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    Nose Plug Induction

    by , 11-01-2016 at 04:15 AM (245 Views)
    #498 - DEILD - TIME?

    I have to be breif and It wasn't so awesome of an LD but I was happy hitting after being unfocused so much. All I was trying to do was work on recall but I end up doing a DEILD and imagining nose plugs until it really felt like I was pinching my nose. As soon as I get a solid dreamy nose plug I realize I am in the dream and I get brief vibrations. Expectation, I suppose. I stumble around my dark dream house for a bit. Some random things happen and I have an FA where I try to DJ. Then I wake up and try DEILD again but lose focus and never wake up until the alarm. I'm lucky I recalled this at all.

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    Tags: deild, nose plug