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    Journal #86

    Young-adult fiction dream characters (How did this get under the radar?!)

    by , 11-04-2014 at 12:27 AM (357 Views)
    11-03-2014: It's been a while since I last posted here. Yes, I have had some strange dreams over the past three years, but either they went too fast or I haven't had the time or bad days have caught up to me...repeatedly.

    However, the one last night was pretty memorable. I was able to also match the description of the dream character as well. She had brown hair and brown eyes, a petit build, wearing a beige bubble jacket, dark blue jeans with black high top Chucks (Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, for those who don't get the popular term) with either aqua green or sky blue shoelaces.

    She also looked around 14 or 15-17 years of age, and politely asked me and another character on a bus as she walked by, "Is anybody sitting here?" I didn't get to see what happened next, as I woke up around 6:30~40-ish. I believe she appeared in one other dream I had a couple of months ago, stemming from a strange YouTube video I saw detailing the uploader's views on reactions if YouTube user davemadson was terminated, and one of which had a screaming little girl that likely came from an episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour that aired on Discovery Family (formerly The Hub). (On a sad note, he DID have to close down his channel on April 7, 2014 because of his busy personal life AND Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows XP that day--and I didn't even subscribe to him.)

    However, it was likely the girl from last night's dream but with the same clothes clinging to me, holding on to my left arm like she's scared of somebody. And yes, she still had the same (either) medium or dark brown hair and brown eyes. Again, I didn't know what happened next like the dream last night, as I woke up early.

    One of my life goals is to write a YA story, or young-adult novel. And as I'm writing this entry, I'm considering making her the main character. As I listen to a lot of music, I am also considering what kind of playlist she might have (personally, I would like it to be '90s mixed with today) as well. I am also in my 19th year writing (got my first computer/word processor in 1994, didn't start writing until 1995). In regards to the dream character, I haven't given her a name yet. I am also considering creating teenage boy characters where James Lafferty and Miko Hughes are inspirations/ideas (this is starting to become a trademark habit of mine) as well that serve as an interest to her. However, I'm not sure whether to base the story in California or North Carolina yet.

    I have found out in recent years that writing a story that takes place in North Carolina is a lot harder than writing one that takes place in California. This has been going on since late-2003 when I took a creative writing class in my senior year of high school. And I also learned that writing a young-adult novel is a tall order and I've got my work cut out for me. So that means I'd better get going and not let life distractions get in the way of achieving said goal. Until next time...WM86

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