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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Mini Golf

    by , 12-11-2018 at 03:37 AM (176 Views)
    #523 DILD 3:40AM


    I am playing mini golf with some Asian dudes. They are way better than me. The course is odd an confusing. I notice my ball have become misshapen and like Styrofoam. I look for a better ball but they are all the same. I look around for someone that works there to help. I see Amanda and Darleen from work. Darleen is wanting a new ball but hers was red and we all have matching colored hats for teams. She has red but now wants a green ball. We say you cant change your hat but I watch as her hat morphs from red to green. She turns away and her had turns red again. We say something about that and it turns green again. Amanda wonders whats going on. I am sort of lucid here but not quite. I know there is some secrete here. I tell her Darleen is doing it with her mind. Amanda gives me one of her famous Im-going-to-throat-punch-you looks. I have a deep belly laugh because she doesn't understand whats happening. I'm still stuck on getting a good golf ball. I see a door marked employees only and enter. I'm suddenly far more lucid now and sitting in front of a computer at my ex's parents computer room. I do the first thing I think of and punch the screen. It hurts and I am mildly amused by that. I intend to punch all the way in but I can't go past the broken glass into the white light beyond. I wave my hand over the screen and mend all of the damage. I am annoyed to be in this damned house again. I don't understand why my subC takes me here so often. What's the connection? I decided to go ahead and explore but once I exit the room, the dream melts into a black oozing void. I decide to let the dream go and wake myself up.

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