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    Journal #86

    12/25/19: More YA/teen madness, it seems...

    by , 12-25-2019 at 04:04 PM (180 Views)
    12/24: Apparently, this dream was a continuation of the events from the dream I had 11 days earlier on the 13th. I believe I was ordered to -- like the characters in the YA fiction writing project I've been working on for the past seven (2012) years, and the revision for the past four (2015) -- take the girl with the turquoise hair with magenta streaks in it to a so-called "meet-up", which can only take place in a public place such as a convention center.

    However, here, the dream skips several scenes, and like one I had a couple of months before, I find myself in what appears to be a parking lot -- minus the girl with the emo/scene-like turquoise and magenta-dyed hair. There, I find a lot of teenagers socializing with each other until I stumble across a small group of people, both girls -- one with brown eyes and blonde hair; the other with blue eyes and brown hair. I try to get the name of the latter, but that turns into something even sillier.

    "I'll give you a few clues to who I am." The girl with the blue eyes and brown hair responds to me -- though now I don't remember the rest of what she said. Then a few scenes later at a park picnic table, I have the papers the girl from the December 13th dream was looking for, trying to figure out the identity of the character. A few scenes later after a bus ride, I catch up to the girl that I saw outside the convention center in a room that looks like mine in the apartment I currently live in, but the dream ends at 4 A.M. after we exchanged words.

    I believe she was a mix between someone I knew since my days at Underwood Elementary (August 1995-June 1997, except I'm 11 days older than she is) and YouTube user 540merlin's teenage (at the time when I watched some of his videos in the 2011-12 year) daughter, Amanda -- and come to think of it, I'm starting to think the character is either the half-sister of the character introduced in the dream I had on December 13th or even could be Cassie from a dream I had three years ago on March 29th. I also believe that she could also bear a striking resemblance to either the Deschanel sisters (Emily and Zooey) or Reese Witherspoon -- when she dyed her hair brown in 2004. I'm also certain the character may have also been in an all-girl rock band, too, as she wore a short blue tank-top. Not sure if the character's personality is similar to or a mix between Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams like the December 13th dream character, though.

    Once again, as I've said in previous entries, I don't mind getting dreams that remind me of scenes from TV shows and movies or possible scenes to put in my writing projects. I am also still trying to nurture my inner child after yet another rough week. I even tried to recreate the dream character in one of the video games I got as a Christmas present this year (Need for Speed: Heat, PS4 version), right before my indecisive mind had other plans and just HAD to turn it into a creative writing exercise.

    With that, I have to wrap this up as I have a big day today -- and it's Christmas. WM86/DFW signing off.

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