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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    The Elevator

    by , 02-28-2015 at 07:40 PM (337 Views)
    #417 - DILD - 8:30AM

    This lucid is hardy worth counting or posting a detailed account but I should make note of it. Perhaps I should start stabilizing as habit.

    I am leaving work. There is some confusion about the time of day and shift I am working. John is there with a colorful case of canned drinks. I thought maybe it was alcohol but he says it energy drinks. I get a strong need for an energy drink. I walk to a store and look but I don't think I ever buy anything. I area turns into walmart and I have a handful of lucky charms that I brought along with me in my pockets. I munch on it as I walk around. I see they have changed the layout of the store and the spot were we were living has been discovered and dismantled (WTF? ). I begin to worry that Walmart will think I am stealing the cereal I was eating so I wonder off in another direction. I hear some ominous page on the intercom and see a manager with a walkie on his belt stop, look up, then respond on the walkie. I worry it's about me so I decide to hide in a restroom. I see some blue sign and head there. There is a narrow hallway and the light flash and I hear some low siren sound. The hallway starts to constrict and I am barely able to squeeze my way out the way I came in. I turn to look at the doorway and see a sign that reads 'Offices'. Oops. I turn around and see the blue restroom sign again next to some elevator doors. I look closely and see the man and woman symbol and the number eight under it. I find this odd, but go for it. There are only two buttons marked '10' and '2'. I wonder if I am supposed to somehow do subtraction to get eight. I push the 10 first then the 2 and the doors open. I get and and feel the elevator quickly shoot and while the ceiling gets uncomfortably low. Low ceiling? Then I get vertigo and turn upside down. I see my reflection in the mirror. I am in just my underwear and a t-shirt. The shirt is falling to my face and I pull the shirt down to cover my skibs. I begin to feel really uncomfortable and panic as I feel my neck is being jammed in an awkward position from being thrown upside down. Then suddenly, I remember this is only a dream and fully relax though it take some effort. I recall that I was lucid earlier and wonder how I lost lucidity for so long. The elevator turns right side up and the doors open. I step out, but the dream glitches at this point. My vision is distorted and I find my stepping out as vibrating repetition like in a video game glitch (hard to describe). I try to focus and clear the dream up, but I feel at a lose as to how. After a few seconds I give up and relax.

    I have a super brief FA where I open my eyes and see a realistic version of this dude from Bleach leaning over the bed next to me and in my face.


    He's saying something rude about lucid dreaming and the elevator mishap. I quickly wake up.

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