTB period. The WBTB was kind of long and..well more awake than usual. A protip to myself is that don't do meditation half-asleep hence the more active WBTB period. The transition into WILD felt weird. Sleep paralysis felt like some small gremlin jumped on my body. I started rocking like I was in a hammock to loosen my dream body. I swear these feel like what I would imagine OBE's to be. I did the same thing I did half-a-dozen times where I got out my bed and went outside.

      The dream was amazingly stable. I was able to walk down my street and get to the park nearby; mind you, I was rubbing my hands throughout the entire experience. My right wrist was hurting in the dream however which made me think I had fell asleep on it the wrong way. I continued rubbing my hands until I ran into a tree branch. WOKE ME UP!

      Had some non-lucid dreams after that.

      No Naomi, lol.

      Mindfulness Meditation during WBTB.
      lucid , memorable
    6. Time Travel Magic and Bombs.

      by , 09-04-2017 at 04:11 PM
      So I am with this girl in my car. Nothing sexual. Just sitting and talking. There is this inflatable mattress thing in the backseat which I know is a bomb. The bomb activates. I usher the girl quickly away from the car and into a nearby building. I am panicking because the bomb is going to blow up my car in a parking lot. Because of my ethnic background, I know in the dream that once that explosion happens and they inevitably identify me, I will be on the news as a terrorist.

      So my next instinct is look for another girl that I somehow knew in the dream world. Her name roughly sounds like the word "Heylmun". She is a black girl I actually knew from high school under a different name. I frantically plead with Heylmun and ask her if she still had/knew the time travel magic that "we used to save [can't remember her name] back then." She affirms she does. I am a bit relieved. My hope is go back in time and stop past-me from putting a bomb in the back of my car.

      Some time in the dream passes and I hear the car explode outside the building me and Heylmun are in. A crowd gathers near the windows to see flames and gasoline spewing everywhere and on other cars. The televisions in the building come on reporting on the incident in no time.

      I run back to Heylmun and ask her if she has any "hiding places" for me to lay low while she gets the Time Travel Magic ready. She says yes, but first she needs my phone number. I give it to her. She gets two numbers mixed up much to my frustration and I have to correct her.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Gothu Aye

      by , 08-29-2017 at 04:43 PM
      Title makes no sense but that is a term I heard in my dream. I can't remember if it was exactly lucid or not but it was pretty long. Long enough where I met Donald Trump and discussed why does he keep a bottle of "Kronen's Blood". From what I understood in the dream, 'Kroenen' is a powerful Russian politician. Before then, Donald Trump was giving out autographs to kids.

      As far as the "Gothu Aye" word I heard. It refers to a group of symbols that if used a certain way gave the user psychokinetic abilities. In my case, I had flight. I would hold my right hand out and the symbol - which was on my right middle finger - my entire hand would pull me in the air and around places. I think this is the part where I was lucid.

      Periodic interruption of sleep during the REM cycle gives very adventurous dreams. Every hour or so.
    8. Success but stuck.

      by , 03-31-2017 at 05:38 PM
      This through-the-eyes thing seems kind of legit. Because I live with a rambunctious 2-year-old, my WBTB ended up for being almost 2 hours long. That gave me only 1 hour to get sleep before I had to get up again and go to work. I did a meditation for 10 minutes. I noticed I was having a hard time falling asleep - a tad bit restless which meant I was going the technique too hard. I relaxed my eye-muscles just a tad bit but was still trying to look at a distant object through my eyelids. This left a slight pulling effect on my eyes. It's very subtle and something that has to be experienced by the practitioner to get right. You will feel sleep coming on. Just let the process roll.

      Got me a lucid dream. It was pretty long. I met Naomi again for like the dozenth time in this backyard. She had on some baggy jeans and a dark green flannel shirt. This time SHE GAVE ME A FIST BUMP and we had a conversation!!!. She actually said some god damn words and wasn't a weird mannequin. The gist of the conversation was about what we were going to do in the dream come the long term. One of my dream goals is to be taken on a tour of the dream world via a dream guide. This dream guide is supposed to be Naomi but I have much more work to do to make her more animate and solid.

      There was a part of the dream where I was stuck in this space between my bed and the wall. I don't know how I got there but I tried to levitate out. Then...I GOT STUCK THERE AGAIN. I levitated out of the spot...AND THEN SNAPPED BACK TO THE GAP. I don't remember much after that.
      memorable , lucid
    9. Full Circle

      by , 03-21-2017 at 04:11 PM
      So. MILD DOES work. It's just that it takes a tad bit more effort than I originally envisioned. I decided to try my hand at MILD again considering that the common denominator between this and meditation(my most successful technique) is concentration. Active concentration and not daydreaming which is what both MILD and meditation demand during a WBTB period. All I did was wake up 4-6 hours and use the restroom. Then I just lied back down, visualized and repeated the mantra: The next time that I am dreaming, I will find Naomi. The visualization was of me standing in front of Naomi outside of my house. Of course, other thoughts arose but I immediately brought my focus back to my mantra+visualization. Easier said than done.

      I met Naomi at least twice this morning. Her form was shapeshifting since I have ballpark idea of what she should look like and I am no master of visualization. Sometimes, she average-woman height. Another time she is basketball-player height. She said, "what's up?" and we shook hands. I don't remember much afterwards. My dream recall needs serious work. Heck I didn't even realize I had SEVERAL lucid dreams until I woke up this morning and thought about what happened.
      lucid , memorable
    10. Two lucid dreams in one day.

      by , 03-02-2017 at 05:04 PM
      Had two lucid dreams this morning. After today, I am taking my lucid dreaming technique to the next level. What I have changed over the last couple of weeks is that I am meditating 30 minutes before bed as outlined in Tipharot's video. I am also meditating for 30 minutes during my WBTB period in the early morning. However, I have been noticing the connection between the minds eye - the faculty used for visualization - and lucid dreaming in general. I was fortunate enough to wake up 2 hours earlier than I would have normally liked to for my WBTB session. I immediately went back to sleep. Whilst doing so, I Visualized that I was standing in my kitchen. The visualization pulled me in after about a minute and I began my lucid dream. Found the dream character, Naomi, and went on an adventure with her. I found her through sure expectation that she would be where I was going. In other words, when I am lucid, I am still visualizing.

      I woke up later at my normal time for the actual WBTB. I meditated for 20 minutes when lie back down. This time around, I visualized that I was standing my bedroom beside my bed. This was a bit tricky because it's hard to visualize yourself in another orientation when lying down to sleep. Can't just visualize sight, must visualize touch and body orientation. I had trouble falling asleep which meant I was trying too hard so I relaxed a little. When I felt relaxed enough so I could feel myself falling asleep, I went back to the visualization of me standing in my bedroom with my eyes opened. It was working because, I started feeling hypnagogia that was pulling me in to the dream world. The feeling of being immersed into the visualization is a sure sign that it is working.

      I knew I was in a dream when I could feel my dream body get out of bed yet still sort of feel my real body. Therefore, I was moving my legs around with my eyes closed trying to feel my way out of my bed room. Once again, Visualization is key. Eventually, the visuals will come together once you expect them.
    11. Finally, damn it!

      by , 11-25-2016 at 05:28 PM
      Achieved a lucid dream via SSILD and an internal mantra of "I will have a lucid dream". Ended finding the dream character I was looking for in the description that I imagined/expected and hugged her tight. Didn't have the joy of completion that I would have liked but better than another failure.

      After that, I don't remember what else that happened in the dream. On a side note, finding things to do in a dream is a bit difficult because there are so many things to do yet I only get one delicate opportunity every 24 hours to try and achieve that goal.
    12. WILD Dream (Explicit)

      by , 08-19-2016 at 04:07 PM
      I am trying out the WILD method I am confident that my WBTB skills are on point.I relax, I get all the way up to Hypnagogic Imagery but then lose consciousness. However, the dreams are really vivid.

      Long story short, I dreamed I was in my bedroom with a flamethrower. I was expecting that a monster was supposed to come after me and I was supposed to kill it. A fun note about the flame thrower though is that it was a can of his athlete's foot spray that I have in my closet; it just shot out flames though. I felt confident in that moment.

      But something was wrong; I heard a struggle in the hallway outside my bedroom door. I turned around and saw a large, dark man in a suit which I immediately knew this was the guy. I felt like a nightmare was imminent because something was off about this guy.

      He comes into my bedroom and flame him until his clothes burn off and his skin is midnight pitch-black.

      But it doesn't work.

      The flames stop.

      He tackles me and to be brief, he sexually assaults me. It wasn't some comical event like a lot of men like to joke about. It was slow and disgusting; it felt real, and I was powerless. At this point, the dream was lucid because as the man was pinning me down to the ground on my stomach, I kept trying to control dream to kill him in some form or fashion - to summon monsters on my side or whatever. But it would not happen. He just kept licking and biting my bare left shoulder as I was struggling as hard as I could to prevent him from penetrating me.

      Eventually, he got off me and began to walk out the room. He was lighter-skinned and dressed in a tuxedo. I chased after him, punched him in the face and backed off. The dream began to collapse and the man smiled in my direction.

      memorable , lucid , nightmare
    13. SSILD is Before Anything Else

      by , 08-15-2016 at 03:16 PM
      Had two LDs this morning. All from the SSILD variation which I shall explain below plus a realization.

      The lucid dreams were standard; I was in my neighborhood. The first lucid dream had me exiting a vehicle in my driveway and trying to go down my block. The second was me actually walking down my block during the evening time and into a house.

      I spoke to a woman behind a glass window like I was in a office or something. I remember now, I was searching for a woman named 'Jazmyne Adams' and the office was a car directory or something. I wanted the secretary to do a reverse search on the name and find out information such as the where she lived, what car she drove, etc. She gave me something to sign and that was all that I remember.

      I am always on the hunt for dream characters.

      There was also another standard dream of me at school, at the end of the year. It is kind of ironic because right now it is the end of summer vacation - more or less - here in my part of Texas. School starts a week from today; on the day of my birthday. Anyway, I was in the principal's office collecting a trophy from an award ceremony that I missed.

      Updated 08-15-2016 at 09:59 PM by 28341

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    14. N A O M I and the Critical Reality Check

      by , 08-09-2016 at 03:12 PM
      Just woke up after having what I can tell you were two lucid dreams. To be brief:

      1. SSILD is king. Hands down.

      2. Setting a strong intention to do something in the dream world helps. For example, last night my intention was to find Naomi, this asian girl from a previous dream journal entry on this site titled, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". After I became lucid, I immediately when outside of my house and set a strong expectation to find this girl in this house I was about to enter across the street from mind.

      I found her sitting on her living room under a blanket couch next to a middle-aged Asian man who I assume was her father according to my expectations. I shouted her name and I hugged her tightly because I was so overjoyed that my dream character summoning worked. She hugged me back. I asked her a very important question about a previous dream:

      Naomi, how did you survive the monster attack from before?

      I forget her response though

      3. The Critical Reality Check has something to do with the way my body feels in a dream; particularly my entire lower body starting at the feet. I notice this 'weirdness' and it instantly lets me know that a dream is happening. Every last one of my recent lucid dreams has happened this way. The weirdness can be best described as some kind of static or numbness feeling in the ballpark of how the feet feel when they are 'asleep'.

      In summary,

      lucid , memorable
    15. Dream Characters Messing With Me.

      by , 07-30-2016 at 04:06 PM
      I think I like to keep my entries short and sweet.

      Anyway, I had several vivid dreams this morning and a lucid dream about work. The lucid dream about work featured me doing things that would normally get anyone fired in the United States but I knew I was lucid dreaming so it was okay.

      However, the dream-versions of the people who I work with started getting angry in a way which - for a moment - I thought was a bit too realistic and for an instance made me think that I was not dreaming and in fact...about to get myself fired from my job.

      After about five seconds, the dream characters began to say...

      "He knows...."

      He knows what?

      They were saying to one another that I knew that the entire scenario was a dream but they were pretending like it wasn't one so scare me. After having another confirmation that it was a dream, I carried on acting out the lucid dream.

      So far, I have had like...three lucid dreams in a week? My goal is to have a lucid dream every single day.

      If I can achieve that, I think it is safe to say at that point I am a natural lucid dreamer and thus I will share techniques with this board and Reddit.
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