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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Persistant Nudity

    by , 06-29-2019 at 03:30 PM (410 Views)
    #531 DILD - 8AM

    I am in some shopping center looking at stuff with my wife. There is a guy looking at Halloween costumes next to us but he keep ramming his cart into my leg. I don't do much or get mad. I'm slightly annoyed and I just move. There is some interaction with the cashier and my wife and we somehow get new debit cards. Now I want a new wallet and I start to look for one.

    Suddenly, I realize that I am completely naked. I run out of the store and grab some random items to hide my private parts. I make it to the car and hide for a moment. Some teenager peer in but I have my face covered with a thin material. I wait until they leave and start putting more clothes on.

    When I am decently dressed, I notice the car has rolled out of the parking spot. I make several attempts at parking but the parking gear and emergency brake doesn't seem to keep the car from rolling. I finally stash it an angle in front of the store. I want to go back in because I still want a wallet.

    I get out of the car but my wife is coming out; done shopping. I tell her what I am doing while awkwardly getting a pair of sandals on. They are muddy. There is a lot of rain water flowing down from and inside corner of the L shape in the building lay out. I go to was my feet but end up letting the water flow on my head and body like a shower. I see my feet and sandals are clean so I step out only to notice that I am completely naked again. I look out into the parking lot and see a nude woman laying across a sports car feeling her breast and looking at me. I choose to ignore her.

    All of this is too much and I now know that I am dreaming. My first instinct is to get dressed. I struggle with the clothing then realize it doesn't matter. I can either go naked or just mentally fast-forward past the physical effort of getting dressed. I tell my self that I am dressed and confidentially walk in the store. I see my reflection in the glass of the sliding doors. It looks like I am at least wearing shorts. I look down and now I am wearing a long shirt. Good enough.

    Not knowing what else to do, I decide to go ahead and look for the wallet. Unfortunately the dream starts to fade. I struggle for visual clarity and now the store has turned into a version of a large church from childhood. There is a kid with me. Seems like it's KW. I hear singing. It sounds like my sister N. We try to follow the voice but the church is turning into a confusing maze. The dream starts to fade and KW say no lets interact and he starts beating a rhythm on walls and pews as we pass them. I do the same. It helps for a while but the dream continues to fade out.

    Other dreams:

    1) I have a horribly clumsy time cleaning the litter box. Stuff ends up everywhere and somehow I have litter grit in my mouth. I am really annoyed and grossed out.

    2) I am driving my truck into my drive way at my house. I'm thinking making a turn round spot in part of the yard. I decide to drive it to see. Seems good but I back out and now I am at a place I liked in as a teen in TX. I turn the car around and realized I hit something. I look there is some random T-posts and a lot of thorny vines. The trees seem to close in on me. I think my dad really needs to get out here and cut this crap with me.I see something else and notice that I took out the entire gas meter. There is natural spewing out from a now single broken pipe coming out of the ground. I marvel how that was even possible but rush to shut the truck off to avoid an explosion. I run in the house to tell my dad. He takes his sweet time calling the gas company then hangs up. Oops that's the wrong number. He starts slowing typing in search on the computer to find the number. I say you know what I'm just calling 911. I dial and then I wake up.
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    lucid , memorable


    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld! Good to see you back, dude!

      The returning nakedness reminds me of the opposite situation where we were trying to take off the clothes for totm, but they kept on coming back. As always one gets what one focuses on.

      The part with the church and singing sounded cool. I am imagining a sort of echo in such a place.
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    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Thanks NyxCC! Its always good to get a surprise LD and just kind of go with the dream. It was another weird one as usual lol.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Congratulations, man! No matter how long it's been, it's always fun reading one of your crazy LDs!

      After that title, the fact that you put on clothes was actually kind of a plot twist. That part right before sounded like the beginning of an LD that would take place in a White Snake video.
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    4. Xanous's Avatar
      DUDE! It's CL! Whats up my dude? Yes it was very much like a White Snake video Luckily, I didn't waste my time giving in to it like I sometimes do!
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