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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Joplin Assassins Creed

    by , 10-30-2012 at 01:13 AM (507 Views)

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    3MG Melatonin 300MG B6
    Was very sleepy only got 2 or 3 rounds of SSILD before I black out. I missed my WBTB and was too tired to care. I forgot a few dreams because when I tried to think back and remember I fell asleep before I recorded.

    Bedtime 10p - 5a

    I ate a heavy meal late in the evening. (Stuffed Bell Peppers) I am wanting to stop eating at 6. It seems that when I don't eat late I have better recall and more lucids. I'll continue to test this idea.

    Joplin Assassins Creed 3:02AM

    The Joplin tornado leaves the town in anarchy. Missouri succeed from the union. Unfortunately, and evil dictator takes over. The first part is vague but I remember stalking him from behind. I casually walk up behind him and put a hand over his mouth and quickly thrust a blade into his rib cage and back.

    I climb to the top of a tall building in down town Joplin. I look at the sky and remember the events that took place. (I think I am doing what I do during the day. Remember the past few hours)

    I see con trails from planes. Some are white and some are black (dream sign). I know the black ones are planes that belong to the US and the white ones are planes that belong to Missouri. I hope that we get a better leader now and we can be at peace.

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