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    Semi sick and twisted

    Stab himself in the face

    by , 06-13-2012 at 02:11 AM (391 Views)
    I was walking down a road and as I turned down a street to my left I was nearly cut off my a couple of motorcycles I got a little to close to them and my hand grazed the back of the last rider. They pulled into there home and as I walked by they removed there helmets and started shouting "why u grabbin at me fagit I'll beat ur ass" I started to run thinking my motorcycle was just around the corner. As they chased me I came apon a scooter I knew was mine but I turned to face the men becouse I dident want to try and get away on a stupid scooter after being called a fag lol. So I turned to them and prepared for a fight one had a pitch fork knife and the other a knife that had a few bends in it. The next cut seen one of the men was on the ground and I watched him literally pull the knife back and then thrust it very hard into his face I was appalled by this visual and turned to his friend we just glanced at each other and looked back at the man. He then said "I did this for u" in my mind he stabbed himself to make it looked like I did it!!!! Wtf

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