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    1. First lucid is first

      by , 08-29-2012 at 07:11 PM
      We all know that most first LDs are short, probably not that very short of mine. Anyway this is my very first Lucid Dream..

      So I was on the bed and so lazy to wake up, after some time I was dreaming about my brother and me fighting aggressively on my bed also. So maybe he was making me wake up and probably it was a False Awaking.. However I hadn't much time for Reality Checks because of the fast paced fighting, but in a very small part of a second I put my hands on my nose, once I inhaled I was shocked!! Almost all of my brother punches was penetrating me as is I'm a ghost. I realized of course that it's a dream so I ignored my brother and I got off the bed running towards the door of the apartment. Sadly I didn't even reach my room's door...

      Everything vanished and woke up, but that feeling was already a great accomplishment
      lucid , false awakening