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    The Shrink

    by , 05-29-2018 at 07:50 PM (2271 Views)
    #521 - DILD

    I am in a version of a childhood friend’s house. I keep noticing these strange sores on my arms. Every time I look they have a new sore that starts trailing up more and more. At some point I go into total anxiety panic mode. I stumble into something like a hotel lobby full of people. I fall to my hands and knees and there is a pause. A peace comes over me and I gently float into a chair. There is a black haired woman across from me who was very animated in conversation, but now she has fallen into a trance.
    A psychiatrist appears and starts talking to me (I’m not sure I how I know his profession). I ask him about the people in the room and he says,
    “They don’t know because, they don’t know”.
    For some reason this is an extremely profound bit of wisdom to me. “Ah yes! They are dream characters!”
    Now fully lucid I decide to play with this knowledgeable dream character and start asking a lot of questions. I ask about the sores on my hands and he tells that I need to rid myself of that demon. I feel some initial fear but then calm myself and argue with him that I don’t believe in such things and I am not into religion. I forget what all was said after that but my keto diet was brought into it and I think maybe my demon was my struggle with such a restrictive diet plan (I have been struggling with electrolyte issues and energy levels as an long distance endurance runner in waking life and have been considering dropping the diet plan).
    We continue conversation, but I get distracted by the fact I am still in a lucid dream and for some reason holding that amount of focus is getting unbearable. I lose lucidity a bit and go back to worrying about the sores on my arms. I wake up shortly after that.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld!

      It's interesting how this DC turned out to be knowledgable in health matters, it seems like he really did try to give valuable advice.

      When it comes to dieting, I think there are many demons to overcome. I recently bought some fat burning pills and I can tell you - there really is evil into this bottle!
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    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Thanks. LDs just don't happen for me very often these days. So I'm excited when it happen.

      Yes it was a very interesting DC I wish I could have remembered more and had a little more focus.��

      Yeah I've been experimenting with different diets and I've lost quit a bit of weight but I think it all comes down just eating clean and watching those calories. Good luck with the fat burning pills.��and sorry I take forever to respond
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