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    Semi sick and twisted

    1st lucid

    by , 06-12-2012 at 11:51 AM (285 Views)
    My first lucid was very interesting as many first lucids r. I was trying to hit a bowl without anyone noticing in a classroom then I Seen my garage door opener and pressed the button the wall were the chalk board opened I grabbed my book bag and walked out I seen my girlfriend and her friend get out grocerys in one hand baby in the other. I followed her up the stairs and she set the baby face down on the ground. I picked my son up and carried him over to the chair and sat down. Apon realizing how big and heavy he was I said out load our son hasn't been born yet! I looked at my hand and I had 6 fingers! I awoke almost instantly! More lucids to come ill keep posting them!

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