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    by , 12-08-2021 at 02:21 PM (592 Views)
    #553 - DILD - 11:30PM

    Another relatively early lucid. I'm not proud of this one. I was with some woman talking about something I can't remember. I had the thought that I could probably have sex with her but I thought I'll only try it if this is a dream. I don't want to actually cheat on my wife (maybe this is just as bad) plus there are other consequences to it. I do a nose plug and blow through clean. I wasn't all that surprised. I continue to talk but as I do I put an arm around her and get really close. She responds with, "Oh baby." and throws a leg over me.

    I'll spare the reader the details but it was a very vivid and realistic experience with some oddities that only happen in dreams. I decide I need to stop for...reasons.

    There is a whole non lucid segment where my wife walks in with the obvious drama attached. Guilty conscious I guess.
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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      is this woman, who is not your wife, is she like your wife?
      and by that, is she physically the same as your wife, or is she a different woman, known or unknown to you?
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    2. Xanous's Avatar
      is this woman, who is not your wife, is she like your wife?
      and by that, is she physically the same as your wife, or is she a different woman, known or unknown to you?

      Different yet familiar. Not sure who it was supposed to represent in this dream. She kind of reminded me of a mixture of women I know and have known.
    3. Sivason's Avatar
      I have decide that nothing you feel or explore in your dream is cheating. At first my wife thought it was but she would rather me have wandering eyes with a DC or some Astral woman then have me wandering in waking life.
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    4. aussiemusician's Avatar
      did your wife read the dream before you posted it here?

      also, i want to preface this response, to say that i'm certainly no psychologist, nor am i a counsellor.
      in the post, you mention that you probably could have had sex with the woman.
      not wanting to create an issue, but intimacy with your wife, what is that like for you?
      you don't have to answer that question.
      maybe ponder it for yourself.
      do you like reading?
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    5. Xanous's Avatar
      @Sivason: I think I agree. I am not too worried about it. I know I would never do such a thing in waking life but I also know she would not appreciate dreams like this. Most of the time, even in lucid dreams, I tend to act on instinct even if a part of me knows I should not. You can't always help what you dream about. 90% of the time it is her I dream about in this way anyway.

      @aussiemusician: I'm not going to get that personal here lol. Also, I want to like reading but I don't seem to make time for it. I have books that I am trying to get started on. I am trying to spend less time online ect. books are better than infinitely scrolling through social media. Why do you ask? Do you have some suggestive reading material?
    6. aussiemusician's Avatar
      pfft, i don't expect you to share about your marriage, here.
      as for reading material, have you heard of John Eldredge?
      two of his books, wild at heart, and captivating.
      without giving away too many clues, there is a chapter in both books, about intimacy, between a husband and his wife.
      obviously you have a wife, however, i think the books, unless you have indeed already read them, will benefit you.
      otherwise, i can't think of any further comments to add to this thread.

      also, you're welcome to PM me, though certainly not obligated to do so.
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