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    Semi sick and twisted

    Killed my friend

    by , 06-12-2012 at 12:36 PM (462 Views)
    We hitchhiked to a hotel far away in the middle of no were. I had a steak knife and my friend was laying on his back he said "kill me" so my first stab I tryed for his heart but cought his rib and he winced the second stab it went through and he made no sound. I thought it worked but he shouted now u have to kill me this hurts! He rolled onto his stomach and I Tryed for the heart again from the back when I looked it was a mess it looked as if someone opened a can of beef veg. Soup the next cut seen it was me and my girl as if I killed her I asked her to write a suCide note she said she was not worried about it and that I should leave lol. I told her that I was not hitchhiking again I'll wait till morning.

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    1. Mindraker's Avatar
      Lol, hilarious. Love it. Sort of twisted gf you have there, too.
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Lol thanks for reading!
    3. Caenis's Avatar
      Woah, that's some interesting dream. Gotta say, beef vegetable corpse sounds pretty tasty. How kind of your friend and girlfriend to not mind dying.
      Wurlman likes this.