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    1. My first lucid dream

      by , 09-16-2011 at 05:59 PM
      I just had a lucid dream about an hour ago. And it was from RCing with my watch. I woke up at 5:00 or 5:30 and remembered just 2 dreams, did not try very hard. They could have been the same.. Anyways, went to the bathroom and wrote them down. The did MILD as I was falling back asleep:
      I said to myself that I will have a lucid dream and I will remember it and I will be aware in my dream and know its a dream over and over and over
      Then thought of one of my dreams that I just woke up from and looked for the dream signs in it. And if I thought of any other scene I would think "this is a dream" and slowing go back to just telling myself I will have a lucid dream.
      It took awhile, but finally fell back asleep. I'm hoping that this all might help out another newbie searching around on the forums. In the dream I saw my brother and thought "I see him in my dreams a lot, maybe I could RC everytime I see him". So I RCed and the seconds were messed up, I thought "no way". Everything was so real, I saw the sunlight on my arm and watch, and then I looked back at my watch and saw all the numbers were messed up. During the day, whenever I RC I try to truly and honestly consider whether I am dreaming and kinda imagine my watch messing up. Which I think really helped. Anyways, I thought "Now Isaac(my name), cool it, don't get too excited" and remembered to stabilize the dream its good to spin and go to a new scene. So I started spinning and closed my eyes and thought of my bathroom. Then I thought if I open them I might wake up in my bed, and I was not sure what to do, and kept spinning, then I smacked my hands on the counter in the bathroom just before opening my eyes and found myself in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, did not see my reflection, did not want to try for fear of waking up and I saw the window was more square as apposed to rectangular in real life. I opened the door and looked out in to the hall way and thought of how real it looked. I walked out and into the dining room and thought "I gotta try flying and get outside!". So I went out the door, ignoring that it opened in the opposite direction its suppose to. I tried flying and thought "well wow this is dull and boring and not near as fun as I thought it would be" then I noticed I was still on the ground. So I ran around to the front yard and heard a radio and thought I was starting to wake up. Then my dad was walking towards me and I had a false awakening and thought I had slept walked to the front yard. As my dad was talking to me, I saw a black dot above a mound of hay or something and and wondered if it was a kittin, it was and it meowed and walked to me and it looked and sounded real. Another one and Miles(one of the older cats) came. Then I woke up for real.

      Well hope I helped someone and thanks again guys for your replies. And I agree with Arch that WILD is not a good idea for, I think, newbies like me. Every time I tried, it did not work and I tried so many times.

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