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    Semi sick and twisted

    I've found through dreaming that I'm a little more twisted than I though hopefully through lucidity I can help myself become more peacefull calm and collective! Injoy

    1. AFTERNOON NAP "no breaks"

      by , 09-07-2013 at 06:59 PM (Semi sick and twisted)
      i was outside with my girl and as she was chatting up with friend I started to wander around our property and take notice to the tree. I seen in one tree there was a hanging flower pot I thought that was a good idea but as I "zoomed out a bit" I realized that the tree was half man made structure out of wood to hold even more flower pots. I wanted to tell my girl about this new find but when I started noticing were I was at it was not on my property at all, "this must b my neighbors" I thought but my home was no were around me. I started to walk very confused as to how this happened. I was now in my girls car driving b there was no breaks and a red light coming up quick i turned so not to go through the intersection I ran into a bounce blow up thing in the middle of the road..... I thought to myself this has to be a dream but I will do a RC when I get this car under control..... Then another thought why get this car under control when I know its a dream I'm laying hear sleeping with my boy on my chest. I get to excited and go to the void. I lay there still with my heart racing I calm myself and focus on the first thing that comes to mind it was a computer screen sideways I zoomed in ...... Not caring to much for this and wanting to tell xanous about my lucid I wake myself out of it and start texting :-)