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    1. Bouncy. Test failed.

      by , 02-14-2024 at 12:29 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Thought I was going to a McDonald's that was in some old trailor house. Floor was really bouncy in spots. One spot is so bouncy I did a flip and crash on the floor. Some rough looking redneck possibly a homeless meth-head started making fun of me. I tried to explain about the floor but he doesn'tseem to get it. I look around at who else saw me and realize there is no McDonald's and that I never go to McDonald's anyway. I realize I just walked into some party and they didnt they are so wasted the dont know that I dont belong there and mostly ignore me. I feel the urgent need to leave. The ground is bouncy outside too and this triggers lucidity. I immediately forget about whatever I was going to do next and stop to just randomly explore the area. I see a fridge and I decide to open it. Looks like cans of some wierd brand of stuff. I cant read it but for some reason I think its exactly the same stuff as my fridge in waking life (its not). I laugh about this. I wonder around some more very aimlessly for a good while. My memory is foggy here. I realize there is a very attractive young woman following me around. Still fits the redneck or country look but very pretty. She has a shirt tied up to show her belly. Short cut offs and boots. I pause. Shes says, "Well what else can we do?" I try to think but have nothing to say. She rewords her question, "I dont want leave. You wanna to DO something else?" She gesture towards her body. I say, Oh yeah, I want to do something." I grab her and kiss her. She very seductively whispers what I said in my ear. While making out the dream fades to black. I have a false awakening and instantly feel like I failed some sort of test. I admonish myself for giving in to lust in a dream. I feel ashamed. I tell myself next time I will just ingore this type of dream character. My mouth feels dry and full of sand. Somehow I think I bit into something like a graphite mold in the dream and it transferred into waking life. I find it only slightly odd and very annoyingly possible. I think I should rinse my mouth out but first I try to record the dream on my phone. This doesn't go well and I wake up. I haven't been sleeping well at all and I am too tired to record this until I wake up later.
      lucid , dream fragment
    2. Trippy Mutil FAs

      by , 02-19-2019 at 03:13 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      I don't quite recall this perfectly nor am I sure what triggered lucidity but I'll try to put the pieces together.

      I think how it started is with me noticing something about a FA making me wonder if I was dreaming. I do my fave RC, the nose plug, and announce that I am dreaming. Something about saying that and it being true filled me with that old feeling of amazement and wonder. Every time I say this throughout the rest of the dream I am filled with the same feeling.

      I don't do much because I keep falling back into FA but somehow I keep catching on to it. I don't know how many time I work up to realize it was a dream but I feel like it happened a lot. Maybe that's a false feeling but it seems true.

      I remember that at some point I watch a dream materialize from darkness. I rub my hands together and examine them for stability. I look around at several people staring at me. It looks like I am in a classroom. I tell them all that I am dream. All of this is a dream. You are in a dream. Some look at me with blank expressions some of them look at me like I am crazy. I tell them I will prove it by putting my finger through my hand. It almost works but doesn't quite get there. I try to think of it as reaching through empty space. I doesn't quite work to my satisfaction. I tell them maybe this is a bad example.

      I recall another time of trying to phase through a glass or mirror.

      At one point I clap my hands for stability and am momentarily fooled by an FA. I realize I have been moaning (perhaps not I don't know. I have recorded myself on my sleep app moaning so who knows lol). I think I must have woke my wife. She tells me I was clapping and talking in my sleep. Then I think nope this is typical FA stuff. I never act out my dreams. I relax and see a kaleidoscope of psychedelic geometry and color. I enjoy this for as long as it lasts. I don't know how long. Maybe I lost lucidity for a moment. Maybe not.

      I now I am walking someplace. I explore my surroundings. I don't quite recall what it was. I continue to tell people I am dreaming but they don't respond. I don't really care. There was more but I forget.

      I finally wake up for real ( I think) and I feel uncomfortable so I roll to my side. I am confinement I'll renter the dream state lucidly but unfortunately I don't recall anything after that.
    3. The Wine Bottle

      by , 02-10-2014 at 12:46 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Well I don't feel I should add the near WILD and DILD to my count Screw it. A lucid is a lucid. Even if I'm not happy with my LDs, I had an CRAZY wonderful morning of dreaming.

      Prebed: moderate amount of beer
      WBTB: Galantamine 8mg, Choline 400mg, Alpha GPC - 200mg

      4:37AM - My Assassination

      I am a woman in a red dress and I feel as if I am beautiful and sexy. I need to leave my house but there are people trying to kill me. I have a team of body guards around my house with guns. It's time to leave but we know there is a sniper someplace in the hills. My house is open with lots of glass but there is an exterior wall that I'm going to use as cover. When I go out I catch a glimpse of the sniper. He sees me and I duck behind the wall. A bullet chips off some of the top brick. I run for it from the end of the wall to a tree and bushes. I hear gun fire and dive for cover. Somehow I take a bullet to my lower back on the left side. The pain is horrible! (This is the worst dream pain I have ever felt. Or at least I perceived it that way.) I lie face down in agony and rage. I repeatedly shout, "KILL THE SON OF A BITCH!" As I lie there with my eyes closed, I think, This is how I die. And I accept that. There are some more random thoughts and images as I wake up.

      5:52AM - WILD - Vibes

      I wake from a dream I do not recall. A failed WILD attempt. I go back into WILD mode and get vibrations. I spend a lot of time floating and turning with strong vibrations but I can't seem to do much with it. I become bored and annoyed so I try something different. I wait in the void and relax my mind focusing on meditative awareness. Soon the vibes stop and I wake up. I try to WILD again but fail.

      The Metallic Werewolf War

      A non lucid dream forms. My wife and put my son in something like his high chair. I look up and we are in some class room. There is a young woman arguing with some monstrous, metallic, transformer looking, werewolf about the war between there kind. The woman keeps pointing out the atrocities committed against her people and the werewolf keeps countering with, "But it was WAR."

      I think about the war and the dream changes. I am in some post apocalyptic area. The buildings are rubble and the sky is black with smoke. I see the woman, who I now realize looks like Maggie from Walking Dead. Glenn is next to her, but his left hand is a cannon made from nano-tech. He is shooting fiery energy at the enemy. I look at who he is shooting at and see that we are on top of what looks like a cobblestone version of a huge dam or fortress wall. There is a horde of the shiny black metallic werewolf creatures battling their way towards us. I wake up.

      6:51AM - #277 - DILD - The Wine Bottle

      I am getting gas. Someone pulls up in a flatbed pickup with various sticks and stones for sale. My wife wants to buy some for crafts but I tell her no. I tell her just go outside and look for your own for free.

      I turn and now I am in a Wal-Mart. I see a bottle of wine on the shelf. The lettering is crystal clear but makes no sense. "ISOP?" Somehow this triggers lucidity. I am glad for it and I turn away trying to remember a goal. The dream that was so vivid and clear is now getting dark and blurry. I fight against it and begin rubbing my hands. I look down an isle but its just a blur of color now. I focus on my hands but its not use. I fall on my face into the void. I try to stay calm and focus on awareness. I tell myself that no matter what happens I will stay aware. I am falling and turning slighty. I wait.

      Then I am fooled by a false awakening. I try recalling the dream in the dream (or was I wake?) but fall back to sleep.

      Vampire Sisters

      Now I am refinishing the hardwood floors of my house. I am nearly done and some vampire woman walk in on my wet floors. I am annoyed but they are fighting. Another vampire woman comes in and tells them to stop. She says something like, "We are not fighting each other, but our greatest enemy." Then she looks alarmed pointing at one of the vampires sisters. "What clearance did you give her?!"

      I have a vision of a slice of supreme pizza on the floor. It some how represented the vampire sister in question. There are alien looking arthropod beings long tongues or labrum like a mosquito. They put their labrum into the pizza. I get the feeling like they are some how infecting her mind or possessing her. I wake up.

      8:25AM Tidal Wave

      I am at a rocky beach with my wife wading into the ocean. I keep reaching into the rocks and pulling out oysters. I easily pry them open and eat them raw. The third one is ridiculously huge and the texture is like the cheese on a pizza. The taste is like canned oysters. I try to get my wife to eat one but she is grossed out and scared of what might be in the water. (She would) I think about that and say I am only scared of sharks. My wife screams and I look. There is a huge tidal wave coming in at a slow motion. The effect makes it see even bigger. We run a fast as we can as the water comes rushing in behind us. Water is at our feet as we get into a random car. I am trying to start it as the water takes us and the car away. I wake up.


      Horrible acne

      I am tilling the garden

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    4. Sexual Tendencies

      by , 11-10-2012 at 10:58 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      Bedtime 10:30PM-9:00AM
      3 8% Beers, 200MG B6 WBTB+400MG B6 Alarm 3:30AM WILD

      Alright time to get back on track with the DJ. I have not had much mental focus waking or sleeping. I have been blowing through every WBTB alarm only to get get up later just to pee or take some B6 and then I pass out completely. I did manage to sleep later this morning and I have a few half dreams during a WILD attempt but I lost focus before it became a full dream. Also I know I lost many more dreams. I was just too lazy to record them. What a Shame.

      Whore House 4:42AM

      I am in a whore house buying whores. I buy one for $25 just short term. I get tired of waiting for the first one so I buy another for $125 for a longer time. The transactions are like buying things in Skyrim. All menu based.

      I know both women are beautiful blondes but I want a closer look at the second. I focus my eyes and her face gets shifty. Then she looks like an old hag from Skyrim. I make a comment and say, "Take that shit off." She discards her skin like a mask and is beautiful again.

      I end up outside for something. I am waiting again. It looks like the outside of Trade-X. I see J from work with some dude. They walk by and I get embarrassed. I get into my car. I think I will just tell him that I am here for the gambling. I find some blue raffle tickets and hold them in my hand.

      Now I am back in the building. The second woman I paid for is waiting with the first. I dismiss the first because I paid more for the second. Now she looks like an old crack addict. I get disgusted and say, "I'll take the first one who is a pretty blonde. I don't suppose you would give me my money back?"
      She smiles and I see her rotten teeth. "Nope sure won't"

      I find the other in a loft. She is in bed. There is some random dude sleeping a few feet away but I ignore him. I lay down with the woman. I am shocked to realize she is a virgin.

      The "Buffen" 7:12AM semi-lucid

      This was a long dream and I have a strong feeling that I was lucid at the beginning but lost is at some point and fell non-lucid. Or course I can really remember much but emotions and brief images so I won't be counting this one.

      I am doing something down the street in my neighborhood. I see a woman sit down on a park bench. She is in awe and amazement. I recognize her clothes and face. She is wearing a grey skin tight jump suit with a black leather belt and boots. Her face looks a lot like the lady from Price Cutter.

      I sit down next to her. I say, "I know all about you. It weird isn't it?
      "How do you know?" She looks even more puzzled.
      "Well, I am not a Grimm and I am not a Wessen but you are a Buffen." Now I get a flood of "memory". I remember (like the book Altered Carbon) people have a memory stack in the base of their skull and memories and personality can be downloaded to a new body at anytime. People who do that and are put into a body other than their own are called Buffen. (only in this dream) I tell her about all this and how I was once in her body. Then I remember being naked and playing with myself while I was a woman. Then I get horny and we make out very heavily. For some reason I can feel some sort of lip piercings and her teeth are bumping my teeth. It feels odd but I don't care.

      It almost turns to sex when every stops. I am in my recliner on the laptop. I see a webpage. I can see the words but I am reading it in my mind.
      "The no sex clause in dreams"
      I "remember" that my wife made me agree to this and anytime I start to dream this it automatically stops me. (semi-lucid)

      Then I am back to kissing the woman. The her piercings split and press my lips. The sensation is too odd to describe. I hear a sound like a robotic purr. Something like I heard in my Matrix or similar movie.

      The world around me collapses and my awareness shifts to my physical body in bed.


      The lucid feeling and me trying to focus really hard on seeing something but can't do it.

      Half Dream - Mute dream guide

      I am in strong HI/HH and I see a woman who is clearly from India. I try to do active things to keep in the hypno-state. She keeps staring at me intensely. I try to ignore her but can't. I look at her closely. She is very dark for an Middle-Eastern. She has a red dot on her forehead. She is wearing a pale purple wrap around blouse with blue jeans. Her hair is jet black and sleek. It is long and brushed to the side. It is a very clear and stable image. I can see all the details in her face. The only odd this is her eyes. They are black but there are no "whites". The whites are flesh color. I ask her in my mind, "What do you want?" She gestures to my left. She will not or cannot talk. I try to ignore her but she is persistent. I see her change into a some type of blutbad wessen in the corner of my eye. It catches my attention and when I look she is normal.
      "Are you trying to tell me something?"
      She gestures again. Pointing
      "You want me to follow you?"
      She throws her hands up in a way that makes me think. "Finally you get it, moron!"
      I follow her on a street in a big city. There are no other people. I watch her closely the entire time. She changes constantly. She stays a female but she turns into many different woman. All races, skin types, and hair color. A few times I get attracted to her and try to have sex with her. Every time she is patient and pushes me away.

      At some point during our walk. I ask her if she was my dream guide. She nods "yes" and I can sort of see and exasperated expression on her face but she still doesn't speak. I feel like she thinks I am so stupid. The whole time I am following behind her and I can only see her from a back angle but up close. I continue to study her as she morphs and changes.

      Then I lose focus and my body gets uncomfortable. I forget to ignore that and I roll over and lose it. I was so close.

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    5. low recall, shit dough, tornadoes, DV

      by , 08-31-2012 at 02:58 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Its been kind of rough sleeping in the hospital so my recall is low. Hopefully tonight we can go home.

      Fragment about eating chocolate chip cookie dough but the chocolate was poop

      Fragment driving down the HWY and there are tornadoes in all directions. I see on is breaking apart in the middle and reforming. I think sonic boom. It keeps doing it and I hear a dull boom noise.

      Fragment about posting some dream on the competition thread and then realizing the competition is over. I feel stupid and get ready to edit the post.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 7 dreams recalled. *LUCID* at #6

      by , 08-05-2012 at 04:39 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Bedtime 10:30p – 8:30a

      1) 1:45a Playing some sudoku like board game with Jess and Megan at our house. I walk into the living room and there are red Christmas lights everywhere. I continue the game on my phone like it was words with friends or something. I also think to play my old supervisor.

      I move to recliner and begin attempting WILD. After each NLD I quickly record what I remember on my phone app and resume WILD.

      2) 3:29a find myself in SP. I try something a little different to enter the dream. I force myself in a rush to get up out of the recliner. I feel my dream body stumble and fall and then I re-enter SP. This time I relax too much. I have a false awakening.

      I have the laptop on my chest and the recliner feels like it is reclining way too far back. I am still trying to WILD. I ear the alarm clock distantly in the bedroom. I wonder how it is 6:00 already. I expect my wife to come looking for me and sure enough I hear her walk in the living room. I just lie still because I really don't want to ruin my WILD. I figure she will just see me asleep and leave. But the computer is on my chest and on. I think she will see a post by RareCola and read it.

      Then, I hear her say. “You're going to kill yourself with that.”
      I give up my charade. “What?” I look at her as she is going back to the bedroom.
      “I said your going to kill yourself.”

      I get up because originally I had planned to get up with her at 6 and stay up for 30min and then WILD.
      I notice the recliner is turned wrong but when I go to move it there is another recliner in its place but it is a darker brown. The other recline shrinks and slides next the the strange one. I then walk into a strange kitchen. I wake up.

      Another SP episode from DEILD. This time I know that I just need to visualize a dream scene and I will enter. For some reason I get too excite and SP fades.

      3)4:38a I plant some sort of seed in the crack in the back deck. They are round and small but I don't know what it is. I water is. The water hose floods the area. Then I have another FA. I look next to me and see Janna sitting on the couch. She has marijuana seeds. She tells me she gave a seed to some kids and is worried they will get in trouble. I tell her they probably won't plant it. I go to use my phone app to record the planting dream and I realize “This isn't real”

      I wake up briefly

      4)I am now watching Johnny Bravo through my window on a TV in my neighbors yard. Then I FA and I am back in my recliner. I feel like I am holding a remote. But wake for real and see I am not.

      5)4:42a I am in the recliner. I see Travis and tell him about the fake picture I sent him. He say, “Dude I don't know how those pictures of me get posted.” I explain to him that it was just a look alike with a tramp stamp. He changes the subject.

      6)5:28a *LUCID*

      For whatever reason I am driving with my wife and another guy was with us sitting in the back but he never says anything. We go down towards my job. It is late in the morning and I decide to just take vacation. I pull into the parking lot. And I tell my wife maybe I should just call it in instead of going in to ask for vacation. Then I notice the time on the car's clock. It is 8:38AM and I realize I can't ask for vacation after 8. So I decide just to use the call in line and not have a vacation day.

      Suddenly we are inside in an office. My wife is at a desk typing on a computer. The guy is sitting several feet behind her watching the computer screen. He is behaving like a silent observer. Ignore him completely. I am on the floor putting my shoes on. As I am getting the last shoe on I remember to pay attention to my awareness like I do in RL. I think to myself, “I am dreaming.” But I didn't mean anything. Then it dawns on me. “I AM dreaming!”

      I don't have my shoe on but I know it doesn't matter. I look around. I remember to stay calm. I try to focus on various office supplies on the desk. I see things like a coffee mug with pens and pencils in it. Then I look my my wife and see the guy in peripheral vision. I never really look at the guy. Maybe he will be my dream guide. Too bad I forgot to think of that. Anyway I know neither one matters and talking to them at this point would be a waste. They are just DCs.

      I stand up and turn around. I see a door that is partially open. It is the only way out of the small room. I briefly remember that if I ever become lucid at work I would have fun with it and do the things I couldn't do in RL. I rush for the door and expect to see the production floor.

      I open it and instead... The room I was in is at the end of a long hallway full of doors. Each door goes to a different office. "OK fine. Stay calm. Focus. You are dreaming. Keep awareness." I walk down the hallway and pop into random offices. The walls are wood paneled and with no decor. The doors are those cheap hollow wood doors. They are unpainted and stained a very dark brown. I don't notice the flooring. The color scheme is very bland and boring. All the offices are empty. There are no people anywere. "Ok strange but not that strange for a dream." I hear a phone ring once. I walk into an office room that I thought it came from. I see a desk with computer and a phone that is off the hook. There are a few papers scattered on the desk. I pick the phone up and put it to my ear. I hear nothing so I press zero. I hear a short ring and then, a young woman's voice answers, “Student services.” I think it's odd so I don't say anything. I press the hook with my finger to hang up. I don't hear a dial tone. So I just lay the phone back where it was. I can hear her voice but distantly, “Hello?” The sound of it is as you would expect for a phone away from your ear. I am a little impressed with my subconscious at how vivid the dream is.

      I continue down the hall. Now I am looking at double glass doors. It looks really dark outside and I can't see anything beyond the glass. I want to break glass so I rush at it. I can hear my footsteps like I am wearing boots on concrete and I actually feel the impact of my feet on the floor. I note this is really cool for a dream.

      I dive head first for the glass but it is soft and doesn't break. I feel my head got stuck. It feels like a wall of Jello. Of course, the natural reaction is to close your eyes. I feel the dream fading. I don't want to lose it so I back out. I re-stabilize myself by looking at the glass doors and focusing. “OK fine. I just want to leave here its boring.” I slowly push the doors with my right hand. There is no sensation and its like the glass is gone but then the door opens and I am looking at the next set of doors. I feel a little frustrated that glass doors are keeping me in this building. I almost feel trapped but I am determined. "Maybe dreams are like being a ghost in the movie Betelgeuse. You can never leave the building. No that's a stupid thought. This is my dream." I push the next doors slowly open.

      Then I am immediately engulfed in darkness. I feel myself wanting to wake up. I begin rubbing my hands together. I can feel the friction and heat. It is almost painful. So I stop and clasp my hands together. I am still in the dark void and I think, "Maybe I am awake and I was really doing that with my hands. No, I don't believe it." Then I realize that I in darkness because I just have my dream eyes closed. I slowly open them but cautious not to open my waking eyes. For a moment I am confused because my eyes felt so real. "Am I opening my waking eyes?" So. I only open then halfway. I see that I am at the driver side door of a Grey truck. I decide its safe and I open my eyes fully now. I notice It's not very clear or vivid. The dream quality not as good as it should be. except for my sense of touch. I touch the glass of the door. Solid and feels real. I slap at it a little and am surprised that it sounded normal and I could feel the impact on my hands.
      Then for some reason I am abruptly jolted awake. I think I heard a noise in the house. It was storming.

      7) 8:24a I am going with some people to a house I own. I am renovating and selling. I see a bunch of low class scummy people on the porch. I see a shirtless fat man. His checks hang down real low and he pushes his man boobs together. Somehow it all looks like a giant ball sack. I feel disgusted. I loudly tell someone I don't know how I will ever sale this house will all these kind of people around. I enter the house and the floors are still dusty from sanding the hardwood. There is a little girl there and I kindly ask her to go outside. I wake up.
    7. Randomness, Precious, Fragments

      by , 07-28-2012 at 09:21 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      I am at ex-wife's parents house. I was dropping the kids off. My older daughter was sleeping in a bed. I go outside and see a car speeding out of the driveway. I look my car over and see my trunk open and empty. All my stuff was stolen. I go tell someone. And come back but my stuff is there like it should be. I drive away but I have some blonde chick with me. I know that she is my wife's friend. I take her to GA church. I walk her inside and get playful with her by poking her in the ribs. It was all non flirty but more brother/sister teasing. I see a bunch of bible students there and I say something funny to one of them and walk off.

      I was thinking how boring the last dream was and I found myself looking at a strange scene. There was something about people going missing. Then I see a peach tree in a pot with a few peaches on it. It was like I was watching TV some said something I can remember now. Then the peach tree was on this old ladies head. There were threads of lightning branching out and I saw shrunken heads hanging from it. It was like peoples souls were captured and the old woman was gaining power from it. I saw a ghostly visage of here next victim. It looked like Tommy from Rugrats and next to it was his dad and next to him the Arab guy from the Quickie Mart on the Simpons. I was appalled that she would want to kill her own son???

      I was trying to WILD and I got all these fragments. I didn't put much effort into remembering them because they were not LD and I was specifically going for lucid.

      My blackberry bush had multiplied several times and was full of blackberries. I was shocked and happy.

      I see a pack of black wolves coming. I take two deer in my arms and tell my wife to get the dogs. We hid in a garage from a childhood house. There was remodeling going on in it.

      The hermit crabs came back to life and somehow survived being frozen.

      Something about my black cat being an ass.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Fragments

      by , 07-20-2012 at 02:26 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) some sort of quest. I am at work. I talk to Michelle and Joyce. Something about my daughters. I inspect a crimp termination.

      2) I am in a bathroom stall. The toilet over flows when I flush. Shit water to my waist. My wife tries to help but I send her out.

      # Why am I dreaming so much about shit and bad bathroom experiences? I vow to RC every time I go!
    9. Fragments Royal Magic

      by , 07-13-2012 at 12:36 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Just fragments. I was too tired to record or remember 3 other dreams. All I got is this one.

      Royal Magic
      I am royalty. I am looking to buy to mansion. I am with a realtor. Suddenly attacked. I can use magic. The spell I used was dark magic and my appearance turned dark.

      The attacker said, "You turn bad?"

      I reply, "Come see how bad I am!"

      I see a brief Skyrim menu were I can pick spells.
      The dream skips ahead. I am battered and bloody but I attacker lays dead at my feet.

      Another fragment... I heard a loud pitched whistling like in SP. I begin walking around and found that same celebrity from my programmer dream (Justin Long) holding a whistle. I suspect I sort of WILDd but didn't realize it.

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    10. Zombies In The Watermelon Patch

      by , 07-09-2012 at 03:48 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) Zombies In The Watermelon Patch
      I mostly got fragments and nonsense like HI. One thing I do remember is fighting zombies out of a Watermelon patch.

      It is important to note that this dream was intentional. I watched Shaun of the Dead and decided it would be cool to have a zombie dream. So I set my intent on dreaming about zombies. Now I need to apply that to becoming lucid.

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    11. Fragment, hot air balloon, hungry chickens and cats

      by , 06-17-2012 at 07:41 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1. "Her sales and her unibrow are nowhere near where they need to be." Had a feeling of watching TV. Was thinking of Jess and the coffee shop.

      *I woke up and drank cold coffee and went back to bed.

      2. I am in a hot air balloon. There is an old crazy looking man. He has long gray hair and looks like the actor that played Gandolf. His hair is wild and wind sept. It is very windy. We are very high up. I see gray mountains in the distance. Suddenly the wind blow the opposite direction. The old man becomes excited and says "There it is!" I have the feeling like we made it past a certain threshold and it would be easy from there.

      *I was trying to WILD and fell into non lucid sleep

      3. I am at my wifes grandparents house. They haven't lived there in a long time. I look inside but it turns into my mother-in-laws house. I see parts that is half torn down. I think we should rebuild this house and move in. I walk outside and notice the door was unlocked and I never used a key. I leave it unlocked. I see some chickens and they are so hungry they are like swarming me and begging for food. I think, "Oh crap no one has fed them all this time!" So I quickly find so feed and a feeder and fill it up and then I sprinkle some on the ground so they will have pleanty. I then go into a shed and find a paper bag. I has some more feed but it is like moist clumps. That when the 4 or 5 cats attack me and latch onto the bag and my arm. I am amused but I try to shake them off. They wont come off and one is latched to my forearm. It doesn't hurt but I am getting mad now. I step out of the shed and spin in a circle and fling the bag and cats into the air with all my might. The cats go spinning and flying far into the sky and out of sight. I laugh.
      non-lucid , dream fragment