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    1. Lucid Moments

      by , 12-13-2016 at 04:32 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I don't want to add this to my count but its worth putting in my DJ. I woke up a lot this morning so I attempted to DEILD. I ended up having an In-dream-WILD attempt, but the dream version of my wife kept turning on lights and being noisy. At one point I do a nose plug but get fooled by a FA. We have two baby girls. One like a year or so old than the newborn. One I know is named Amelia and I chuckle that we have a cat by that name. The other I don't know and I feel horrible for not knowing my daughters name. I finally realize that this might be a dream, but for some reason I do another in-dream-WILD (escaping a nightmare?). I get some vibrations and spend some time in the void but my memory fades away here.
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    2. The Best Weed

      by , 03-30-2015 at 11:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Non Lucid - (Ultra Vivid)

      I am walking around with my wife in a building that has various tables set up with merchants selling cannabis. I stop at one that had some foreign word then "anti-anxiety". Well that sounds nice so I decide to buy some. I say something to the man that I think must be from Africa but he sounds Jamaican. I feel temporary confusion about what country I am in and whether this is all legal. I am looking at green foil packs of weed. Bemistaken walks up to my right looking at what all the man is selling. I give her a sidelong glance thinking she looks familiar. The man asks how much and I hand him a
      15 dollar bill with two 5's. At first he says I can have what looks like eight or nine packs then stops and says he's not allowed to sell so many. I end up with two packs but he still takes my 15 dollar bill and gives no change. I hesitate but shrug figuring I still got a good deal. We walk away and I feel really excited to smoke some legal weed.

      There's a part where I am driving and trying to roll a joint, then I am suddenly in my house. My wife takes a hit then passes it to me. As soon as I inhale I feel something like a mind explosion. BOOM! Then a second of darkness.

      I am now in another room in the house. I look around not sure what just happened and I feel super stoned. I think maybe that weed hit so hard that I have missing time. I seem to recall my wife getting mad at me about something, but I feel so high that I don't think I can talk to her about it. I thing maybe my high is wearing off a little and I consider rolling another joint.

      I am now standing in the bathroom with several zigzag papers spewing out of my mouth with the book in the sink. One or two feel stuck to my lips and I peel them off. I decide that maybe I am too stoned and have had enough. I am really shocked at the potency of the weed and wonder if I really did just take one hit. Now, I start hallucinating colors and streaks of patterns on the wall and decide I should go outside and look at nature. As I walk through the living room I pass a couple of large paintings that look super psychedelic. I enjoy what I am seeing, but I don't linger.

      Similar to these:

      I walk out on the porch and lay slouch down on some bench or porch swing looking at the sky. I hope to see something cool with the stars, but I see there are clouds in the night sky. The sky and the clouds alternate colors and I see some flash of light then it goes normal. Bemistaken comes out on the porch from inside and sits quietly in a chair. We have some sort of chit chat and then she asks if I saw the paintings. I say 'yes' and make some comment about how look it looked to me. Ask we are talking my attention turns to the large tree in my yard. I feel some sort of strange connection to in and then the colors of the tree turn into something like a photo negative then to x-ray. There seems to be some sort of skeletal system inside it and I feel the tree is sentient.

      I can't believe I am having all these fantastic hallucinations and I am reminded or how utterly stoned I am. The euphoria is so overwhelming that all I can do is sink lower into my seat and hide my face giggling until I wake up.

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    3. Daniel Tosh and Carrie Underwood

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:06 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I did a quick WBTB coffee and had a super vivid dream. Even though I didn't get lucid, it was still really fun.

      I am playing some sort of board game that requires you to enter various DOS commands in order to carry out certain actions on an old computer. I am play with an older group that includes my parent and others who are pretty computer illiterate. I decide to somehow convert everything to a Windows platform so that it will be easier for them. I get lost staring at an icon and the screen zooms in, pixelates, then whites out.

      I am ice skating someplace and I notice the ice is getting slushy and melting. Then Carrie Underwood comes along to give me some pointers, but Daniel Tosh replaced my skates with a child's version. Somehow it makes my legs to where I can't striaghten them out. I feel like my movement and skate abilities has been severely reduced. Carrie is trying to get started and I can't find my other skates so I just do the best I can do. The ice rink is now my living room and I see Tosh outside my window just as he places a webcam to the glass and sneaks away. I'm really annoyed, but I let it go for now. I skate around and feel like a child as Carrie lifts me up under my arms and helps me skate. It's embarrassing, but hey, I get to be up close and personal with her. I'm so girl celebrity crazy in my dreams lately. The ice starts melted and we begin skating on hardwood. It's not working too well so we decide to stop. My mother-in-law is standing to the side with arms crossed. She seems upset she didn't get her turn. I take the skates off and go outside to retrieve the webcam. I make a fist at the lens and act mad but I'm just joking. I'm actually a good sport about it and thank him for letting me be on the show. I'm sure it will be super funny whatever he does with it. As I come back in the house, I see the computer I was working on earlier on a cart on the porch. I feel like I am missing something (lucidity!), but I decide I'll think on it later. I see Carrie still waiting around so I go over to talk to her. I wake up.

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    4. Fridge

      by , 02-27-2015 at 04:40 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      4am coffee from 2 tbsp grounds with milk and sugar.

      #416 - WILD

      I wake at some point and try DEILD phase tech, but this time I was surprised by entering straight into it, skipping all the usual OBE stuff. I was only mildly lucid at first and thought that I was only seeing strong HI. I thought that I wasn't fully there and was trying to convince myself that I was dreaming, hoping that my dream time would catch up to my expectations. However, during the entire experience, I was already fully immersed in the dream and everything was extremely vivid. I even had the thought at some point that caffeine always makes my dreams more visually vivid.

      I am standing next to a refrigerator in a kitchen that looks like the Smith's house, but my coworker bro Brandon is there. I see the fridge is so vivid and I take a closer look to stabilize like I needed to. I note the eggshell texture on the door and the brownish fake wood handle. There is some chrome and I expect to see my distorted reflection. It's not there at first, but I do a double take and there I am. I feel like my eye are open extra wide and I can't believe how vivid the dream is
      . I look around for a moment and realize that I am in fact fully in the dream. Unfortunately, it's at this point that something external wakes me.

      I had another vivid dream about swimming in an ocean and a shark bit my knee where I had been having pain in waking life. Strangely, my knee feels a thousand times better today.
    5. On The Verge (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-24-2015 at 12:54 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)


      Long dream about there being an army outside a house. I see them point guns at me while crawling over a pile of spent ammo. I think how more come every time I attack and destroy a base. The back side is clear and I quest the logic of this. I comment to someone with me. I look out the front and everyone has cleared out. This makes no sense. I go outside. Someone is building a large bridge super fast. I move out of the way. I need them to hurry with the upgrade.

      This dream is from playing too much Star Wars Commander

      3:43Am (long dream abbreviated)

      Long epic dream about massive earthquakes and an apocalypse.
      At some point I am at a fast food restaurant. I take my son to the bathroom and there is something like dried blood or ketchup all over the floors. I feel it on my bare feet. Behind the counter and food prep area everything is really clean. I suppose that they are just now getting things bad to normal since everything fell apart. I dismiss the mess.

      There is a girl with a group of survivors. A half machine half human thing has been talking to her online. It coaxes her to the edge of the colony in the darkness. Father catches on and come to save her just in time. Cyborg needs to steal a mind to be complete. It almost has father but can't see the gun in his hand. Father shoots the cyborg thing last second.

      Son is posting to a community post warning everyone about the cyborg and not to trust any online interactions. He tells everyone to keep an eye on their children.

      Later the family is in a super market. A robot throws a cartons of eggs at the mother. She doesn't trust the machines anymore. I in the scene now and walk away. The intercom says something about the "Psychedelic isle". I repeat this phrase in shock and feel excited. I also think this can't happen but I suppose the in the future people are more open to such things. Dad and son are at check out and I walk up to them. The dream ends.

      WBTB Coffee (2Tbsp grounds) Sugar and milk.

      I wake and just know it has been an hour. I try DEILD and focus on body but lose concentration

      Strange toilet dream at work. Basil is in the next stall. Issue with messy wiping and trying to clean toilet. The stall door has slots that I can see through. I question reality but don't follow through.

      Try DIELD body focus even though I made DJ notes. SSILD feels like too much stimulation as caffeine has me feeling more wakeful.

      520AM (Super Vivid)

      My 2yo son goes out the back door allow. My wife and I chase after him. Its dark and he's pointing to the sky. He says, "Pretty." I look and see the Milkyway bright and clear. There is a large section that is a scarlet red nebula. I say, "You're right, son. That is pretty!" I look and point at the other parts of the Milkyway and wonder how there is so little light pollution in town. I remark about this to my wife. I go inside with wife and son and realize that I have my Galaxy Player in my hand. I should take a picture. I hold it up to the sky out the window and wonder how the low light image is showing on my screen. I step outside to get a better shot and now the sun is up on the wrong side. The amazing star display has vanished and I wonder how it got light so fast. I feel like I am missing something important but I wake up at this point.

      Caffeine has me too wakeful so I meditate a bit before getting up to start my day.
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    6. Star Wars Droid Smash

      by , 12-16-2014 at 03:28 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #389 - DILD - 11:39PM

      Bedtime: 9:30-10:00PM

      I was surprised by an early night lucid last night. I don't have much for the entry because I nearly forgot it. I did my best to recall upon awaking but I was so tired that I quickly fell back into a non lucid dream before I could make and entry.

      I should note that I was trying to get lucid prebed. I simply fell asleep being totally aware of all body sensations similar to an SSILD short cut.

      I find myself lucid talking with some woman. I am having a hard time understanding and retaining what she is saying but I feel like the information is important. I tell her that I can't understand her and the word appear in a font on a wall from something like and overhead projector. I start reading but my words sound like gibberish and I quickly realize the words are just random letters or something like a foreign language. I shout about how nothing is making any sense.

      I have an FA and tell Rex about a lucid dream that involved the three stooges. For some reason I have trouble pronouncing 'stooges'.

      I am in a field hiding behind a log having a bow and arrow shootout. I am loosing and shout at a woman to help. I call her by my wife's name. I know this is the wrong name but I just go with it. I look over the log and see a guy running up on my. I shoot him with an arrow but there is no tip and it looks bent a broken. I only hope the close range does some damage. As I release the arrow I shout, "Die mother fucker!"

      Since my LD was so weak, I decide to go ahead and do my WBTB. After a period abstinence the day before, I have 1/2 a bottle frappuccino (about 6-7oz.) at WBTB. I was really tired and didn't stay up longer than a few minutes of trying to rouse myself in the kitchen. I feel asleep once again focused on body sensations and repeating goals as a mantra. I didn't get lucid but I had some very vivid and cool dreams.


      I am extremely late for work at my parents old house. I try to put a lunch together. I look in the fridge but nothing looks good or right.

      4:03AM (Star Wars KOTOR style)

      I am walking through a starship with some battle companions. There are large orbital droids with blue force fields attacking us. I fight back with a red light saber and force push powers. The lightsaber hilt resembles a blue baseball bat handle. I find it looks odd but feels very nice in my hand and gives me great maneuverability. I make a lot fancy movements putting my weapon into a blur of red as I spin and slash through my enemies. My force push shows some light faint blue energy from my hands as the droids smash into walls and shatter. At one point I lose focus and miss a droid with my lightsaber. I think to throw my lightsaber but fear it wont return. The droid glides over my head and behind me. I try force pushing behind my back but it misses. I do a backwards thrust with my lightsaber and cut the droid in half without looking. At one point I assist my friend with a blue lightsaber by trusting my lightsaber to the hilt into a larger droid. I watch as the metal turns molten.

      I am now separated from my companions but I think I see the one with the blue lightsaber enter something like steel elevator doors. I follow and cautiously peer into a small corridor with gold shimmering beams of light along the walls. I can sense danger and I decide to pause. As I step back I see a new type of ominous looking droid materialize before me. I dodge a red streak of blaster fire as the doors close. I consider reentering to attack but my lightsaber is now acting crazy. There seems to be some red light poking out of the butt of the bat handle and the lightsaber and I am able to use my finger to push it back in. It doesn't hurt me and when I look back at the other end, I see that the beam of hot red death is now a harmless balloon. As I run away from battle I notice that I can hear air hissing into the balloon causing it to enlarge into an irregular shape. I try to hold back the air but the balloon continues to grow. I panic that I will be without a weapon and pat my side for a blaster. Then I remember that I can use the force and I drop the now useless lightsaber with new confidence.

      I come to the end of a metallic corridor and find a large air duct. I recall that this was the way I sneaked in but I sort of feel that I am just making this all up now. I find the space is much smaller than I thought and as I try to squeeze in, I become super claustrophobic. I look for another way out and see Darleen from work exiting the corridor through a side door. I follow after her and wake up.

      5:19AM (Snooze alarm)

      I am at work and see there isn't much to do. I ask Darleen what the deal was and she said there was a problem in Engineering. She tells me that when is all resolved she will be "dancing with joy."
      I jokingly ask, "Who is this Joy person?" Everyone laughs.

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    7. The Flying Submarine And Other Random Events

      by , 11-08-2014 at 07:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      OK so I'm not counting this but at least I'll celebrate this little lucid moment and enter all my dreams straight from my DJ notes for the night. I'm actually impressed with myself for recalling so many. 10


      Ith (Wow that was such a good dream it left me unable to type.)

      5:40AM (I recall several dreams)

      I am at work and talking to Brandon. For some reason I put hot solder on the wire coming out of the tip of my dick. Brandon puts hot solder on his beard and it wicks up all over so that he has a solid metal beard.

      My wife is in some open office that looks like a mesh of ancient Greece and something more modern. I think shes looking super sexy in her outfit. He has a gray business dress on but with colorful thigh high socks. I admire her as she is debating with some scum bag politicians. One of them looks a lot like Bruce Greenwood. I don't understand the issue but they are trying to bully her with some issue and she stands her ground without losing her cool. I admire her even more for that. After the men leave she tells me that she'll have to talk to my bitch sister about this and the conversation will be hard. I say well at least your not having to deal with my bitch ex-wife.

      Brandon asks me to join his band and play guitar tonight. I am not sure I remember how but I say I will. Then someone starts playing the keyboard and everyone sings a version of "Oklahoma". I don't know the words so I just stand there silent.

      I really have to pee but the bathroom looks very strange. There is a deformed toilet that might cause me to piss everywhere and next to is is a nearly full bucket. I choose the bucket. The sensation is accurate but I am not feeling any relief. A duplicate version of me shows up to my left and tells me not to pee in the bucket. We debate weather or not this is a dream. I finally figure it out but have to jolt myself away to rush to the bathroom.


      We are camping. Some super nerdy guy shows up and screams, "PART ANIMAL!" We make fun of him. I say something about him partying alone. A second nerd shows up. I say, "Ok party of two." A third shows up and I start to say something else up something in the sky catches my eye. I look up and see something like a large submarine bobbing around and floating in the sky. Is this a dream? No that seems legit... No wait that can't happen. I better check. I do a nose plug and it feels obstructed but not quite normal. I do another but more deliberately and I blow clean. I am happy and start thinking about goals but I wake up almost immediately. I don't think to try DEILD.

      8:15AM ( I recall two more)

      We are back at the beach. The city has put a playground right in the sand and I let my son play. I walk up to the water but it looks like some sort of pink scum is growing on top. I notice there are no waves and there are small hills with clumps of grass poking out of the water. I put a foot into the pink stuff and it has a feeling like cooked oatmeal. Gross. I look farther down the coastline and see a more normal beach with some nice waves rolling in. I shout back to my wife, "We need to move farther down to swim."

      I have a kilt with a dress shirt on. As part of some protest, I am supposed to go to Wal-Mart like this and ask for a copy of the US Constitution. I start having second thoughts and realize this is a totally stupid thing to do. I am not going to be seen in a kilt! How does this even make sense? Why am I protesting? I'm not even trying to be political these day! I go to the bed to room to take these clothes off but I have several layers on. I notice my Fudpucker's shirt is the last but it seems wet and suction to my skin. I panic as I struggle to get it off me.

      9:15AM (a few more as I woke for the day)

      I discover and go to the upper management breakroom at work. It has all sorts of baked goods in a glass cabinet. I take a biscuit but also really want one of those super tall cupcakes. As I take the cupcake I notice they actually cost. Oh man!
      Everything is 85 cents so I dig in my pocket for change. I can't seem to add up the cost but I'm sure I have enough to cover it and then some. There is a slot in the side of the cabinet and I hear the coins slide down and hit in a pile. I dropped a nickle and a few pennies. As I pick them up a man asks to borrow 4 cents. I just give him what I have and tell him I was over paying anyway and I just want to get rid of all this change. He takes it and I go to a table in the hallway to be alone. I have a hard time carrying my food and coffee but I manage. Then I get it all like a fat kid enjoying every second. As I start to sip my coffee a man comes into the hallway and start speaking to a group that has now appeared behind me. He says something about out military customers all having one type of mental disorder or another so we need to be really careful how we handle them. Theres something about a schizophrenic that turns into a long conversation.

      This morphs into a new dream. I am doing a podcast with some woman named Deanna over skype. We are talking about some guy that has been in the news for some crime but it wasn't clear if he was guilty. We called him live on the podcast and asked if we could interview him. I noticed he sounds like an old smoker and was very friendly and open. We told him our names and that we were from the Lucid For Life podcast.

      There was something about being on the moon. I recall the gray landscape but the sky was dark and starless. I had to walk from on building to another on the moonbase. There was something about how the dark side has no gravity. I wondered what it would be like to float off into space.
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    8. Ugh

      by , 09-24-2014 at 04:02 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Im in a dry spell. Be back soon.
    9. The Wine Bottle

      by , 02-10-2014 at 12:46 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Well I don't feel I should add the near WILD and DILD to my count Screw it. A lucid is a lucid. Even if I'm not happy with my LDs, I had an CRAZY wonderful morning of dreaming.

      Prebed: moderate amount of beer
      WBTB: Galantamine 8mg, Choline 400mg, Alpha GPC - 200mg

      4:37AM - My Assassination

      I am a woman in a red dress and I feel as if I am beautiful and sexy. I need to leave my house but there are people trying to kill me. I have a team of body guards around my house with guns. It's time to leave but we know there is a sniper someplace in the hills. My house is open with lots of glass but there is an exterior wall that I'm going to use as cover. When I go out I catch a glimpse of the sniper. He sees me and I duck behind the wall. A bullet chips off some of the top brick. I run for it from the end of the wall to a tree and bushes. I hear gun fire and dive for cover. Somehow I take a bullet to my lower back on the left side. The pain is horrible! (This is the worst dream pain I have ever felt. Or at least I perceived it that way.) I lie face down in agony and rage. I repeatedly shout, "KILL THE SON OF A BITCH!" As I lie there with my eyes closed, I think, This is how I die. And I accept that. There are some more random thoughts and images as I wake up.

      5:52AM - WILD - Vibes

      I wake from a dream I do not recall. A failed WILD attempt. I go back into WILD mode and get vibrations. I spend a lot of time floating and turning with strong vibrations but I can't seem to do much with it. I become bored and annoyed so I try something different. I wait in the void and relax my mind focusing on meditative awareness. Soon the vibes stop and I wake up. I try to WILD again but fail.

      The Metallic Werewolf War

      A non lucid dream forms. My wife and put my son in something like his high chair. I look up and we are in some class room. There is a young woman arguing with some monstrous, metallic, transformer looking, werewolf about the war between there kind. The woman keeps pointing out the atrocities committed against her people and the werewolf keeps countering with, "But it was WAR."

      I think about the war and the dream changes. I am in some post apocalyptic area. The buildings are rubble and the sky is black with smoke. I see the woman, who I now realize looks like Maggie from Walking Dead. Glenn is next to her, but his left hand is a cannon made from nano-tech. He is shooting fiery energy at the enemy. I look at who he is shooting at and see that we are on top of what looks like a cobblestone version of a huge dam or fortress wall. There is a horde of the shiny black metallic werewolf creatures battling their way towards us. I wake up.

      6:51AM - #277 - DILD - The Wine Bottle

      I am getting gas. Someone pulls up in a flatbed pickup with various sticks and stones for sale. My wife wants to buy some for crafts but I tell her no. I tell her just go outside and look for your own for free.

      I turn and now I am in a Wal-Mart. I see a bottle of wine on the shelf. The lettering is crystal clear but makes no sense. "ISOP?" Somehow this triggers lucidity. I am glad for it and I turn away trying to remember a goal. The dream that was so vivid and clear is now getting dark and blurry. I fight against it and begin rubbing my hands. I look down an isle but its just a blur of color now. I focus on my hands but its not use. I fall on my face into the void. I try to stay calm and focus on awareness. I tell myself that no matter what happens I will stay aware. I am falling and turning slighty. I wait.

      Then I am fooled by a false awakening. I try recalling the dream in the dream (or was I wake?) but fall back to sleep.

      Vampire Sisters

      Now I am refinishing the hardwood floors of my house. I am nearly done and some vampire woman walk in on my wet floors. I am annoyed but they are fighting. Another vampire woman comes in and tells them to stop. She says something like, "We are not fighting each other, but our greatest enemy." Then she looks alarmed pointing at one of the vampires sisters. "What clearance did you give her?!"

      I have a vision of a slice of supreme pizza on the floor. It some how represented the vampire sister in question. There are alien looking arthropod beings long tongues or labrum like a mosquito. They put their labrum into the pizza. I get the feeling like they are some how infecting her mind or possessing her. I wake up.

      8:25AM Tidal Wave

      I am at a rocky beach with my wife wading into the ocean. I keep reaching into the rocks and pulling out oysters. I easily pry them open and eat them raw. The third one is ridiculously huge and the texture is like the cheese on a pizza. The taste is like canned oysters. I try to get my wife to eat one but she is grossed out and scared of what might be in the water. (She would) I think about that and say I am only scared of sharks. My wife screams and I look. There is a huge tidal wave coming in at a slow motion. The effect makes it see even bigger. We run a fast as we can as the water comes rushing in behind us. Water is at our feet as we get into a random car. I am trying to start it as the water takes us and the car away. I wake up.


      Horrible acne

      I am tilling the garden

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    10. The Construction Site

      by , 01-25-2014 at 10:22 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #272 - DILD


      Dream about editing audio


      I am playing huge three level Xylophone. The sound is amazing. The Xylophone belongs to some kid that I know as my enemy. I ask him to teach me piano and I would let whatever happened between us go. He agrees.

      WBTB melatonin


      I am standing in some construction zone with Wurlman. He keeps talking about just quitting his job. I try telling him that this is a really bad idea. We meet up with some of his co-workers and I somehow become mildly lucid. I start to levitate and float around the men. For some reason I am pushing buttons on a strap on my shoulder to control the up and down movement. I wait for them to understand that I am doing this on because its a dream but they seem unimpressed. I worry that they will think that I am doing this by some sort of trickery because I am pushing buttons. I look up at a clear blue sky and say, "See? There's no wires." It's all me. The men seem to have gone completely catatonic now and I wake up.


      I am stealing weapons and grenades from my old boss Steve inside a school. I cover the security camera with some sort of foam and find and old deep freeze converted to a storage locker. There are casualty rifles, hand guns and grenades in a hidden compartment. I also find a box full of RAM chips. I decide my computer needs an upgrade and take various types not sure which ones I need. A teacher comes in and I spray her in the face with pepper spray and run out.
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    11. Bus Driver

      by , 08-17-2013 at 06:38 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      DILD - Semi-lucid/lucid

      I am driving a public transit bus. I feel unsure of my route and wonder why I am doing this. I look around and see that I have several identical maps of the area with my route marked in red. The top of the map says: RED ROUTE I have a hard time making sense of the map since my route is a straight line with a few intermittent side roads. I keep thinking that I should be following a loop. I feel uncertain about the whole thing but keep on driving. I look to see if I have any passengers and see my older daughter in the back. She says something to me.

      I realize as I am driving that the first the bus was a manual transmission but now I am on some sort of stationary bike at the driver seat. Instead of pushing the gas peddle I have to move bike peddles. I mentally switch to gas power but the bus stops moving until I cycle my legs again. I realize this shouldn't be happening but I know this is not real and it doesn't matter.

      I keep missing stops and have to quickly pull over to let people on. Some seem aggravated at me and other don't mind having to run behind the bus a little. I feel uncertain where I am taking people and weather I will stop at the correct stops. Again I realize this is not real and as long as I believe I am going right, I will be.

      Now I come to an off-road area and feel hopelessly lost. Efrain tells me where I should go but we get on some crazy muddy dirt roads. We hit a huge puddle and water splashes my face. I know this shouldn't have happened but I realize it's all fake anyway. At one point we come through a narrow zigzag pass in-between bluffs. I "feel" the bus stretch and morph to fit though. We continue on and begin driving on docks. I feel this has gone horribly wrong so I use a type of TK to move be bus back on a normal road.

      Now I am sitting on a hardwood floor. Ron is stalking to someone about the mice getting away again. There is a small cubby with mouse pads speckled with dirt and hair. Someone says something about the mice taking towels with them. I see a spider web with a normal looking spider on it. As the spider moves I see points of light at the end of its legs. I become fully lucid now and think, dream sign! I do a nose plug and blow through but my sinuses feel clogged.

      The dream goes dark and I feel that I am awake lying in bed. I blow out my mouth and then my nose. I realize at that point that I am still holding my nose. I try to move but my physical body jerks hard. I wait trying hold on to the dream state

      I am fooled by a FA and my daughter brings my son onto the bed and leaves. This wakes my wife up and she gets annoyed. I realize she has gone to work but when I try to move I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Major Vibes

      by , 07-20-2013 at 01:21 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      I have another dream about being in the military. Damn I need to catch those. Something about my going on about how cheap they are being...


      I listened to my relaxation app without the ocean sounds. After an hour I had crazy vibes. This time was like no other. It literally felt like a cell phone was on vibration continuously but it was vibrating my entire head. My first thought was that is was my GP vibration alarm to start my WBTB. This triggered a non lucid FA where it wakes my wife. I try turning the alarm off but it won't stop. After a moment I wake up for real and am surprised that my GP is lying next to me and I have earbuds in. I'm not really sure if this was the vibes or just a crazy FA.


      I have a nightmare where my wife and I have an infant baby girl. She is in our bed and I sleep walk and but her in a pile of laundry. Then I FA and can't find her. I panic and eventually find her face down in a swaddle under the clothes. She is fine and I cry because I am so thankful that I didn't cause her harm.
    13. Thieving Thievery and other NLDs

      by , 07-18-2013 at 01:57 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I find it amazing that my dreams sometimes seem to be themed for the night. My recall has been a little better lately and I've been trying like hell to get lucid naturally.


      Some dorm room party. I find my cousin and party with him. I can't find any beer but I find some rum/tea mixture.

      I am outside at night walking home. Some old lady on a bridge about 10 feet up wants my help. She crosses her arms and falls back and I catch her. We are now on some shore in bleachers waiting for a boat. Then I see flashing lights to my left and know someone is coming. The lights go out and now we are confused and disoriented by a strobe light. It is 3 guys trying to rob us of our electronics. I see my phone and GP on the seat next to me. He takes it. I feel they are too important to let him. I fight him and only can he flashes of the action. Then he falls and bashes his head on a large rock. I slam his head again and it kills him. His face looks like Gollum. At the last of the fight my phone and GP fall and shatter to a million peices. I somehow kill the other guys. Now, I am severely hurt. I feel like my mouth is busted up and I spit out a lot of blood. I hear someone say, "He hemorrhaging." Someone points to a hospital down the street. I slowly limp there wheezing and gasping for breath. I check in with a nurse and she asks, "What have you been taking?" All I can say is, "I'm drunk."

      Other dreams forgotten

      Time unknown

      First part is hazy... something happens. I park a large pickup with a trailer. I had stashed some stole bank cash in the bushes and came back for it. My buddy went in a house to do something. I sneak out and get the money. I see a lot of paper coin rolls and stacks of really large bills. They are in various plastics bags all in a paper sack. I snatch the money and get back in the truck. I am very nervous that someone saw me. My buddy comes back and I talk to him. We leave. It's day time now and a cop follows us. We stay cool and he turns off. I think we need to switch vehicles. I see C.H. in a yellow bug in front of us. We plan to get in with him but he has a wreck in font of us. He decides to run and hit another car. I talk how surprised I am that a minister would do this. He gets out and runs on foot. I hope he jacks another car without being seen.


      I am at work waiting for some meeting to start. There are some invented devices. One drills into plastic and runs on clean burning fuel rather than electric. I think I know the mixture and we have the chemical. It's Isopropyl Alcohol and another ingredient. I think I should mix some up real quick but think I won't have time. There is a display in the middle of a table. That one guy I don't know his name from work created it. It looks like a star wars game. I see you can control storm troopers. I wake up.
    14. Military and Assassins

      by , 07-17-2013 at 03:10 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I've had several interesting non lucid dreams the past few nights... Some of these dream are reoccurring and I ALWAYS fail to recognize it.

      July 15 1:34AM

      I have another dream where I am in the military. This time it is specifically Army. I am not trying to escape it this time. I want it. I spend a lot of time saying bye to my wife with much anguish and guilt. She says it will only be nine months but I told her I was thinking only six. She assures me that she will be there for me no matter how long.

      Separate dream much later. Time unknown.

      I am doing some training for the Army. There is some drill. Gas fills the room. I am told to smash my hand in some device as the pain of it will keep me from dying from the gas. I do so and there is no sensation. The ceiling lowers and I am forced to the floor. I feel claustrophobic.

      Again separate dream much later. Time unknown

      I am still in the Army. We are training with blanks but some how people get shot and die. We stop and there is not much concern for the dead. There is some conversation as I watch a machine or robotic arm reload and package large caliber rifle bullets. Suddenly I see a flash of red. I look around and see someone has a laser trained on me. I shout, "SNIPER!" Some woman acts as my protector and forces me to the ground. She covers me with her own body. Another solider flanks the sniper and shoots him in the face.
      The scene skips and the sniper looks cartoony with half his face hanging off. There is no gore or blood. He is alive and well and ranting about some kind of religion and that he needs to kill. He will strike again.


      I took huperzine and had a dream about being able to swim extremely fast. My body moved like a fish. Then I lost the ability and spent a lot of time trying to get it back.

      July 16 4:06AM

      Obama is at the mall here in town. There is some huge room set up with folding chairs. All the chairs get haphazardly rearranged last minute. A few people from work are overly excited to see him. I roll my eyes and think they are idiots. I really don't want to be here but figure I might as well stay since I am. Obama has a young daughter and she gives some sort of intro. Then Obama comes out and laughs her off. She wasn't supposed to do that. The he climbs some steps to a catwalk and uses a giant clock for a podium. He begins to speak and then realizes the mic wont work even though I can hear him fine. He is escorted outside to get fixed up with a new mic but time passes and he doesn't come back. I wonder is someone will shoot him. Then I hear a siren like an ambulance. I think surely that's not for him. Then I realize I hear a faint pop from outside just before. I think someone shot him.

      Everyone panics and runs outside. I tell them its not use you wont know what happened. They will stop you. They crowd to the exit and seem to just stop. I wonder in a restroom and pee. After I see Jon and talk. I say that n***** president must have got shot. (Sorry, I'm not racist I just grew up hearing that word. Don't panic. ok? ) Some black teenage boy hears me say that and calls his buddy from the stall. He looks pissed and I don't want to explain myself so I run away into the crowd. I wonder the mall and start talking to another black teenage boy. I find that he's pretty cool and we become friends. I think this is also a good disguise from the other guys looking for me. We've been talking awhile and I realize I don't know his name so I ask him. He says it's Mike. I say, "Hey! That's my name tooooo!" We walk together and I see the other guys hiding in various places and looking for me but they see right past me. It's like I am invisible to them. I hear one say, "Well maybe he went that way. Keep looking."

      We walk to the end of the mall and it becomes some grocery store. We both say we are looking for our family. I know I came with my mom and wife and I need to find them to leave. We end up in the parking lot and it is getting dark. We begin to part way and suddenly Mike tries to kiss me. I push him away and become angry. Pointing to his head he says, "Sorry. We're in two different places." He starts to walk off and then turns around. "We can still be friends, right?"
      "Sure ya man. You're cool." I feel bad for lying to him but I just wanted to get away and forget the whole thing. I quickly walk away and look for my car. It's gone and I become angry that they would just leave me. I fish in my pocket for my phone and become relived when I pull it out. I try to call my wife but I can't get the contacts to pull up. I try to dial the number manually and get halfway then find it hard to remember.

      Just then a car slows down on the street I am on. I hear one of the black boys yells something. It's the first one. I recognize his voice. I run into some abandoned shack and lock myself in. I think the cheap sliding locks wont keep someone out for long. I try to dial 911 but my hands are thick an numb. Finally I get a call out but they put me on hold. I just hope I don't get beat up too bad before they find me. I wake up.


      I am at work but the old plant before they moved. I go to break and tell Jon about the dream I had. I recalled every bit of the dream with total accuracy. I begin leaving out major chunks of the dream when I realize he is not that interested. I just tell him the highlights.

      Snooze alarm

      I dream that I am in some version of some house that is familiar. The cats are eating fish from the floor vents and the sink is overflowing. One of my girls clogs the toilet and I tell her to handle it herself. She can start doing things on her own. Then I smell it. The most God-awful shit smell ever. I think maybe I should handle this myself. Thankfully I wake up.
    15. Flying Platform

      by , 07-04-2013 at 12:06 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I can't be as detailed as I would like but heres a brief summary.

      At WBTB I awoke from a dream were I was in some brothel/hotel. I spent some time showering and feeling guilty for whatever I had done. I get out and walk into my room. I apparently have a room mate and he is LOUDLY having sex with a whore. I advert my eyes and go to the other side of the room and sit on my own bed. He yells out "Sorry Mike." I reply weakly, "That's Ok." Then he yells, "Im going to cum. Here I go. Oh yeah do the shotgun. I like the shotgun."

      I try to ignore all this and try to call my wife. I have no idea why I am here and really want to talk to her. I have phone issues and wake up.

      I wake up feeling wide awake and I have some tea then lay dow for MILD. I feel wakeful and it take some time.

      I am in my living room with some flying platform toy that I bought for the kids. I think it must be an Iron Man toy. I get on it and am able to fly around. I feel like Tony Stark. My wife thinks it's silly and wants me to come back to bed. I tell her but this is so cool. I am flying like in a dream...

      Something happens here. I think I am briefly lucid but my memory is too foggy to record anything coherent.

      I have a FA and here keyboard typing. I realize I have been typing my dream out in real time. I am shock and amazed by this. My wife says something and I try to get her to understand how awesome this is. I scroll through and see I have long dream that read like short stories complete with HTML coding and illustrated pictures.The the browser screws up and keeps going to other websites based on my dream entries.

      Suddenly I am in the alley in some truck with my wife. We see the crazy neighbor lady in our back yard and my wife freaks out. She is messing with something on the ground and I realize is the parachute from a daytime rocket. I don't mind it. My wife says something hateful to her and she comes over to talk to us.

      I go back to my DJ on my laptop and I remember back before the FA that I was in fact breifly lucid and was flying without the toy. I say something to my wife that I was lucid when I typed my dream journal. I am even more amazed. Then I begin to realize that I am still dreaming but I wake up right away sad that those DJ entries were not real after all.

      I have no idea if I was really lucid. I think probably not.
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