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    Semi sick and twisted


    by , 06-13-2012 at 12:18 PM (549 Views)
    Me and three friends I work with on a crew were packing our clothes into bags and totes I was trying to hurry because we all knew the zombies were coming. My friends dident seem fazed by anything they were taking there sweet time even after hearing the howling zombie dogs in the distance. Once it was loaded I sat in the passage seat and we headed to we're my family was staying. Not were I normally reside it was were I grew up in lp. As we left I started pointing out the grewsome seanary. There was a rabbit with its head blown off and it's brain residuals splattered acrossed the tree. Dead cats with there heads smashed in. I said to my friend now do u belief me? No response came from him. When we pulled into my home town he pointed up at a rat on a power line holding a gun lol and then there was a cat on the ground. For some reason my feet were now dangling out of the vehicle and this fat orange cat kept trying to bite my feet hissing and making loud noises. On its therd jump I kicked it in its face and realized I was dreaming but being scared I woke myself up out of this dream. Next time I'll try and relax but it was to late I was fully aware.

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    1. CaptainCrounche's Avatar
      Animal zombie apocalypse, that's so cool!!