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    Fragment, hot air balloon, hungry chickens and cats

    by , 06-17-2012 at 07:41 PM (656 Views)
    1. "Her sales and her unibrow are nowhere near where they need to be." Had a feeling of watching TV. Was thinking of Jess and the coffee shop.

    *I woke up and drank cold coffee and went back to bed.

    2. I am in a hot air balloon. There is an old crazy looking man. He has long gray hair and looks like the actor that played Gandolf. His hair is wild and wind sept. It is very windy. We are very high up. I see gray mountains in the distance. Suddenly the wind blow the opposite direction. The old man becomes excited and says "There it is!" I have the feeling like we made it past a certain threshold and it would be easy from there.

    *I was trying to WILD and fell into non lucid sleep

    3. I am at my wifes grandparents house. They haven't lived there in a long time. I look inside but it turns into my mother-in-laws house. I see parts that is half torn down. I think we should rebuild this house and move in. I walk outside and notice the door was unlocked and I never used a key. I leave it unlocked. I see some chickens and they are so hungry they are like swarming me and begging for food. I think, "Oh crap no one has fed them all this time!" So I quickly find so feed and a feeder and fill it up and then I sprinkle some on the ground so they will have pleanty. I then go into a shed and find a paper bag. I has some more feed but it is like moist clumps. That when the 4 or 5 cats attack me and latch onto the bag and my arm. I am amused but I try to shake them off. They wont come off and one is latched to my forearm. It doesn't hurt but I am getting mad now. I step out of the shed and spin in a circle and fling the bag and cats into the air with all my might. The cats go spinning and flying far into the sky and out of sight. I laugh.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. Caenis's Avatar
      Two dreams and a fragment. Not a bad start at all! That definitely is an above average recall, I hope your recall remains this consistent! Cat tossing sounds like a good sport, I should do that in one of my dreams.
    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Ha thanks. Still really frustrated at my recall. And yeah cat tossing was really satisfying. LOL. I think I was acting out some frustrations with my cats. Always so hungry all the time!
    3. Caenis's Avatar
      Haha, that makes sense. My sister owns ferrets, and she has a lot of ferret-related dreams. Usually she's trying to save tons of ferrets at a time. It's funny how pets incorporate themselves into their owners dreams too.

      I'm positive your recall will get better.

      "Don't believe in yourself. Believe in the me who believes in you!" - Gurren Lagaan, a silly anime. I believe in you, Xanous!
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