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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Drive, Fight, Eat

    by , 03-12-2018 at 04:33 AM (175 Views)
    #520 - DILD? DEILD? - 1:25AM

    I have to keep this brief but this dream was super long detailed. I didn't leave myself time to type this up properly but I want to get it in before it fades. Please excuse the typos.

    I am driving in a familiar dream-scape that I seem to visit a lot. I wake briefly and find myself right back in the dream but fully lucid. I am still in the car so I try to drive but it's stuck in reverse. I feel a little panic but realizing its only a dream, I relax. There is a falling sensation as the car goes really haywire now. I am spinning out of control but the car finally straightens. I grab the wheel and pull up like its an airplane we I fly for a few moments. The distance is foggy and white like there is not enough computer power to render the horizon.

    The white envelopes me and I am walking now. The only thing I see is some strange stones so I tap out a beat on them with my shoes to try to ground myself. It works. My son is now with me. I decided to play with him and act silly like we go a lot. Running around and shouting nonsense.

    Then for some reason we start play boxing but it gets really physical. I end up punching as hard as I can. He distorts like hes made of rubber and flies away but instantly comes back for more. My younger daughter joins in and the same happens to her. I feel bad about this and want a real fight so I walk away and shout obscene things in order to conjure a real tough guy. Some reason short and fat Cindy from work appears . I go to punch her but she vanishes. I then see T but the same happens to her. I run away shouting again for a challenger but I see a bunch of junk food in the kitchen and binge. It all taste rotten so I stop. I open the fridge and start shouting pudding cup until I wake up.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Congratulations on the LD, my man!

      The shouting for a pudding cup at the end cracked me up. It reminded me of Stranger Things if you've seen that!

      btw I am sure that "short and fat Cindy" from work is thrilled with her nickname!
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld! And so early in the sleep cycle too!

      A pity junk food didn't taste well - it's not something you would expect .

      And yay Canis!!!
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    3. Xanous's Avatar
      Thanks! Good to hear from you both. Always miss talking to you two.

      CL I don't quite recall the pudding cup thing but I love that show so much. Also, cindy has a worse nickname that she doesn't know about ��
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