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    1. OBE Shadow Demon

      by , 10-12-2020 at 03:18 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #541- DEILD approx 2am

      I don't remember the first part but I have FA. There are double windows at the foot of the bed and wife is on wrong side. The windows are open and a cool breeze is blowing in. It feels nice and I am relaxed and content to just lay there.

      I "Fall back to sleep" I am in a room but it kind of dark. There is a white ceiling fan. I start to feel a little scared of the dark so I go to turn on the light. The pull chain feels like its not clicking the switch but it also feels like the chain is stretchy. Something clicks and there is only a small spot of light on the ceiling fan where the light kit should be but its missing. I pull another chain and the fan blades start but they warp and make odd sounds. I can feel the breeze from it and I feel like the blade will get me so I turn away.

      I have another FA back in the odd bedroom with double windows. This time the breeze is much stronger and the curtains are blowing out. I think this must be why I dreamed about the ceiling fan. I hear distant crack of thunder and see a flash of lighting then I hear the sound of gentle rain. I think its good we are getting rain since its been so dry. I consider closing the windows in case we get wet but the breeze and sound of the storm is so nice I decide to wait.

      I wake for real this time but I feel so still and relaxed that I go for DEILD. After a few seconds vibrations start. I consider sitting up but I feel unsure if I am totally in yet so I decide to roll. For some reason that feels like that safer bet. I feel the stretch and the familiar separation then softly hit the floor. As a type of RC I decide to jump and test gravity. I open my eyes and spring up with my feet hard. I raise up to the ceiling and gently float down. It's a cool effect so I do it one more time.

      Suddenly there are flashes of light and I see this strange demonic shadow thing on the wall. It flickers in and out of existence and moves rapidly back and forth. My throat closes up with fear and I gasp. I start to panic but I decide to try to calm this down a bit. I stand my ground in a defensive stance and say, "NO! No you stop it."
      Maybe my heart was racing too much or me saying stop it was taken as stop everything but, I am suddenly back in bed wide awake. I think to do a nose plug RC before making an entry on my phone DJ.
    2. Zombear

      by , 06-16-2017 at 04:41 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      There is a large brown bear that was sort of a pet but itís now becoming too aggressive. It wants in the house but I wont let it. I see itís face pressed against the kitchen window then pawing at the back door. Itís going to destroy my house so I decide itís time to get the hunting rifle. I load strange looking bullets into the gun. I note the bullets look awfully odd but assume it will work. I go out back and see the bear in out field. My kids appear and I tell them Alysha will just have to understand that I have no choice. I aim and the scope looks all weird but I fire anyway. Iím surprised the sound was so quiet. Looks like a miss so I try again. This time the gun fires 5 or 6 shoots at an incredible rate. The recoil throws my off balance. I look in the scope again and the bear is cut into a bloody mess.

      I noticed there were some wolves with the bear earlier so I figure I need to see why. I go around front and find a pelt of some animal under the front deck and decide that must be attracting them. I drag the pelt to the road and toss it across into the ditch. I am walking back to the house and spot the bloody bear in the back. I think I should dispose of the carcass as well. That's when I see it get up and start charging at me. I think werebear though its more of a zombie bear. It seems bigger now with massive tusk like teeth. It's charging fast on its hind legs. I am terrified looking for a way out. This is were I suddenly become lucid.

      I smile and tell the bear to bring it on while I stand there waiting. When it is close enough I punch it straight in the chest and send it flying high into the sky.

      I look down and see the bear charging at me again. It looks more humanoid this time and just as monstrous. I smile and stand my ground. Again I send it flying only to meet another. The next one looks more like a mass of blue plastic that mildly resembles the beast from before. I am still not worried. I put a shoulder down and charge back at it giving it a massive shoulder check sending the beast again high into the sky. I watch it get smaller and smaller. Then it stops, hovers and forms into a ball. I force push it to send it on a little more. There is something like streaks of blue magic like when a Jedi would use force push. I say, "Now your are a balloon." The beast ball calmly floats higher and higher until I can no longer see it. The beast does not return.

      I shout, "Whooo Hooo! Yeah! I love this!" I am happy about my victory but also very excited to be in a lucid dream. I start toward my house to find something else to do, but the dream feels finished and I wake up.

      I try to recall the dream but quickly find myself in FA. Canis Lucidus is doing dishes, scrubbing one of my pots. Some how the scrubbing action is tickling me and in the FA I wake up laughing because of this. This scene quickly fades and I wake for real.
    3. Coworker Embarrassment

      by , 02-22-2015 at 10:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #414 - 8:44AM - DILD

      WBTB 3:30AM 8mg Galantamine/400mg choline, 400mg DMAE
      This one didn't go so well, but I was lucky enough to pull off one LD late in the morning purely out of desperation.

      I am trying to enter my email login on my phone to see an important email from my mortgage broker. Nothing I type comes out right so I look for my laptop. I have an false awaking and become slightly lucid. I think how typical the previous dream was for electronics failure.
      Next I notice SW from work in bed with us. I know it's not real, but I am snuggled against him and I find it mildly humorous. I push him away and initiate sex with my wife by actively summoning and creating the sensation. Several odd thoughts race through my mind as we do it for a few moments.

      I am now in a classroom in a chair with a trash can between my feet.
      Spoiler for EXPLICIT:
      Shocked at my nakedness and sexual nature, I wonder how my dream would cause me to literally end up like this. I look up and see an and old woman that is an ex-coworker (dead) looking at me sort of curious as well as shocked. I quickly pull my shirt down to cover myself. I feel disoriented and confused. I wonder how I could have had such an obvious sex dream in public. I realize that I am in a room pf coworkers both past and present and if feel embarrassed and devastated that this is happening. I'll never live it down. My life is ruined. I pull my shorts up not really getting my underwear and they king bunch down low, but I don't care as long as I am covered. I feel so sleepy and I rub my face and sigh heavy trying to get my bearings. I still can't believe this has happened. I don't even know how I fell asleep. I try to ignore everyone around me as I deal with this trauma; I just want a way out. I begin to hope that by some miracle of divine magic that I am in a dream. Maybe... I do a nose plug out of desperation and am completely delighted and surprised to blow through. I giggle and the feeling of hopeless despair rolls off me dropping like a lead weight. Forgetting about any nakedness, I stand up and walk over to a group of people talking. I think how I am highly lucid as I playfully push V (fired IWL) over and say I relief, "This is all a dream." V falls out of sight and I smile at everyone feeling triumphant and gleeful. Before I can do much else, the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.

      I had another LD much earlier in the night but I cant recall much so I'm counting. Basically, I was running from some enemy when I became lucid and played with a gun. I wanted a shoot out so I blind summoned a rifle. I goes off against a glass but only scorching it. In some burned out building someones head peaked up outside a window. I fire off a shot, but the dream fades out.
    4. Hyenas

      by , 02-08-2015 at 09:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #407 - DILD? - 3:08AM (pre-WBTB)

      I am in some public restroom. My wife(?), son, and someone I know is sitting at a table in one corner. At the urinals I see some young girls peeing. I wonder how this is possible and suppose they are using a shewee. Then, I realize that is highly improbable and I continue this continues to boggle my mind. I point and say, "What the fuck!?"
      My son chimes in and replies, "...it's like a dick." I am even more surprised at my son's remark.

      I am getting into bed with my wife and tell her about what my son said. I make some remark about how weird it is that I watched little girls peeing. I assure I wasn't trying to be a creeper; they just went in front of me. My son won't stay in bed and is running around and keeps pull out stuff to play with. Something about a movie that came with a bullet. He wants to shoot it but I tell him it's late and I really need to sleep (I want to have my G night).

      I have a FA and I find myself in a house with three wild hyenas. I try to stay on top of counters and furniture but they jump up at me and scratch with cat claws. I notice that as the jump and scratch they seem to momentarily transform into Raccoon dogs. There is some pain, but it doesn't feel unbearable. I continue to try to avoid the hyenas, but they seem to be learning and adapting to my strategy. I have a high amount of fear as I fight them off with fists. At one point I watch one hyena on the ground as it seems to be studying me. Then I realize it's watching something behind me. I know I am about to get pounced from behind, but I can't make myself move.

      Something strange happens here. Maybe it's a dream transition or a very slight awakening, but everything collapses and I wonder why I didn't just fly away or phase out of a window in the dream. As I am thinking this is see a garage door open and I rush outside into the night. I worry that the hyenas got out too but I try not to think about it. I see a parked car and I jump on top of the roof. "Try to get me now, bitches!", I shout at things that were after me. I begin to wonder why I am having such a terrible nightmare. I usually don't get nightmares, but tend to enjoy a little fright. As I think this, the dream fades to darkness. At this, I regain lucidity and focus on vision to bring it back.

      I see a white boxy type of car parked in the driveway now. It has some sort of metallic purple window tinting and I find it interesting. I still feel a need to escape so I attempt to get inside. I notice there are no doors so I instinctively lift the small cabin up and off like a shoe box. I look inside the top but can't see out the purple windshield. I will this to happen and the purple dissolves to show a view at the ground. I lose interest in this this vehicle quickly as everything seems to be really crappy and fake now.

      I spot a better looking car next to me; a red sporty coupe. As I move to the car I worry about the hyenas again. I tell myself not to think about it and the fear subsides, but my actions are still rushed. For some reason both doors want to stay open and the worry increases. I look out and see a bear with a hyena looking at me from down the road. I quickly get the doors closed and start to back out. I stop when I hear a terrible sound. They white, boxy car is now a small red truck. It's lurching backward and quickly halting as the tires are locked up. For some reason, I feel the need to take care of this and hop out of the car to the truck. The hyena fear returns and this time I really force it out of my mind as I remind myself that I control this dream. The truck stopped doing whatever it was doing and I suddenly become really curious what the engine would look like. I lift up the hood and notice how clean, new and high tech it looks. I begin guessing at various components naming them off. I am particularly interested in what I think might be the nitrous oxide containment. I get bored with this after a moment and begin to try to recall my goal for the night. It's on the tip of my brain, but the more I think about it, the more I wake up. The dream fades and I see some guy say something about waking up then a sheet of ice forms over my vision. I hear a loud cracking sound as I wake up.
    5. 112 Creepy Fun House - OBE at first of sleep

      by , 12-31-2012 at 06:37 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Bedtime 9:40PM - 10:26PM
      No Aids
      SSILD / Meditation

      112 Creepy Fun House - OBE at first of sleep.

      I fell asleep earlier for about an hour in the recliner. We get to bed and I have a hard time going back to sleep. There were a few disturbances and I was up an down for a while. Finally I meditate to get relaxed. I end up doing SSILD a bit later.

      I find myself in SP. I have a hard time at first but I forcefully get out of bed. Though it's dark and I have a hard time seeing, the room is lit pretty close to real life and I noticed that I opened my eyes. If feels real but what I see is from the right perspective. I wonder if this feeling is always fake and I have been having blind OBEs for nothing.

      I open my bedroom door and I see (I get chills just typing this) that creepy ass ring girl from OpheliaBlue's dream. She is peaking around the corner at me from the kitchen. I pause. I am scared shittless but I have the courage to confront her. I say to her, "Oh no you don't. You just better stop it!" She seems afraid of me. She backs away and steps fully into the kitchen and out of my line of sight. Emboldened now and pissed, I say, I'm going to kick your ass. Get the fuck over here and I will kick your ass." I want to follow her but I am afraid I will be stuck in the dark with her and plus I really am a chicken at this point. I decide this is not the direction I want to go and I close the bed room door forcing the thought of the evil girl out of my mind.

      I think maybe I can use the mirror to teleport since I have one right here on the back of the door. Solid. I start to concentrate on the mirror being a hole in reality an not solid. I get distracted for a bit and see my reflection. I have a painful and strained expression on my face. I look closer and it distorts into a fun house mirror. Then it get dark and I can vaguely see that I look like a werewolf now. I am amused and shocked. That's why she was afraid?

      I relax and concentrate on falling into the mirror. It works. I feel myself go into a small opening. I feel like I am spinning with my arms and legs splayed like a starfish. When it stops I find myself in bed and SP again.

      I think I hear my son crying. I grumble. Then, I feel and hear my wife quickly getting up to go check on him. I wonder if it was real or not as I am still in SP. Not caring much at the time, I get out of bed with a struggle. I get curious if I can spy on my wife so I go through the bathroom into the other bedroom. As I step into the bathroom I recognize that I have never been in here during OBE time. I feel the cold tile on my feet. I continue to the other side but the room tilts now. I am struggling uphill to reach the door. I stretch my left arm out and to my surprise my arm stretches to reach the door. I close my eyes and get both hands on the door knob. I opens and I have to fly upwards to enter the room.

      I float over my son. I can see him sleeping in his crib. The lighting again is normal and I can see how the room is dimly lit with the night light. I wonder where my wife is.

      Then I feel a presence or something pass through my torso. The shock of it sends me back into my bed. I hit SP again. Now I remember the demon girl and wonder if it was her that sent me back. I feel worried about my son.

      I decide this dream just sucks and want to wake up. I think I can hear sirens of emergency vehicles outside. The sound gives me a sense of urgency and I really feel the need to wake up. I can't move. I say "Wake up." like some sort of command. I really thought it would work. Then I remember something I read about how to wake up from SP. I never thought I would want to use it but I do now. I hold my breath for a few seconds. The feeling is awful like suffocation. The suddenly, I watch and feel my awareness shift from the dream world to this one. The feeling is like no other. It's a different feeling from fighting to stay in the dream vs. fighting to exit the dream. I am still afraid and realize I am panting. I was very shocked when I realized how little time I just spent being asleep.

      I wanted to record this experience right away as I was now not at all sleepy and kind of excited that I had an early REM lucid. I was still very afraid and It honestly took me a while to muster the courage to open my bedroom door again. All I could think of was what if I really see this evil entity when I open my bedroom door. I know it sounds silly but this one was just freaking scary!

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    6. Lucids #92 and #93. From a Grocery Store to a Demon Wife.

      by , 11-02-2012 at 11:23 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      Bedtime 9:30P-5:00A
      400MG B6 SSILD at begining

      Love Story 2:40AM
      A green environmental hippie woman falls in love with a business man conservative. They almost part ways but they make up. She moves in with him to New York. It was a real chick flick.

      Toilet Parts Time?
      I am at the store looking at toilet parts. I see all sorts of strange looking pieces and I feel really confused about what I need to buy. My mom shows up and looks with me. I find a faucet that looks like a woodland scene for the base and deer antlers for the handles.

      WBTB 400MG B6 - Total time about 5 min

      #92 Grocery Store SSILD DILD

      There maybe be a beginning to this dream that I forgot.

      I find myself already lucid in a grocery store with a woman that is familiar to me. My wife? We are waiting for something. I watch people come and go with shopping carts. I get bored and yell, "THIS IS ALMOST AS REAL AS REAL LIFE!" Meaning real life can be so boring. My wife is a blonde and looks a little different but I think of her as my wife. Being lucidly bored and move in close to her and point to a back room door. While I push her in that direction I say, "How about you and me go back there and have a little fun? Don't worry no one will care because this is a dream."

      We are now in the back. I make out with her a little. There is a bath tub and I want to get in with her. Suddenly she resists and pulls away from me. I let her go. There is a strange scene were I was floating away and she is running after me. She looks like the blonde sheriff woman from Once Upon A Time TV show. (Strange. My wife is watching it as I type this)

      I think my lucidity must have slipped here a bit Suddenly, I am back at the bat tub. I point to it and ask, "Will you tell if I use this?"
      She says, "I haven't told anyone anything yet."

      I wake up.

      I get up and go pee then lay back down.

      #93 Work Scene SSILD to Active WILD

      I do a few rounds of SSILD but I toss and turn a lot now. I think the B6 is keeping me awake. I remember the last time I just forced myself to not move and I quickly had a WILD. So I did that again.I started getting really strong HI/HH and eventually turns into a very long dream.

      I find that I am able to manipulate the imagery much like in a lucid. I practice nose plug RCs. I even get the idea to try to get precognitive information (a side project of mine) but that will not form. I gradually find myself in a dream scene. It is a place similar to my job but different in a lot of ways. I find elements from when I worked at another place called F.A.G. (Yeah I know but that's the real name). The entire dream scene and imagery takes place in a massive room in with no walls.

      At one point I am with B at the mold shop. The mold machine has a strange cage on it and a conveyor belt. Something is stuck and I crawl in to get it. I realize this is more than HI/HH and I say, "I am dreaming." But at that point the dream fades and I feel my body in bed again and now it feels like HI/HH instead of the dream. At that point I feel a very faint SP vibration. I pause and relax and let it take me only dimly aware of what it was.

      There is darkness and then more imagery. I play around staying active and interacting with things. I don't realize that the SP was probably a good sign that I am already in the dream but things just don't see real and vivid enough anyway. My memory is vague here but I wonder around some and just mess around with things.

      Now I am sitting in front of some lockers putting shoes on. I see J and K from elementary school. They are older now. In real life I have not seen them since we were kids. J alway had a crush on K. They are sitting at a picnic style table. J is flirting with K as K talks on the phone with who I assume is her husband. I see J whisper in her ear and kiss her cheek. She brushes him playfully away. Then J hugs her from behind and grabs a boob. That was too much she gets up and leaves. I am lucid the whole time but was so amused by what I was seeing that I waited until now to take action. I notice how solid and real the dream is as I walk up to J. I say, "Hey, do you want to go to my house and eat lunch? Or did were you planning on not eating anything?"
      He looks at me, "Oh I wanted to eat."

      I smile at him and we walk. The giant room fades away and we are outside now. The outside area looks like my old elementary school. Our friendship feels as familiar as when we were kids. We walk up to my car and I see that it is smashed and dented so bad on the driver side that I think the car much be totaled and not drive-able. But I know this is just a dream and laugh. I get in away knowing that it doesn't matter what the car looks like.

      Suddenly I am driving down the familiar street and J is next to me. I come to a stop sign and never slow down. I think, "Why should I obey traffic laws in a dream?" This orange truck with a yellow and red flame jobs cuts me off. I try to steer the car into him at the last second but I am too late. He passes and I only side swipe him. If feel the dream fade. So I stop to rub my hands a bit until things feel more stable.

      Ah now I am going to have some fun! I make a right turn. The G forces of the turn feels realistic and I smile at this. I say to J, "Haha! AH LOOK OUT!" in a joking tone. In my mind I tell the dream that I want a straight open road. The street stretches out into a rural area. I punch the gas and get as much speed as the dream will let me. I keep focusing on the road. I am thinking, "I want a car to appear." Nothing comes. My vision get blurry for a bit. Then I remember to use expectation. I see a myself coming up to a top of a hill. Now I fully expect to see a car. As a top the hill. BAM there it is. I steer and hit the car head on. I tell J, "Oh no here it comes, ahhhhh." and I laugh. The car just flips out of the way and I feel no impact. Then my subC surprises me.

      The car goes over a cliff and he are doing a nose dive into a construction zone. We plung into a vat of black oil. Then we are falling down a shiny, sparkling, glowing blue water fall. I get the feeling of being in a mouthwash commercial and being immersed in cool minty flavor. As cheesy as that sounds it was actually beautiful and breathtaking. I let out a "oooohhhhh!" the dream fades into a black void and I an still falling.

      I wake up in my bed. I sit up and look around. I see my wife to my left and the room looks normal. I notice the low light and the dresser and the random stuff we still need to put away. Then, as usual, I think, "What was I dreaming? OH YEA! I could still be dreaming." I look around more closely. I see the bathroom door on the left when I know it should be on the right. "Wait a minute! I am dreaming!"

      At that moment my wife comes to life. She puts her hands up in a monster pose and screams like a banshee. The sound is not loud but high pitched. Then I see brilliantly colored rainbow crystalline spikes grow out from every part of her body. I am beyond scared as this was not expected at all. I pass out in my dream and I fall on top of her. I have no control.

      Now I am falling in the black void. Then I wake up. I am in the same situation that I was in my false awakening. I see the bathroom on the wrong side. I say, "Oh God no, I can't do that again." close my eyes and I throw myself backward. I get to skip the part where my wife was a screaming banshee.

      Now I am falling again in the darkness. I open my eyes and see the room again. I close them and now I feel myself spinning with my stomach being the center point. I can fee the centripetal force on my head, arms, and feet. I relax and enjoy the feeling.

      I begin to see that I am in another dream scene when something external and real wakes me up.

      It was my son making hungry noises and the time was almost 5am. Time to get up.